№ 70. The most sacred of sacred numbers: The 216 “perfect number” and 144

PAGE STATUS: It took me a long time to realize these two numbers are inseparable. Their higher meanings are discussed on page № 76. Approximating Phi using the Fibonacci Sequence as Aspect Ratios. Here we just more or less list their most conspicuous uses. I continually add to this list. The text is a little rough because it has been moved countless times. This page needs to be rewritten.
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Sacred numbers 216 and 144 (considered together)

These are the numbers of The Revelation, and they cannot be separated. 216 and 144 are two of the nine sacred numbers. While there are other numbers important to the ancients, such as 13 and 666, these nine are very special. They are all multiples of nine in two progressions, 27, 54, 108, 216, 432 and 36, 72, 144.

These nine sacred numbers are deliberately written into the mythology of peoples from all over the world.

In that sense, they are sometimes referred to as the Osiris numbers. But, as is shown in the following subsections, that is cultural bias.

There are 31,104 verses in the Bible

This subject is discussed at length in the section entitled 31,104 Verses in the Holy Bible on page № 73. Sacred Numbers in the Bible.

216 x 144 = 31,104
And there are 31,104 verses in the Bible

The two units of measurement in the Maya Long Count are 2160 orbits of Jupiter and 144 “Jose” solar cycles

See page № 20. Maya Long Count.

There are in fact 15 Jupiter orbits in one 178.7 year solar cycle.
178.7 ÷ 11.8618 = 15.06516717530223

Using what I call Jovian math,—a perspective on the Solar System long ago lost to us,—the problem can now be solved.

2160 ÷ 15 = 144

Sacred number 216

For Pythagoras and the secret societies, All is number. And for one obscure intellect named Lucien Khan, 216 is the “name of God.” This was also Plato’s number, andas I discovered in 2012,—there are 2160 orbits of Jupiter in the Maya Long Count. To say that it is difficult to convey the importance of this number to the uninitiated would be a gross understatement. Unbeknownst to most Americans, the number 216 pervades our culture.

In light of the discussion about post-Civil War Freemason presidents born in Ohio on page № 51. Freemason Presidents and the Ohio River Valley, I find it profoundly interesting that the area code for Cleveland, Ohio, the oldest city in Ohio, is 216.

Lucien Khan on the origins of the halo

Everything is One Thing

216 above-ground nuclear tests starting 216 years after 1776

Few things indicate the full extent to which the progeny of Jove (in this instance think Knights Templar and then Old World bankers) are in control of this world more than the number of above-ground nuclear weapons tests in the United States of America.

The nuclear weapons tests of the United States were performed between 1945 and 1992 as part of the nuclear arms race. The United States conducted around 1,054 nuclear tests by official count, including 216 atmospheric, underwater, and space tests. [i.e. above ground tests]

Wikipedia, List of United States nuclear weapons tests

Mars is the god of war
1992 – 1945 = 47 years

The 47-year cycle of Mars: after 47 years – 22 synodic periods of 780 days each – Mars returns to the same position among the stars and is in the same relationship to the Earth and Sun. The ancient Mesopotamians discovered this cycle.

Wikipedia, 47 (number)

1992 – 1776 = 216

The Matrix connection

The runtime for the original Matrix movie is 2h 16m, which is not a coincidence because the runtime of the second Matrix Reloaded movie is also 2h 16m. That’s your 432 orbits of Jupiter since the end of the last Great Cycle in the Maya Long Count.

Lucien Khan

The Fibonacci 60 digit repeat cycle

If you are not familiar with the Fibonacci sequence, do NOT be intimidated by this mathematical term. Your five-year-old child could grasp the concept in moments. It involves only simple addition. The first two Fibonacci numbers are both the number 1. The third Fibonacci number is 1 + 1 = 2, the fourth is 1 +2 =3, the fifth is 2 +3 = 5, and the rest of the sequence is arrived at by the same simple addition of the two previous numbers in the sequence. Do be deeply impressed by the Fibonacci sequence because Mother Nature (and architects) loves it because the Fibonacci sequence is an approximation of the Golden Ratio. I do not like the term numerology, but numbers do indeed approach God. Or for the progeny of Jove, they are God. I differ from them in the matter of sacred numbers only in that I believe there is a conscious entity behind these numbers.

Before I discuss Plato’s number, if you want to understand why he referred to 216 as a “perfect number” you simply must study the work of Lucien Khan (YouTube, Facebook). Only then will you begin to understand the profundity of this number. He wrote an amazing little book entitled The 216 Letter Hidden Name of God. Lucien Khan is an unsung intellect of the highest order. He understands that the Sexagesimal (base 60) numeral system, including our units of time (e.g. 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour) and of angular measurement (360 degrees in a circle), are based on the Fibonacci 60 digit repeat cycle.

If you look at the numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence you will find that the last digit in each number forms part of a pattern that repeats after every 60th number and this 60 number pattern repeats all the way into infinity.

Lucien Khan, The Fibonacci 60 Digit Repeat Cycle

The Fibonacci 60 digit repeat cycle is well known in mathematics, but when Lucien Khan mapped those 60 digits onto a circle the heavens opened up for him and I dare say changed his life forever. Given the fact that our units of time and angular measurement are based on the Fibonacci 60 digit repeat cycle, one may safely assume that the sexagesimal (base 60) numeral system is used throughout the universe and has been for millions if not billions or trillions of years. But that, as they say, is another story.

Before discussing the 216 Golden Triangle, I want to emphasize the fact that Lucien Khan is using the last digit from each of the Fibonacci numbers. This yields a 60 digit repeat pattern and is quite different than the 24 digit repeat pattern discussed in the next section.

216 Golden Rectangle and the Vedic Square

Unless you find the 216 Golden Rectangle as fascinating as the man who discovered it–an exercise I will leave to the reader–you may not think the inclusion of this section is particularly relevant to the subject matter. But bear with me. I will ultimately relate this work to Stonehenge and the Maya Long Count below, in the section on Carl Munck. There I think you will appreciate the necessity of including this section.

I first became aware of this work on the Godlike Productions thread entitled The 216 Golden Rectangle – A Solution to Tesla’s 3 6 9?. Godlike Productions only attributes this work to a poster named “Pattern Recognition,” but I found out by searching the Internet that it is the work of John Adams who maintains the highly unusual John Adams Extended Fibonacci Series. website. Here is a quote from the original Godlike Productions post:

Nikola Tesla had said quite enigmatically, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

I think I found the key. It is like a cipher. It is very similar to the Vedic Square. I had no idea of the Vedic Square existed until I looked online to see if anyone else had found this pattern I found.

John Adams, The Extended Fibonacci 216 Numbered Digital Root Mapping

What fascinates me is that what you see here is a process of discovery that I suspect very much duplicates the thought process that led to the more advanced Vedic Square. If you follow me on this, I will show you some real magic below when I expand on Carl Munck’s work on Stonehenge.

Why do I think the Vedic Square is more advanced the John Adams’ work? The Vedic Square contains 9 x 9 = 81 numbers, whereas the 216 Golden Rectangle is so named by John Adams because it contains exactly 216 numbers. Why is 81 better than 216?

The Vedic Square

If you watch the full “Great Pyramid Mathematical Secret” YouTube video below in the section entitled The diameter of the moon as encoded in the Great Pyramid of Giza below, there is the following sequence:

Believe it or not, the decimal system hinges on the number 81. To understand this, bear with me for a moment and see how all the numbers in the decimal system are hiding under 81. Starting with the decimal point, line up all the numbers sequentially like this:

The numbers beyond 9 are shown in parentheses because they are not yet in the decimal place system of single digits. Carrying each parenthesized digit into the decimal system yields a repeating decimal.

This infinitely repeating number is equal to the reciprocal of 81.

All the numbers really are hiding behind 81.

In this same video, Scott Onstot goes onto explain that this is “especially significant because there are only 81 stable elements in the universe.

You will find this same 81 in not less than the dedication from Shakespearean sonnets.

I think this is why the lowercase ‘r’ in Mr. W. H. is almost unreadable, but at any rate, there are 81 uppercase letters in the first inverted triangle. As you will read below, Plato says “Now for divine begettings there is a period comprehended by a perfect number.” This radically changes the interpretation of “THE.BEGETTER” in the dedication of the Sonnets. No one is seeing this. This is the Ћinkers at their best, well hidden from view. How little we understand these men who have guided us over the past 400 years.

What I find equally fascinating is the following image to the far left from the Wikipedia page for the Vedic Square:

Look closely at numbers one and eight in the image to the far left. Do you see the resemblance to the other two images? The implications of this would of course be that the Fibonacci sequence is somehow the basis for the Tree of Live and Sephiort of the Jewish Kabbalah.

There is another reason for introducing the work of John Adams. He went on to develop his rather simple idea of “using different starting numbers for the Fibonacci Series” into the following table which directly relates it to the work of Lucien Khan above and the Fibonacci 60 digit repeat cycle. This table is huge and difficult to read on most screens. Doing so is not really necessary. I just want to impress upon you the close relation of the number 216 to the Fibonacci sequence. Some sacred numbers are more important than others, none more so than 216.

When I return to the subject of John Adams’ work, it will be to highlight the following progression, which begins with 15:

15, 15, 30, 45, 75, 120, 195, 315, 510, 825, 1335, 2160

And before I leave the subject of 2160 and religions, I might also add that 2160 is the total of the angles in the Platonic solid cube, otherwise known as the Kaaba in the Islamic religion of Muslims. Now why do they make pilgrimages to walk in circles around a cube? Might this be a manifestation of the cycles of destruction encoded in the Maya Long Count and its 2160 orbits of Jupiter? I mean no disrespect by asking the question. The fact is I believe the ancients practically worshiped this number precisely because they knew full well the significance of this cycle of destruction for the human race. And to give you a hint as to where I am headed, Stonehenge was originally a circle of 60 stones (60 representing a measurement of time) around five lentils (representing the five Great Cycles in the Maya Long Count). Each of those lentils stand on two posts; so there are a total of 15 stones within the circle of time. Now look again at the above, John Adams’ inspired Fibonacci sequence that starts with 15. In short, I will be discussing this in greater detail in the context Carl Munck’s work and believe there is a direct connection between Stonehenge of Mecca. You will find this incredible. You may even tell yourself, well, yes indeed, he has raised confirmation bias to a fine art. I cannot change that in you. I cannot make you see what I see. All I can do is ask you to contemplate for a moment the possibility that the ancients knew Jupiter is in fact a countdown clock and that at the end of 2160 orbits of Jupiter the world would be destroyed to such an extent that only a handful of people will survive and that the knowledge of this has dominated our world, this Great Cycle, for thousands of years. Only then might you allow yourself to see the connection between apparently unrelated things such as Muslim pilgrims walking around a cube, Stonehenge, and 216 above-ground nuclear tests that harken back to the destructions of Mars which the Phrygians—still to this day celebrated in the symbolism of the United States of America—survived en masse. It’s all related my friend. It’s all the same thing. And it’s all about sacred number 216. The name of God? My definition of God is that it is whatever you think is really happening. If you think matter is the stuff of life, that is your God. But if you are a Pythagorean, 216 may indeed be the name of God.

Book of Exodus, chapter 14:19-21

FROM “Saturn exposed” (a Facebook site): [I need to research this myself and verify everything. If this is true, it is suggesting a causal relationship.]

The account of the parting of the Red Sea in the Book of Exodus, Chapter 14:19-21 has long been a source of wonder concerning the number 216. In the original Hebrew, each of these verses contain 72 letters, giving a total of 216.

In Kabbalistic tradition, it is said that if the letters of these three verses are written one above the other (the first from right to left, the second from left to right, and the third from right to left) there are 72 columns of three letter names of God. Written in that way, the verses appear as follows in the photo.
The seventy-two names are divided into four columns of eighteen names each. Each of the four columns represents one of the four letters of the Tetragrammaton. The names are known collectively as Shemhamphorasch.

Pi Movie

These 216 letters were the theme of the 1989 movie Pi, directed by Darren Aronofsky. Asked in an interview about the number 216, Aronofsky replied “It’s true. All the cabal stuff in the film is completely 100% real. Totally non-fictional. I studied with a lot of leading cabal scholars in the world. And they shared with me a lot of their secrets. Everything you see on the screen is completely 100%, totally, fully, completely real.”

The diameter of the moon as encoded in the Great Pyramid of Giza

Our systems of measurement, including the Imperial system, were designed by the ancients to communicate the importance of sacred numbers, especially 216. Hence the moon is 2,160 miles in diameter. The diameter of the moon is encoded in the Great Pyramid of Giza, as shown in the following “Great Pyramid Mathematical Secrets” video. I know this man’s voice. It is Scott Onstot,one of the smartest fellows alive if you ask me,—but this video is no longer available on his Secrets In Plain Sight YouTube channel.

The use of systems of measurement to convey the importance of these numbers, particularly 216, is no different than including them in mythology. Well actually, it is a little different because what the ancients are telling us is that they were just as smart as us. The truth is, they were much smarter. Their geometry, as discovered by Carl Munck, was well in advance of ours.

Historical definition – 1 nautical mile (credit: Wikipedia)

The equatorial circumference of the earth in nautical miles

The definition of a nautical mile is based on the circumference of the earth. There are 360 degrees in a circle. Degrees are further divided into minutes and seconds, much like the hours on a clock. Each degree has 60 minutes, which means there are a total of 360 * 60 = 21,600 minutes in a circle. Very generally speaking, each one of those minutes is a nautical mile, but the earth is not a perfect circle. It is what is called an oblate spheroid, which just means it is wider at the equator because of centrical force. This results in what is called the equatorial bulge. For this reason, the technical definition of a nautical mile is expressed in terms of latitude instead of longitude, but generally speaking at the equator you can think of the earth as being 21,600 nautical miles in circumference. The exact measurement is 21,639 nautical miles.

Plato’s number

When I read Plato’s Republic, Book 8, section 546b-c, the text associated with “Plato’s number,” I just want to stop at the first sentence when he says “Now for divine begettings there is a period comprehended by a perfect number.” I believe at this point he has already said enough for immortals or the progeny of Jove. The “period comprehended by a perfect number” is the Maya Long Count. Thereafter “for mortal[s]” he uses a highly obfuscated mathematical description of the same perfect number

Great lexical and syntactical differences are easily noted between the many translations of the Republic. Below is a typical text from a relatively recent translation of Republic 546b–c:

Now for divine begettings there is a period comprehended by a perfect number, and for mortal by the first in which augmentations dominating and dominated when they have attained to three distances and four limits of the assimilating and the dissimilating, the waxing and the waning, render all things conversable and commensurable [546c] with one another, whereof a basal four-thirds wedded to the pempad yields two harmonies at the third augmentation, the one the product of equal factors taken one hundred times, the other of equal length one way but oblong,-one dimension of a hundred numbers determined by the rational diameters of the pempad lacking one in each case, or of the irrational lacking two; the other dimension of a hundred cubes of the triad. And this entire geometrical number is determinative of this thing, of better and inferior births.”

The ‘entire geometrical number’, mentioned shortly before the end of this text, is understood to be Plato’s number. The introductory words mention (a period comprehended by) ‘a perfect number’ which is taken to be a reference to Plato’s perfect year mentioned in his Timaeus (39d). The words are presented as uttered by the muses, so the whole passage is sometimes called the ‘speech of the muses’ or something similar.

The “perfect number” is one of the nine sacred numbers. It is not a perfect number in the modern mathematical sense. It is perfect in that it is one of the nine sacred numbers that manifest themselves in geometry, music, space, and time.

Pythagorean theorem

216 in the Pythagorean theorem

The cube (here I want to emphasize cube) of the three sides of the first Pythagorean triple equals 216. Some people relate this to the definition of Plato’s number.

Religious temples

Ancient religious temples all over the world attest to the importance of the sacred numbers 216 and 144 and their antiquity.

The number 144 was often used as measurement for many Christian buildings and for some pagan buildings of 1st millennium of our era: 144 ells for the church of the Holy Sepulcher at Jerusalem, the mausoleum Saint-Helen in Rome, the marian church of the Gorizim Mount, the pagan rotunda of Salonic known as Saint-Georges, and the 144 feet for the Palatine Chapel of Aix-the-Chapel. The origin of this measurement comes from the Revelation (Apocalypse) where John attributes to the periphery of the celestial city 144 cubits. (Rv 21,15-17).

Attribution uncertain

Bayon Temple (Buddhism)

Bayon Temple (Buddhism)

There are 216 smiling faces carved into stone at this ancient Khmer temple at Angkor in Cambodia. The temple was built in the late 12th or early 13th century.

Etymology of Bayon

The original name for the Bayon is Jayagiri (or “Victory Mountain”). After French occupancy, it was later named Banyan Temple due to its religious significance and Buddhist imagery (the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment under the Banyan tree). When the local Khmer came to work at renovating Banyan Temple, there was a mispronunciation in Banyan, which was pronounced Bayon. The name then stuck. — Wikipedia

Brihadisvara Temple (Hindu)

Popularly known as the Big Temple (the name translates into “great lord” or “big Shiva”), the Brihadisvara Temple in India is notably dedicated to Shiva.

Shiva is known as the “Creator, maintainer and the destroyer” within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu. In Shaivism tradition, Shiva is the Supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe.

Wikipedia, Shiva

The giant Raja Gopuram (shrine of the main gateway) pictured here is 216 feet tall.

See also: Arunachalesvara Temple . It is another Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva. And it’s Raja Gopuram is also 66 meters but Wikipedia lists it at 217 feet. I believe this is a mistake.

Carl Munck’s “The Code”

Carl Munck (under development)

If you want to fully understand the significance of the number 216 to the ancients, watch Karl Munck’s The Code.

The Code (all-in-one)

The Code (three parts corresponding to physical CDs)

The Code (27 parts)

Let’s take just one example from Carl Munck’s work, Stonehenge, one of his favorite subjects.

Stonehenge represents the Maya Long Count
in stone and is equal to 2,160 orbits of Jupiter
The five structures in the middle represent
what this website calls the “Great Wayeb
of five years from 2012 to 2017
Hopewell Indian Fort in Newark, Ohio
Carl Munck is counting the lintels and
columns. What I see is five structures.

The product of the “grid latitude” (Carl Munck’s terminology) is 2160, again representing the 2160 orbits of Jupiter in the Maya Long Count, and the diameter of the circle is 1056 feet, which is one-fifth of a mile. with the emphasis on dividing the mile into fifths, much as the Maya Long Count is divided into five Great Cycles.

I am not well versed in John Adams Extended Fibonacci Series, but it is a simple concept:

Long story short, I started playing around with Fibonacci. I thought, What if I start Fibonacci sequence with other numbers besides 1?

John Adams. The 216 Golden Rectangle

I immediately thought of Carl Munck’s work on Stonehenge when I first saw John Adams’ Fibonacci progression that begins with 15:

15, 15, 30, 45, 75, 120, 195, 315, 510, 825, 1335, 2160

I think this man is close to one of the core mathematical truths of the Ћinkers. His work should be studied by everyone.

Revelation 21:6

“It is done. I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End” equals 216 in (full reduction) English gematria.

Revelation 21:5-6
And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

Sacred number 144

Under development

The number 144 is used only once in the Bible.

  • The sum of the occurrences of all numbers of the New Testament higher than 17 gives as result 144.
  • The words language and prayer are each used 144 times in the Old Testament.
  • The 144,000 outer casing stones on the Great Pyramid of Giza

There were 144,000 outer casing stones on the Great Pyramid of Giza and thanks to the work of two brilliant young men, Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn, we now know the entire design of the interior of the Great Pyramid of Giza is screaming …

Axial Tilt!

According to Plato and Aristotle, there would be great changes in the cities every 144 years (square of 12) and there would be great changes in the history of humanity every 1728 years (cube of 12).

Research notes


Maya Long Count

There are 2160 orbits of Jupiter in the Maya Long Count. Well then, the astute reader will ask, is 216 sacred because of Lucien Khan’s discoveries or because you think there are 2160 orbits of Jupiter in the Maya Long Count? And if it’s the mathematical work, might there be 2160 orbits of Jupiter in the Maya Long Count simply because 216 is a very sacred number? And if that is the case, might your notion of cycles of destruction be completely whimsical? I struggled with this question for some time until I learned more about the sacred numbers. The question evidences a lack of understanding of sacred numbers. They manifest themselves in geometry, music, space, and time. On the Using Sacred Numbers to Track the Progeny of Jove page, I argue that time is as material as the protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom because time is essentially a measurement of the orbital paths of heavenly bodies, and those orbits are controlled by the exact same electromagnetic force that holds the protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom together. You cannot begin to understand the progeny of Jove until you understand how sacred these numbers truly are, none more so than 216. They are the religion of the progeny of Jove for this very reason. They cannot help themselves but to stamp these numbers on everything they do. This explains why you can use sacred numbers to tack them through time, like tracking an animal through the woods.

This 216 x 144 = 31,104 formula is way beyond coincidental and exactly how one tracks the progeny of Jove as discussed in the Tracking the progeny of Jove through time section on page № 73. The immense importance of dates and numerical signatures. And of course, students of the Maya Long Count will recognize immediately that 31,104 contains the year 3114 BC in which the Long Count is thought to have begun. If you doubt for a moment that the progeny of Jove would have worked this hard to number the chapters and verses in the Bible, then I have failed to sufficiently impress upon you how much emphasis they place on numbers. Numbers are their God. They are everything to the progeny of Jove. Leaving the chapter and verse numbers in the Holy Bible to chance was never going to fly with them.

216 + 144 = 360 (completeness)

Just as Revelation was created to complete the Bible and 31,104 verses complete the Bible, so 214 + 144 = 360. As in the 360 degrees of a circle, 36 always represents completeness.

Other sections in which the subject of the astonishing design of chapter and verse numbers in the Bible are discussed in detail:

I will expand this list in time. There already exists dozens of places on this website where I discuss chapter and verse numbers imbued with meaning. I just don’t want to take the time to track them all down now.

FROM “Saturn exposed” (a Facebook site):

Deleted what is meaningless to me…


the first 144 digits of pi (after the decimal point) sum to 666