№ 55. The Stone of Destiny and New Atlantis

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“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

Mark Twain, Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World

Dan Brown writes fiction and to the extent that he presented The Da Vinci Code as fact instead of fiction, he’s a fraud. Why waste your time? This is the real stuff. This has an immediate impact on your life. Nicholas Roerich, Manly P. Hall, and even FDR longed to know what I am about to tell you.

Of historical interest

The following two entities were removed from my homepage. However, I want to preserve them exactly as they were for historical purposes.

12:30 PM, October 4, 2020:  Only moments ago I figured out the meaning of M.M. Where it leads is to knowledge the likes of Nicholas Roerich, Manly P. Hall, and even FDR longed to know. There is always an eloquent simplicity to the truth. Simplicity is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the past as well as the profound secrets contained in the Georgia Guidestones monument and Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland movie. Knowing the identity of M.M. changes everything for me. However poorly written at the moment, everything I am saying on this website is true.

October 7, 2020: I have now identified the M.M. on the pine box in which the Stone of Destiny was delivered to Nicholas Roerich in 1923 and well as the M.M. on the Georgia Guidestones cube. They are one and the same because in the year 1923 the descendants of the Jacobites in the American Revolution finally decided to make peace with the Old World bankers and delivered to them the Stone of Destiny. This unexpected, magnanimous, and truly historical gesture was the Freemasons in the defeated South saying godspeed to the men and women who control the Pikes Peak batholith in the end time. For anyone who closely follows my work, the timing involved should be profoundly interesting. It appears to have been done exactly one century before the end time.

Address on the pine box in which the Stone of Destiny was shipped from M.M. to Nicholas Roerich. That he was ever only meant to be the transfer man is made obvious in that the box is clearly addressed to the bankers. Amazing how no one deals with the significance of the addressee on this pine box. Utterly amazing. Not even FDR knew what it meant, though procuring the Stone of Destiny was second only to winning WWII in importance to his administration.

The Stone of Destiny is not buried in the cornerstone of the former Masters Building

Only a damn fool the general public and the Jesuits would believe such nonsense. The Stone of Destiny was not given to Nicholas Roerich. The pine box in which it was delivered to Nicholas Roerich was clearly addressed to the bankers. So you see, I am not the only one who uses this terminology to refer to the men who now control the infrastructure of the end time in Denver, Colorado. The Freemasons of the South also refer to them as bankers. Though may sound “cute” to some readers, the terms bankers and Ћinkers are in fact descriptive.

Beyond common sense, how do I know the progeny of Jove did not stand by and watch as the Stone of Destiny was buried in the cornerstone of some building in New York City? The same way I know much of what I have learned. Numbers. The following image is from Google Earth which I used to draw a line from the cornerstone of the former Masters Building in which Nicholas Roerich and his wife occupied the penthouse to The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine discussed on page № 52. The end of history: The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. Terminating the line at the apex of the apse was a no brainer.

Guess the length of this line!
.58 miles

And what does this mean. This can only really be interpreted one way. The Ћinkers still have the Stone of Destiny, or what meany think of as the Holy Grail. You heard me. The M.M. device was sufficient to identify who mailed it to Nicholas Roerich in France. This .58 miles means something else entirely. I believe it means the Ћinkers still have the Stone of Destiny. In other words, that line is not pointing to the cornerstone of the former Masters Building. It is point to The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. It is saying, “We have it. It isn’t there, and the bankers don’t have it either.” This last part,—that the bankers don’t have it either,—is something new to me, something I never thought until I saw this measurement for the first time. Prior to this, my interpretation of what happened back in 1929 is that the Stone of Destiny was in reality being given to the bankers for safe keeping in the vault profound. But this has always bothered me.

Lapis Exillis

My main interest in this subject is that this stone was hidden in the Rocky Mountains, the future home of the Vault Profound. This is a direct link between the Knights Templar and the “Unnamed Entity.”

LAPIS EXILLIS: Lost Secrets of the Illuminati – HD FEATURE from the UFOTV® The Disclosure Network channel



The Scotch-Irish are also known as the Ulster Scots (the term used in Great Britain). These are unique people. They are neither Scottish nor Irish. Even the census bureau tracks them separately.


From 1710 to 1775, over 200,000 people emigrated from Ulster to the original thirteen American colonies. The largest numbers went to Pennsylvania. From that base some went south into Virginia, the Carolinas and across the South, with a large concentration in the Appalachian region. Others headed west to western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and the Midwest.[35]

Transatlantic flows were halted by the American Revolution, but resumed after 1783, with total of 100,000 arriving in America between 1783 and 1812. By that point few were young servants and more were mature craftsmen, and they settled in industrial centers, including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York, where many became skilled workers, foremen and entrepreneurs as the Industrial Revolution took off in the U.S. Another half million came to America 1815 to 1845; another 900,000 came in 1851–99. That migration decisively shaped Scotch-Irish culture.[35]

According to the Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, there were 400,000 U.S. residents of Irish birth or ancestry in 1790 and half of this group was descended from Ulster, and half from the other three provinces of Ireland.[36]

A separate migration brought many to Canada, where they are most numerous in rural Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Wikipedia, Scotch-Irish Americans

As noted in The Scotch-Irish People by Rev. J. H. Bryson, D.D., those census numbers do not tell the whole story.

In the memorable revolution of 1776, when the American colonies combined to form a government of their own, the Scotch-Irish people, who formed a large part of the settlers of the central and southern colonies, bore a conspicuous part. In speaking of the Scotch-Irish people as transplanted from Ulster, in Ireland, to America, we have found it impossible to separate the Scotch and the Scotch-Irish. They are really one people. During the persecutions in Ireland, thousands of this people were forced to return to Scotland, and at a later date many of them emigrated to America. Often parts of the same families in Scotland and Ireland would join each other in the colonies. This is true of the Livingstons, the Hamiltons, the Wilsons, the Witherspoons, the Randolphs, the Grahams, and others. 

The Scotch-Irish People, Rev. J. H. Bryson, D.D.

A more special people cannot be found in all the history of English-speaking peoples. But are they Irish? They lived in Ulster for several generations, but they are Scottish in origin,— a fact of immense importance to this page

“If defeated everywhere else, I will make my last stand for liberty among the Scots-Irish of my native Virginia.”

George Washington

The Forged In Ulster YouTube channel appears to be a most excellent place to study this forgotten chapter in the history of the United States of America. I have not yet had time to fully explore this channel, but the following video is of exceptional quality. It is based on the Born Fighting book written by former Senator Jim Webb from Virginia (my home state).

RUNTIME: 46:00
TITLE: Born Fighting: The Scots-Irish – Pt.1
CHANNEL: Forged In Ulster
POSTED: April 22. 2015
VIEWS: 400,423 views as of March 3, 2021

SPECIAL NOTICE: I went to extreme lengths in my efforts to locate Born Fighting: The Scots-Irish – Pt.2. It cost me almost a full day’s work in the end. Unfortunately, you can only watch it on my website. It is available internationally using VPN at the link below. I had to use a Japanese connection, but I am sure other countries will work. 

RUNTIME: 45:42
TITLE: Born Fighting -The Scots-Irish – Pt.2 (link does not work in U.S.A.)
CHANNEL: Forged In Ulster
POSTED: April 25, 2015
VIEWS: 43,706 views as of March 8, 2021
The Border Reivers
“living by plunder”

Origins of the Scots-Irish

When one speaks of Irish immigrants to the United States, a distinction must be made between the Scotch-Irish—who are Presbyterians because their roots are in the Scottish Lowlands—and the Irish Catholics most of whom did not immigrate until after the potato famine of 1845-1852. To lump these two groups of immigrants together because they came from the same country is to completely overlook one of the most important chapters in the history of the United States of America.

Here it is worth noting that Hadrian’s Wall was built in 122 AD to protect the Roman soldiers from the Scottish people of the Lowlands. Twenty years later in 142 AD work on the Antonine Wall began. That wall separated most of the Lowlands from the Highlands. According to Wikipedia, “The wall was abandoned only eight years after completion when the Roman legions withdrew to Hadrian’s Wall in 162.” These are obviously some tough people. Their impact on the character of the people of the United States of America,—especially in the South,—is incalculable.   

The following video excerpt is an old VHS recording of a TV mini-series entitled “God’s Frontiersmen” that aired in 1988. It is therefore somewhat difficult to understand. The entire series has been preserved as four YouTube videos on the Forged In Ulster YouTube channel. 

RUNTIME: 52:39 (but this is only a 4:50 excerpt)
TITLE: God’s Frontiersmen: The Scots-Irish Epic – Episode 1
CHANNEL: Forged In Ulster
POSTED: August 20, 2018
VIEWS: 25,076 views as of March 4, 2021

Jim Webb also made a very short video on this subject entitled The Border Reivers, but really there is no end to studying these people. I’ve done it for a week now. They are fascinating. My interest in them is in tracking the movement of the Stone of Destiny and the fact that these are the people who became the Freemasons of the South.

RUNTIME: 31:09
TITLE: The Appalachians: The Scotch-Irish / Scots-Irish
CHANNEL: Forged In Ulster
POSTED: May 22, 2014
VIEWS: 1,270,865 views as of March 8, 2021

The Sea Dogs (pirates)

Discuss their part in the Oak Island decpetion of the bankers. 

RUNTIME: 1:16:17
TITLEThe Sea Dogs Who Looted The Seas For The British Empire | Elizabeth’s Pirates | Timeline
CHANNEL: Timeline – World History Documentaries
POSTED: April 28, 2017
VIEWS: 2,362,656 views as of March 8, 2021

Empire of the South

Zip Code prefixes are assigned from North to South and from East to West. Yet somehow Atlanta managed to get 303.



The Saltire and Confederate Battle Flag

Why 13 only 11 confederate states







“FREEMASONRY IN GEORGIA WILLIAM BORDLEY CLARKE PRIOR to the year 1924 the early record of the Craft in Georgia was practically unknown . The result of failure to establish facts concerning the beginnings of Masonry in this State was the prevalence of traditions and assumptions and assertions, confusing and disconcerting to the seeker after dependable data . Article I of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Georgia adds to this confusion because it contains conflicting statements that cannot logically be reconciled with facts . For the guidance and satisfaction of the historian, documents relating to salient points of this early history have fortunately been discovered in the archives of the Grand Lodge of Georgia and of several early Lodges . With unvarying consistency concerning fundamental data these reveal facts and establish dates heretofore wanting . The documents have remained in the hands of the original owners since they were written, but the full value of their content has until now been overlooked and never before given to historians of the Craft . Many valuable documents were lost because of the sieges of Savannah during the War for Independence . Other causes that contributed to the loss of valuable papers were the British surrender of the city to Americans, the removal of many British sympathisers to other parts of the country, and the fire of 1792 that destroyed the greater part of the town in which Georgia Masonry had its birth and where the Grand Lodge of Georgia met for many years after its organisation. Facts contained in the few remaining documents were not published until 1924. At that time, Solomon’s Lodge, No . 1, of Savannah, the first Lodge of Georgia, issued a book entitled Early and Historic Freemasonry of Georgia . The publication of this work gave the first opportunity to learn facts about the beginning of the Craft in this State . At the Session of the Grand Lodge in 1927, the appearance of this book was followed by the distribution of a pamphlet entitled The Beginning of Constituted Freemasonry in Georgia . This made public for the first time facts concerning the organisation of the Grand Lodge in this State . These publications were the first attempts of Georgians to make known important facts of Georgia’s Masonic history in any proper manner . …”

Early and Historic Freemasonry of Georgia, 1733/4-1800 by William Bordley Clarke · 1924


Pythagoras Masonic Temple and occasionally known as Decatur Masonic Temple. Built in 1924


  • Peach County was the last county created on July 8, 1924. [159 counties]


Georgia has the second largest number of counties of any state in the United States, following Texas, which has 254 counties.[1] One traditional reasoning for the creation and location of so many counties in Georgia was that a country farmer, rancher, or lumberman should be able to travel to the legal county seat town or city, and then back home, in one day on horseback or via wagon. …

The proliferation of counties in Georgia led to multiple state constitutional amendments attempting to establish a limit on the number of counties in the state. The most recent such amendment, ratified in 1945, limited the number to 159 counties, although there had been 161 counties from 1924 to 1931.

—Wikipedia, List of counties in Georgia



dedication service of Masters Building in 1928 explains timing.



Pythagoras Lodge No 41 building 1929

The cube is a symbolic “cornerstone.” The Master Building opened on October 17, 1929. The very next day marked the beginning of the Great Depression. The weird thing is, and this happens to me all the time now, I knew before I started to look that there would be a clear connection between these two events. I am telling you that if you study these people long enough, you will earn for yourself how they think.

Black Tuesday: October 29, 1929
Stock prices began to decline in September and early October 1929, and on October 18 the fall began. Panic set in, and on October 24, Black Thursday, a record 12,894,650 shares were traded. Investment companies and leading bankers attempted to stabilize the market by buying up great blocks of stock, producing a moderate rally on Friday. On Monday, however, the storm broke anew, and the market went into free fall. Black Monday was followed by Black Tuesday (October 29, 1929), in which stock prices collapsed completely and 16,410,030 shares were traded on the New York Stock Exchange in a single day. Billions of dollars were lost, wiping out thousands of investors, and stock tickers ran hours behind because the machinery could not handle the tremendous volume of trading. —Stock Market Crash of 1929, history.com editors, May 10, 2010 updated April 6, 2020 [bold-red emphasis added]

And this is how the Old World bankers celebrated their victory

in the United States



By overemphasizing the ONE on the front and back of the first ever small-sized one-dollar bill, which would later be echoed in the naming of the One World Trade Center.

The current design of the United States one dollar bill ($1) technically dates to 1963 when the bill became a Federal Reserve Note as opposed to a Silver Certificate. However, many of the design elements that we associate with the bill were established in 1929 when all of the country’s currency was changed to its current size. Collectors call today’s notes “small size notes” to distinguish them from the older, larger formats. The most notable and recognizable element of the modern one dollar bill is the portrait the first president, George Washington, painted by Gilbert Stuart.

The one dollar bill issued in 1929 (under Series of 1928) was a silver certificate. The treasury seal and serial numbers on it were dark blue. The reverse had a large ornate ONE superimposed by ONE DOLLAR.   —The History of the One Dollar Bill on onedollarbill.org [bold-red emphasis added

Note that the number and word one appears a total of 13 times around the edge of the front with a huge ONE in the middle, which is hugely symbolic and in effects says, “We are now in total control of the end times.” On the back the number and word one appear another 12 times for a total of 27 times. The progeny of Jove, is this context best thought of as the European Illuminati or Old World Banks, are working their way to the final one-dollar bill design, which has five ones on the front and ten on the back, arguably encoding the May 22, 2015 release date for the Tomorrowland movie.



New Atlantis

Occult theories about Francis Bacon (includes notes about faked death theory. Note that he died on Easter)


This image to your left is on the cover of New Atlantis. The rose between the R and S can leave very little doubt that this is a reference to the Rosicrucian Society.

There can be equally little doubt that Sir Francis Bacon was a progeny of Jove. He knew New Atlantis would be published postmortem and that it would be labeled “A Work unfinished” by his fellows. Please do notice the rock cave.

This is a repeating motif for the progeny of Jove. You will see it everywhere, including Freemason backgrounds for George Washington. 



The “work unfinished” is the Vault Profound

It is still unfinished because if the progeny of Jove do not drill out of that piezoelectric deathtrap and into soft rock, all of them are going to die.




Cut from somewhere else:

The United States of American is the New Atlantis

There is a lot of speculation on the Internet as to the location of Atlantis, but what everyone should be concerned about instead is the location of Sir Frances Bacon’s New Atlantis. It is the United States of America. That is why the progeny of Jove, then known as the Freemasons who were at the time headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, so named that city. It is also why the great-grandchildren of the Freemasons of the South gave us the Georgia Guidestones. Moreover, this is why the continent of North America was preserved in a pristine state until the end times.


The United States of America was designated for use at the end times thousands of years ago because the 1.08 billion-year-old granite batholith in Colorado is unique throughout the whole world. 


This land was reserved for the end time. Now, what does “reserved” mean? How do you think that Europe ended up so populated, Central and South America supported highly advanced civilizations that rivaled Rome, while all along some of the best land on the planet was inhabited by a bunch of “savages” who lived nomadic lives? Is that even true? Is it not possible that the ancient people of North America were systematically annihilated to preserve this land for the end times, that is to say for the “United States of America”? If you know anything, and I do mean, anything, about the history of the North American continent, then you know that it was at one time inhabited by a highly advanced culture who were in direct contact with the rest of the world and encoded the location of their mounds and other structures based on a grid system that used the Great Pyramid of Giza as the prime meridian. What happened to these people? How is it possible that the best land on the planet was the last to be developed? “Out of Africa?” No. That lie is one of their best. This land was reserved for the end times. That is something hard to understand, I readily admit. But unless and until you open your thought to this level of organization and planning, you will never understand the forces at work here. You are nothing to them. They made the world in which you live. They wrote its history. They defined the limits of its science. More generally, they decided long before you were even born what you would think and how you would conduct yourself in this world. The only thing that ever happened on this planet that they did not anticipate is the man we refer to as Christ Jesus. The biblical command to “come out from among them, and be ye separate” refers to the collective mind that they defined for us and that confines us in a prison we cannot see. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Worse yet, there are no bars. We imagine them. We make them every time we dismiss someone who can see what is really happening. Plato knew all of this when he said, “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” 



  1. “The 6 inch width of the Cube, was verified using high enough resolution pictures of the Cube when in situ in the Guidestones slot as compared to the known 2 metre [sic] wide English slab. It was definitely a 6x6x6 inch Cube”  —aamichael666.com, 22 Nov 2014: Georgia Guidestones 666 Time-Cube, Smashed To Represent Future Mecca Kaaba & Clock Tower Attack!, accessed December 26, 2018

Research Notes

Francis Bacon’s God: The religious foundations of the “New Atlantis”

The New Deal And The Guru

Both pages saved:

The Chintamani of the Roerichs: Tales of an extraterrestrial talisman: 1

The Chintamani of the Roerichs: Tales of an extraterrestrial talisman:  2

Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple (Atlanta) (Wikipedia)

Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 website


Pythagoras Lodge No. 41, Free and Accepted Masons (Wikipedia)

Atlanta-Peachtree Lodge No. 59 websites


Georgia County History

A Brief History of Georgia Counties
Elbert County, Georgia (Wikipedia)
Elbert County

September 3, 2014 supposedly the earliest known photograph of the cube after it was installed o

September 25, 2014 cube publicly destroyed

322 unveiling date

Find the video about the migration of the Greeks to Scotland