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PAGE STATUS: As is often the case with incomplete pages, I worked on this page until my intellectual curiosity was satisfied. In this case, it meant discovering two facts, both of which astounded me. The first was that our Founding Fathers were astrotheologists. They not only did not believe the Nazarene ever existed. They despised people who do. The second was that Peter Joseph is an intellectual fraud. He completely invented his source materials. I was dumbfounded. But along the way, I discovered something infinitely more important, the Roman bastardization of Christianity. It went way beyond planting The Revelation in the Bible. Someday, hopefully, before the “day of the Lord” is upon us, I can finish this work. Regretfully, however, it is not a high priority. Other subjects demand my attention.
LAST UPDATE: November 12, 2020

The Implausibility of Inventing Christianity

Astrotheology is something of an intellectual train wreck. I can readily sympathize with its adherents. I am equally disgusted with modern Christianity. This is why I live with a Buddhist. Nothing disgusts me more than the pettiness of Young Earth creationism. I was attacked once at a dinner party for condemning this belief. I feel just as strongly about the “rapture” which is a form of religious insanity that has no historical legitimacy.

The undeniable truth is that Christians are getting weirder all the time.

So I very much want to reach out to the astrotheologists and say, “I understand.” But I can’t because they are just intellectual frauds of a different color. It’s difficult to decide who is more repulsive. Generally, I think it is the astrotheologists because of their pretensions to intellectual superiority. I loathe it with a passion.

The astrotheology school of thought senses that something is amiss with recorded history, and they are right. But then they rush headlong into the intellectual quagmire of 300 AD and come to the rash conclusion that Christianity is a myth, that Christ Jesus never even existed, and the New Testament is fiction. I refer to the conviction that the books of the New Testament were fabricated as part of a religious ruse as “literary magic.” Such a position defies common sense.

“Debunking” astrotheology is made all the harder because it is based partially on facts. The gods of yore were the planets. This is not debatable. But this is precisely where astrotheology gets lost.

Myth is not a “story.” Our myths are fact. The work of Immanuel Velikovsky and David Talbott has brought this to light. But the notion that the man whom we call “Jesus” did not exist is too absurd to contemplate. Christians were already soldiers in the Roman legions when Constantine the Great railroaded Christianity. In fact, he did so at least in part to raise an army.

It may be advisable for adherents of astrotheology to remind themselves that the Romans did not have television or radio and a very limited number of manuscripts. This deception therefore would have been perpetuated primarily by word of mouth.

In a time of limited manuscripts, we are asked to believe that the Roman elite (the progeny of Jove in their day) were clever enough to “invent” the largest religious movement in the history of mankind. This is where astrotheology fails. Try to imagine doing the same thing today. This is not Islam. First, you have to write the Gospels and forge all of Paul’s letters. The Flavians are supposed to have done this with the help of the Jewish traitor Josephus. So now you have to distribute them, only it’s not like printing a book today. They must be hand-copied by scribes. Then you plant them around say in the bathhouses and maybe even train some actors to spread the word. They better be some damned convincing manuscripts because in no time you plan to start killing the people who profess to believe in your deception, feeding them to the lions in the Coliseum you built. The actors are necessary because people are going to be asking, “Who really knew this guy?” And what about languages? Well, supposedly all of these forged documents are written in the lingua franca of the day. Are we to believe that copies were distributed in Koine Greek only? This would severely hamper the spread of the Gospels among the poor and uneducated classes. Hebrew and Aramaic copies surely will be necessary, but many other languages are being spoken in Anatolia. What are you going to do about that? This guy died decades ago. Maybe you should spin some copies through the dryer to make them look old and used. Need I go on?

The logistics of inventing a religion from scratch are unfathomable. For a handful of the Roman elite to accomplish this feat could only be described as literary magic. It fails the test of common sense. No one could have pulled off this deception, not even the progeny of Jove. Isn’t it more likely this guy existed?

Peter Joseph is an Intellectual Fraud

Peter Joseph is a talented video producer. He also happens to be an intellectual fraud of the first order. Put more succinctly, he is lying to his audience. Astrotheology is not anything new, but it has reached the depths of popular thought largely because of the Zeitgeist movies. The Zeitgeist Movement claims to be properly motivated. In truth, outside of their thoughts on astrotheology, I am in complete accord with them. The human species needs to rethink everything about how to govern themselves. Capitalism is a farce. So is Republicanism, another invention of the progeny of Jove, one intended solely to make it possible to control the populace of any given country in which it is adopted by morally compromising a handful of elected officials.

Here is the original Zeitgeist movie. We are only concerned with Part I. Part II begins at 40:10 minutes into the video:

RUNTIME: 2:00:25
TITLEZeitgeist: The Movie – by Peter Joseph
POSTED: May 13, 2012
VIEWS: 1,874,980 views as of December 9, 2020

Deconstructing this Zeitgeist video is a monumental task. It will take me an untold number of hours. I will do so as time permits. This will of necessity be an ongoing task.

Deconstructing the Zeitgeist Movie

To accomplish this thoroughly and in a manner most useful to the reader, I will perform a chronological deconstruction. In time every second of the video will be accounted for in this section.

15:41 to 17:17
Subject Matter: The sun god “characteristics” of Horus.
See also: The Sun, A Universal Deity, THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES by Manly P. Hall

Now let us examine some of the characteristics of the Christ as illustrated in the Zeitgeist movie:

This is a complete
and utter fabrication

I was very reluctant to believe this at first. I researched the subject for days and contacted world-renowned mythologists before even allowing myself to think Peter Joseph was just plain wrong. I wrote him several emails practically begging him to share his source material. He never replied. It was only then I started to research the possibility that he was just plain wrong. That led me to the following well-written article on the subject.

The author of this article had access to an early manuscript of Part I of “Zeitgeist: The Movie” (2007) and uses it to rebut or debunk it line-by-line. Reading it you begin to appreciate how disingenuous is Peter Joseph. If he didn’t just make everything up out of thin air, he based everything in Part I (the part on astrotheology) on an obscure book entitled The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold written by “Acharya S.”

Zeitgeist – Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Told (the switch from “Sold” back to “Told” is deliberate)

My God when I think of the impact this man has had on society. In the end, it is just a sad commentary on Christianity that after two millennia so many were so ready and eager to attack Christianity and dismiss it as a complete fabrication. Mr. Joseph just offered them the intellectual ammunition they sought, only the ammunition he was offering were duds.

He just made it all up
out of thin air

Hardly a word of it is true. As just one example, among mythologists, who dedicate their lives to study ancient mythology, Horus is almost universally agreed to be Mars, not the Sun. It is one of the few things on which they do agree. This is the very first thing I learned. It’s disgusting. Peter Joseph is rich and famous, and Dr. Judy Wood is barred from even being mentioned on Wikipedia, including even the 9/11 conspiracy page.

in which a

The following image is from a Freemason bible and clearly shows Ra as the Sun god of the ancient Egyptians:

But the problem with assuming Peter Joseph actually researched the Zeitgeist videos is worse than this. None of the sun god characteristics he attributes to Horus can be attributed to either Horus or Ra. He just made this stuff up. It is a powerful, highly convincing presentation, but it is a lie.

33:09 to 34:02
Subject Matter: Justin Martyr (Christian apologist, 100-165 AD)

“For when they say that Dionysus arose again and ascended to heaven, is it not evidence the Devil has imitated the prophecy.”

I have searched until my eyes hurt trying to find this specific quote from an actual translation instead of just someone jumping on the Zeitgeist bandwagon. I do not care how venerated Justine Martyr is by the churches, if he said this (and he did most certainly say similar things), he’s an idiot.

Manly P. Hall on Astrotheology

Here is a much more reliable source on the subject of astrotheology. In this day and age, listening to Manly P. Hall is difficult for people who are accustomed to modern advertising and mindless television. It is worth the effort though. He was a Freemason who wandered too far from his fellows in what I believe to have been an effort to warn us. But his warnings require listening and constantly thinking about what is being said. Manly P. Hall was murdered by the progeny of Jove.

RUNTIME: 1:22:26
TITLE33 Degree Freemason Breaksdown Christianity and Religion
POSTED: May 11, 2012
VIEWS: 412,160 views as of December 9, 2020

Will Durant

This section is actually a late addition. Until I can return to work on this page, I find Will Durant’s tracing of the history of astrotheology to be superb. 

RUNTIME: 57:03
TITLEWill Durant—The Life of Jesus
POSTED: May 17, 2015
VIEWS: 90,321 views as of December 9, 2020
Why the dark cloud? What is George Washington trying to tell us? The answer is nothing. He is not speaking to us. He is speaking to the progeny of Jove in future generations. What this strikingly different portrait is saying, or rather screaming, is “I know what is coming”

The Founding Fathers were Astrotheologists

Astrotheology is admittedly a sexy proposition for those wanting to distinguish themselves as being in the intellectual vanguard. Most if not all of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America were adherents. These two quotes were lifted from Were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Jesus Mythicists? by D.M. Murdock and Acharya S. It is an interesting read.

The fable of Christ and his twelve apostles…is a parody of the sun and the twelve signs of the Zodiac, copied from the ancient religions of the Eastern world… Everything told of Christ has reference to the sun. His reported resurrection is at sunrise, and that on the first day of the week; that is, on the day anciently dedicated to the sun, and from thence called Sunday…

Thomas Paine, The Complete Religious and Theological Works of Thomas Paine, p. 382

…the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.

Thomas Jefferson, The Adams-Jefferson Letters, p. 594

By the way, “Acharya S.” is the author of The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold on which the zeitgeist movie is based.

Research Notes

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Collegium (ancient Rome)

List of Ancient Roman Collegia

The Pagan Attis and Christian Jesus: A Spurious Connection?

No mention of “three” wisemen anywhere in the Bible…ergo no connection to Orion’s belt (from inconsistency videos)