№ 7. The real horror of September 11, 2001 (9/11) is the truth

PAGE STATUS: I’ve worked on this page so much that if I could tally all the hours and tell you, I promise you would think I am lying. As with my work on the Georgia Guidestones and the Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland movie, my work on what happened on September 11, 2001, will never stop. Why? Because September 11, 2001, is also a statement about the end time, one of comparable importance to both the Georgia Guidestones and Tomorrowland. For example, the highly advanced, directed-energy weapon used to “dustify” the World Trade Center in New York City is, I believe, one of the “advanced” technologies indirectly referenced in the Tomorrowland mp3 recordings. I’m not sure why I bother though. The magnitude of the 9/11 deception is not unlike the Apollo program in that it cannot be fully internalized by the average person. In order to fully grasp what happened on September 11, 2001, you must understand that everything I am saying on this website is true. The progeny of Jove are responsible for 9/11, but what to you may seem like an inconceivably huge plot of such derring-do that it could not possibly be true, is a mere trifling to them. We are facing global destruction. The progeny of Jove know this. Comparatively speaking and in the minds of the men who perpetuated this horrible crime, 9/11 is unimportant drivel. To understand this, you need a broader perspective on what is happening in our world. Yes, please do read this page, It is particularly important for individuals who sense something is amiss in the world to free yourself from the hypnotic state of believing this was a terrorist attack. But this page only discusses the mechanics of what happened on September 11, 2001. The reason why it happened, what it is really all about, is discussed on my old homepage which is no longer in the public domain. There is where you will find the answers you are seeking. Everything is one thing. 9/11 was a banker celebration of the coming Earth crustal displacement, the end of the world, “day of the Lord,” apocalypse, or whatever you want to call it. Planning for it began in the highly symbolic year of 1943 when a very young David Rockefeller announced plans for the World Trade Center. The truth about 9/11 so far exceeds the imaginative capabilities of the average human being that the best I can do is compare it to the Cremation of Care staged at Bohemian Grove every year.
LAST UPDATE: December 22, 2020

SPECIAL NOTE: I will be restoring the missing Corbett Report videos at the bottom of this page shortly. There is another problem in that the last section, section 13, about the history of the national emergency number is not showing. I will address these problems as soon as possible. 

The World Trade Center is a monument to the end time. It was purposefully designed and built with the intent of destroying it on a specific date. We know this because…

They signed it

The most important section on this page
isn’t on this page.

See The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed for a discussion of the Skull and Bones 322 numerical signature on the design of the World Trade Center.

“Reading makes a country great!” Oh, the comedy of it all. If only little GW had followed his own advice to the classroom of African-American children at Emme E. Booker Elementary School on the morning of September 11, 2001, and read more than he watched TV.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

George W. Bush said the following in a recording that I have carefully transcribed.

I was sittin [sic] outside…ah da…the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower…of a…of a T…the TV was obviously on, and I…I used to fly myself and I said, there’s one terrible pilot.

George W. Bush [bold-red emphasis added]

I don’t thank you need to be a trained psychologist or cop to see that this is a clumsy lie. President George W. Bush and Neil Armstrong share something in common in this regard. They were both poster boys who lacked the requisite sophistry and mental acuity to maintain such elaborate lies. 

Did President Bush “see” the first plane hit the tower, as he says in this recording, or was he “told” a plane hit one of the two towers at the World Trade Center as his Chief of Staff Andy Card says in the MSNBC interview below. Because if he saw it on the TV, which as the president so clumsily reminds us “was obviously on,” then it was a Boeing 767. But his Chief of Staff says the president was “told” a small twin-engine prop plane crashed into one of the towers at the World Trade Center. And as the Chief of Staff assures us, “I was standing right beside him when he was told this.” Here are his exact words.

Before the president walked into that classroom of second graders…ah…at the Emma E. Booker school in Sarasota, Florida, he had been told, and I was standing right beside him when he was told this. It appears a small twin-engine prop plane crashed into one of the towers at the World Trade Center in New York City. That’s what I knew he knew when he walked into the classroom.

Chief of Staff, Andy Card [bold-red emphasis added]

TITLE: Bush Advisor Recalls Telling Bush About 9/11 Attacks | MSNBC
POSTED: September 10, 2016
VIEWS: 4,551,565 views as of December 20, 2020

There is no mistaking a Boeing 767 and “a small twin-engine prop plane.” Both of these statements cannot be true. Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Both men are lying. The evidence that President Bush is lying is in the recording of him telling the lie and in his demeanor as he enters the classroom. In the recording, he claims to have just witnessed a Boeing 767 passenger jet fly into one of the towers at the World Trade Center in the middle of New York City with a population of over eight million people immediately before entering the classroom. Now watch what consequently has become known as the “seven minutes of silence” from the time he enters the classroom until the Secret Service man asks the president to leave through the same door they entered. Watch and listen very carefully as President Bush enters the classroom. Ask yourself if this is a man who just witnessed a historical tragedy that will touch the lives of millions. Not even G.W. Bush is this callous. He is on camera. For him not to at least acknowledge such a national tragedy, to enter the classroom and behave as if nothing had happened would have been political suicide in the most populous city in the United States of America. No politician is this stupid, not even G.W. Bush. 

RUNTIME: 7:25 (the first 25 seconds is the president’s motorcade arriving)
TITLE: Clip from 9/11 Remembered
CHANNEL: Sarasota County Schools Education Channel
POSTED: September 11, 2015
VIEWS: 333,771 views as of December 20. 2020

And as for his Chief of Staff Andy Card, this is the President of the United States of America. The number of people involved in informing the president that a plane hit one of the towers is at most three or four. At what point did a Boeing 767 become something as specific as “a small twin-engine prop plane”? You can be sure President Bush did not consult with anyone before telling his lie. It was not planned. In a vain attempt to beguile us with his boyish charm and outsmart his critics who are viciously attacking him for the “seven minutes of silence,” the president blurted out something that eerily reminds me of Neil Armstrong’s “The sky is deep black when viewed from the Moon, as it is when viewed from cislunar space, the space between the earth and the moon.” His chief of staff is lying to save the president from the consequences of what can only be described as an utterly inane remark to the press. This is exactly what it sounds like in the MSNBC interview—namely, damage control. It is an imperfect lie, one I imagine Chief of Staff Andy Card told himself no one would ever catch, but even the lie is better than what the president had said. 

Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott, Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field

So from all of this, we can deduce that President Bush first learned about 9/11 on camera when his Chief of Staff whispered in his ear. Finding close-up footage of the president’s reaction to the news is getting increasingly more difficult. As of this writing, this is the best that I have. There is no audio. 

Credit 18 years ago: Bush learned of 9/11 attacks during visit to Sarasota school by Heather Monahan, WFLA News Channel 8, Tampa, Florida

This is where it starts to get interesting for me. This is clearly a setup. Someone wants to catch the president’s reaction to the news on camera. But why? Because he had no idea what was happening. The last time a president had been kept in the dark like this was Truman who knew nothing about the A-bomb until a decision had to be made to drop it on Japan. As you will learn in The Hammer Fund below, his father is a major player in 9/11. This is a father manipulating his son. Bush senior wants to catch his son’s reaction to the news on camera so that everyone who is a student of human behavior will conclude the government had nothing to do with what happened. 

But the best part of all is that they achieved this by placing him in an elementary school. This is one of the biggest operations of all time for the people I call the progeny of Jove. Do you think for one moment they did not give any thought whatsoever to where the president of the United States of America would be on the fateful morning of September 11, 2001? They knew exactly where he would be because it was their idea. It had to be. The people who have written our entire history would not leave something like this to chance. Scheduling his visit to the now-famous Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, was intended to send a message. And it’s the message that intrigues me the most. The people behind 9/11 were making a statement about the president, both that he knew nothing in advance about the attack. This they achieved by capturing his reaction on TV for all the world to see.  The second part of the message,—the subtle, physiological one,—is that G.W. Bush is too much of a child himself to be involved in such a conspiracy. It was very effective. And it was staged as surely as you were watching it in a theatre.

Dr. Judy Wood

The way “hero” is thrown around nowadays makes me sick. This woman is the epitome of my sense of what makes a hero. Were it not for her, we would all be blind to the truth. She is a brave woman with a boundless intellect.

“Judge a woman by the reputation of her enemies.”

Arabian Proverb

Here I feel compelled to quote from the Bible also.

Matthew 5:11-12
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

But what does it mean when they pretend as if you do not exist? What does that say about a person? Even mentioning her name on Wikipedia is strictly banned. Neither her name nor any of her work is mentioned anywhere on Wikipedia, not even on the 9/11 conspiracy theories Wikipedia page.

Did you hear what I just said?
Wikipedia has a page entitled “9/11 conspiracy theories” and Dr. Judy Wood’s name is not mentioned anywhere on it. Any mention of Dr. Judy Wood is strictly banned on Wikipedia.

Go ahead, try it for yourself. Click on the above link and search for her name. And when your done, go up to the Wikipedia search box and type in “Judy Wood.” Dr. Judy Wood does not exist on Wikipedia. She’s not debunked. She’s not ridiculed. She not in the footnotes. It’s really as if she does not exist. Why? This is an extraordinary fact given her impeccable professional credentials, not to mention her stellar reputation. If nothing else, it should make you curious as to why Wikipedia would go to such an extreme to ignore her work. 

I fault Dr. Judy Wood on only one point. I think there were a number of explosions in the Twin Towers that were not water storage containers disintegrating. These explosions were intended to assure the buildings fell in their own footprint to reduce the loss of life, not that those who were responsible cared about the loss of life, but because the greater the loss of life, the greater would be the scrutiny in the aftermath of what happened. We know this because of Building 7. Unlike the Twin Towers and Building 6, the directed-energy weapon was not used on this building. It was a classic controlled demolition that relied entirely on the nano-thermite explosives. The logic here is simple. If Building 7 had enough nano-thermite to demolish the entire building without the use of the directed-energy weapon, then the demolition of the Twin Towers must have involved a significant amount of nano-thermite. 

Almost two decades later, and the Urban dictionary is the only dictionary on the Internet that defines dustification

The etymology of “dustify” (neologism)

What happened to the Twin Towers was so extraordinary that it required inventing a new term. As noted by Dr. Judy Wood in her videos, other verbs such as pulverize (“reduce to fine particles”), disintegrate (“break up into small parts”), and vaporize (“convert or be converted into vapor”) are not technically accurate descriptions of what happened to the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Structural steel was turned into dust. This really does require a new word

Much to my surprise, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock maintains a “Dustification” page as part of its “Operation Rabbit Hole: Where Did the Towers Go?” Wow! I was just dumbfounded to discover this at a major university. Somebody at UA deserves a lot of respect for taking a leadership position within the academic community. Hats off to the gentlemen and ladies at the University of Arkansas.

It’s the technology stupid

Thanks to Google, there exists an army of YouTube videos that systematically dismantle this historical deception. Dr. Judy Wood may not exist on Wikipedia, but she is alive and well on YouTube. Through her, we learn the real story of September 11, 2001, is not who did it or why. It’s the technology involved.

If you are unwilling or unable to contemplate what really happened on that fateful day, you will never realize that the technology involved is mind-boggling,—far in advance of any of our known military weapon systems. Miss that and you miss everything.

RUNTIME: 2:24:57
TITLE9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology | Dr Judy Wood
POSTED: August 21, 2013
VIEWS: 833,064 views as of December 18, 2020

It is the damage to Building 6 which suggests that the directed-energy weapon theorized by Dr. Judy Wood was a circular beam of energy from above, either a high-altitude plane or a satellite. 

Building six shown here behind the remaining facade of the North Tower. This one picture speaks volumes.

So two colossal buildings were turned into dust before our very eyes, but something much more sinister happened that day. On the morning of September 11, 2001, a major category 3 hurricane was headed straight for NYC but not one single weatherman in the entire country dared to report on it. Then it happened. It has never been properly reported and evidences the existence of technology even more impressive than the directed-energy weapon used to destroy the World Trade Center. In what I can only describe as a progeny of Jove moment every bit as impressive as turning hardened steel into dust in the time it takes to collapse a 110 storey building, Hurricane Erin was apparently redirected away from New York City with the ease of someone playing PAC-MAN.

Major General Albert “Bert” Newton Stubblebine IIIv

Albert “Bert” Newton Stubblebine III

I believe this man’s life was extinguished because he spoke out against what happened at the Pentagon and in New York City on September 11, 2001. Wikipedia’s article on Albert Stubblebine is a study in character assassination, but as this page aptly demonstrates, Wikiipedia is clearly under the direct control of the people responsible for the September 11, 2001 domestic terrorist attacks. 

They Killed him

The details of when and where this interview with Major General Albert Stubblebine was conducted are sketchy. One YouTube channel suggests that the impromptu interview takes place at a “9/11 conference.” It survives only in a version that includes German subtitles. Given the credibility of this man, I think it is fair to say that the video has been largely scrubbed from YouTube. My original link was to a YouTube video named No Plane hit the Pentagon – Gen. Albert Stubblebine, which now displays this message:

This deleted video was a shorter version with a runtime of 5:16. I have since found a longer version of the video with a runtime of 13:30. 

I am Major General Albert Stubblebine. I am retired—Army Major General. In my last assignment, my last command, I was responsible for all of the Army’s strategic intelligence forces around the world. I had responsibility for the signals intelligence, photo intelligence, counterintelligence, human intelligence. They all belonged to me in my last assignment.

Major General Albert Stubblebine in his own words (transcribed from the video below) [bold-red emphasis added]

Now listen as Major General Stubblebine breaks ranks to speak on behalf of the citizens of the United States of America. Comparatively few people have ever seen this video. 

RUNTIME: 13:30
TITLE: Major General Albert Stubblebine zu 9/11 Pentagon
CHANNEL: True Lion of Judah
POSTED: August 18, 2013
VIEWS: 11,879 views

Later in his life, General Stubblebine gave this interview which is even more revealing.

RUNTIME: 19:38
TITLE: September 11 US Army General Whistle Blower
CHANNEL: Catherine Levi
POSTED: December 8, 2012
VIEWS: 1,249,423 views as of December 16, 2020

Details of Major General Stubblebine’s death can be read at Who Killed General Bert and Happy Birthday, Wherever You Are by Dr. Rima E. Laibow and dated February 6, 2017, the day he died (on his birthday). I find the circumstance of his death to be highly suspicious and it has a progeny of Jove numerical signature on it. The 66 of his birth and death date are what alerted me to the signature. Had that been all there was, I might not have said anything, but the numerical signatures used by the progeny of Jove are never that simple. They have what might be described as a sense of perfection about them. I readily found that in this signature. 


February 6, 1930 – February 6, 2017


1930 + 2017 = 47

47 is Mars, the god of War. (Think Romans.) It is often used in military signatures. For example, in the section entitled 216 above-ground nuclear tests starting 216 years after 1776 on page № 70. Sacred Numbers 216 and 144, we read:

The nuclear weapons tests of the United States were performed between 1945 and 1992 as part of the nuclear arms race. The United States conducted around 1,054 nuclear tests by official count, including 216 atmospheric, underwater, and space tests.

Wikipedia, List of United States nuclear weapons tests

Mars is the god of war. 1992 – 1945 = 47 years.

The 47-year cycle of Mars: after 47 years – 22 synodic periods of 780 days each – Mars returns to the same position among the stars and is in the same relationship to the Earth and Sun. The ancient Mesopotamians discovered this cycle.

Wikipedia, 47 (number)


2/6 + 2/6 = 52

1952 is the year Major General Albert Stubblebine graduated from West Point, which is to say, he was killed by his own. The Army wasn’t going to let someone else silence him.

Major General Albert Stubblebine
had to die on February 6, 2017

It was a message to others who might think about breaking ranks late in life over what happened on September 11, 2001.

I know the general public dismisses such observations, but once you study the progeny of Jove long enough you learn to look for these numeric signatures. It is their trademark. Why was he transferred to a different hospital? What brought on the first heart attack? See also The numerical evidence that Neil Armstrong was murdered by the bankers.

The new “One World” Trade Center screams 666

After rebuilding, they changed the name to “One World ” Trade Center, (as in one-world government) which drew surprisingly little comment from the public. Everyone is so afraid to speak the truth about 9/11, everyone that is, except the families of the dead. The facade of the new One World Trade Center is screaming 666 to the entire world, but no one is listening. To understand how 666 is incorporated into the design of the facade of this building, read page № 75. Skull and Bones 322 and Corporate Logos. But that’s not all. The new One World Trade Center is 94 storeys tall.

Hello! Who designs a 94 storey building? This reminds me of the detective Monk. (if you haven’t watched this sitcom, I can highly recommend it.) He would want it to be 100 floors. In the numeric symbolism of the progeny of Jove, the number nine represents command and control.

9 + 4 = 13

Now things are getting serious. 13 is the number of the end time. For a discussion of this, see page № 29.  Number 13, Ophiuchus, the Galactic Center, active Seyfert galaxies, and Galactic Superwaves

Everything is one thing

HISTORICAL NOTE: The following section was at the top of my home page long, long ago. I have not changed one word of it, not even the formatting. This explains the reference to “introducing my work” with a discussion of 9/11. I do not want to change this or anything else about this section. It is a keepsake. It got moved off of my homepage when I decided to go after bigger fish. I did, and in the end, I ended up right back where I started. Everything is one thing, and that one thing is the coming Earth crustal displacement.

Inca law (photo credit)

What you think about 9/11 determines your character

I introduce my broad subject matter with a discussion of what happened on September 11, 2001 because we live in a world of opposites. Nothing is as it seems, and what you think about 9/11 is a perfect testing ground. I feel compelled to so introduce my work because I need for you to see that the world is not what it seems. Please trust me that this is a necessary exercise. Revisiting the destruction of the Twin Towers and how mainstream media ignored a Category 3 hurricane off the coast of New York City that fateful day is a perfect testing ground for you as a potential reader of my work. This is not a question of patriotism. What is at stake here is your willingness to look beyond the superficial to the deeper meaning of things.

I do not care who was responsible. I do care about the loss of life. At the time I was caring for an elderly woman whose deceased husband had taken me off the streets of Baltimore and sent me to an expensive private college attended by an unusual number of rich kids from California. Both of us were in NYC the day after the mayor said it was okay to visit.

The dust was everywhere like a heavy winter snowfall, three to four inches deep on cars that were parked blocks away.

I wondered about the fate of the drivers as I used my hand to shovel some of the dust off the top of one of the cars into a plastic bag that I saved. But the moment I remember the most is when I turned around and saw a Norman Rockwell family standing shoulder to shoulder all staring high up into the sky in reverent silence. I turned back around and looked up myself. Nothing was there. That was the moment I realized they lived in New York City. They remembered. There used to be something there, and in their mind’s eye, they could still see it.

Stop!   Look!
And listen to what I am saying.
The Twin Towers, World Trade Center. Look carefully at the ground level. See those three rows of high arches. That is the lobby. Remember that and is less than a couple of minutes you may be a whole new person. The world is not what it seems. We do in fact live in a Matrix-like reality.

Where did the buildings go?

If you do this one thing for me, I can awaken you from a deep sleep. Look closely at the picture above and try to imagine what the Twin Towers would look like if they collapsed. I’m deadly serious. Please! Look at the picture and try to imagine in your mind’s eye what these buildings would look like if they collapsed. I’m not the one telling you what to think. All I am doing is asking you to think for yourself.

Think! Think for yourself!

Where did the buildings go? The answer is that they were turned into dust, but the problem is that collapsing a building cannot pulverize hardened steel. Look again at the above picture of the Twin Towers and really try to imagine what it would look like after two of the tallest buildings in the world collapsed. Taking just a minute to do so may change your entire perspective on life. So please, indulge me. Look again before proceeding to read another word. Can you see the impossibility of those two buildings falling in their own footprint? The idea is as ludicrous as thinking that a jumbo jet fell out of the sky and hit the Pentagon in a city with almost a million people walking around, many if not most of whom had cell phones, and no one caught any part of it on camera.

The issue is no longer that this was a false flag attack. It has already been written into the history books. It’s too late to do anything about that. The issue is you. Right here and now is perhaps your one chance in life to awaken from a deep hypnotic state in which you were told by others what happened on September 11, 2001. You believed them. It was an understandable mistake. But after reading this page, if you still believe them, you have taken the blue pill. You have chosen to stay in the Matrix. I can promise you this much, if I cannot awaken you from this dream, no one can.

Do not believe what others have told you to think. They are using the power of the state, the officialdom of mass media, and your gullibility, to script the events of that fateful day. But they made innumerable mistakes. So ask yourself, Where did the buildings go?
There is no rubble heap.
This photograph is invaluable. It is taken at ground level immediately after the “attack.” The firemen are standing at ground level. I say again, the firemen are standing at ground level. There are no cranes. None of the debris has been removed. Where did the buildings go? For God’s sake, PLEASE, rip the visors from your eyes. They are gone. They are dust.

The scrap guys could not believe the twin towers produced so little rubble. “It simply did not seem possible that two of the world’s tallest buildings had all but disappeared…In total, 2,700 vertical feet of building, containing nearly 10 million square feet of floor space, were reduced to a tangled, smoking, burning heap less than 200 feet thick.”

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Disintegrate? by Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood

Now I have done everything humanly possible to prepare you for the following image. You are on your own from here on out.
That little yellow cloud looking thing at the base of the tower on the left was the size of the rubble heap immediately after the tower collapsed. Closeups of the rubble heap are below.
Look closely!
The rubble heap from this colossal, 110 story building is considerably smaller in height than the lobby was before the building was destroyed. It all fell in a hole? The weight of the materials from above was like a big trash compactor? Many of you right now are trying to find a reason not to awaken. It is a moment of truth for you. Others will want only to fact check me. Please do. If you cannot see that something is profoundly wrong with this picture, I suggest you stop reading now. I honestly cannot help you. You will learn nothing from me because you cannot see the evidence before your very eyes. But if you suspect something is amiss, I can take you down a path that makes the Twilight Zone seem tame.
RUNTIME: 1:08:33
TITLE: Where Did the Towers Go? Implications of the Forensic Study & Cover Up – Mobile/tablet version
CHANNEL: checktheevidence
POSTED: September 24, 2017
VIEWS: 225,934 views as of December 18, 2020
TITLE: Where Did The Towers Go? Gone With The Wind
CHANNEL: Marc James Levesque
POSTED: May 28, 2016
VIEWS: 5,940 views as of December 18, 2020
God Bless Dr. Judy Wood!

Hurricane Erin

There is another, equally important reason to revisit September 11, 2001 (9/11). As much as I admire and respect Dr. Judy Wood, I stress equally important. Why? Because it evidences as nothing else can a central control of mainstream media (MSM) in the United States of America, not unlike that of communist nations or even NAZI Germany. On the morning of 9/11, there was a category 3 hurricane off the coast of NYC. It was as ignored by MSM as Dr. Judy Wood is by Wikipedia. You really need to watch this video. As you do, realize that the announcers were told not to mention the hurricane. It creates an unmistakable awkwardness in some of them. Reporting the weather is their job, and they were told not to do it. They were told to say everything is just coming up roses even though a major hurricane is approaching New York City with a population of 8.5 million people.

A Major Category 3 hurricane was headed directly at New York City on the morning of September 11, 2001 (9/11) and every weather anchor in the country completely ignored it. Can you not see that we live with a state-controlled media that makes Joseph Goebbels and NAZI Germany seem amateurish?
TITLEAnd Speaking of Weird Hurricanes..
CHANNELTruthstream Media
POSTED: September 13, 2017
VIEWS: 171,682 views as of December 20, 2020

This TruthStreamMedia.com video (one of the few websites from which I obtain news) makes it perfectly clear that there is a highly orchestrated, centralized control over all mainsteam news outlets in the United States of America. Above and beyond the fact that only a handful of corporations own those news outlets, this centralized control is determining exactly what you see and hear from mainstream media. They are scripting the news from on high. This is not propaganda. They are effectively telling you what is real about your world. This is mind control. 

Between the technology used to destroy the WTC and MSM ignoring a major Category 3 hurricane off the coast of NYC on 9/11, thinking individuals have all the evidence they need to come to the personal realization that…
We live in an entirely fabricated reality

There is no “conspiracy theory” when it comes to 9/11. There are only individuals who are asleep and those who have peered out of their cloisters and taken a hard look at the reality in which they live. And now local television stations are being consolidated all over the country. From where I stand, this can only mean one thing. We really are “at the doors.”

Building 7 made a mockery of us all

The people are in a deep hypnotic state in which they believe everything they are told, even absurdities such as this.

The ten-second, symmetrical fall of building seven and the NIST official explanation for it should be sufficient reason for the citizens of the United States of America to rise up in arms against their government.
RUNTIME: 1:39:22
CHANNELBuilding 7even
POSTED: August 23, 2015
VIEWS: 444,518 views as of December 20, 2020
RUNTIME: 47:00 (a symbolic reference to Mars, the god of war)
TITLETake the 47 Minute Building 7 Challenge!
POSTED: May 16, 2015
VIEWS: 169,813 views as of December 20, 2020

Something obviously went wrong with the demolition of Building 7. I’m not sure what. For some unknown reason, the directed-energy weapon failed to gut Building 7 as it did the Twin Towers and Building 6. This troubled me for a long time because I theorize that one of the objectives of this operation was to drop the Twin Towers in their own footprint in order to minimize the loss of life. If this is so, it is unreasonable to think Building 7 was supposed to be damaged by one on the Twin Towers. This is not true of Building 6, which is much closer to the North Tower. No one questions that the extensive damage to Building 6 (which was gutted by the directed-energy weapon) was caused by debris falling from the North Tower. 

Why was Building 7 undamaged prior to the controlled demolition? Clearly something went wrong. But what? The available footage makes it clear there was doubt and uncertainty about what to do. The building is wired with nano-thermite. Not detonating it could expose everything. The order to “pull it” (a technical term in the demolition industry that was captured on film and means detonate the explosives) was obviously made reluctantly at about 5:00 PM late in the day. Here is John Lear’s theory about what happened.


So let’s think about this. The people I call the progeny of Jove just made a decision to “pull it,” which means the controlled demolition of a 47 storey building in front of the entire world, because this late in the day on September 11, 2001, you can be sure this is now the biggest TV audience since Apollo 11. They know they will not be able to explain this to any thinking individual, not to mention trained civil engineers, but they do it anyway. What does that tell you about these people? They are two decades away from something for which they have been planning for at least 2,600 years. They are in control of the entire Western world. They do not care what we think. When push came to shove, the order was given to demolish the building in front of the whole world. That should give you pause. What else are they capable of? COVID-19? Your sense that the government will protect you is delusional in the end time. We are the walking dead to these people. That is the reality of the world in which you find yourself.  

Opportunistic bankers

This section was originally entitled “Why 9/11 happened.” Little did I know then. The financial shenanigans discussed on this page are mere bankers doing what they do best.

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Rahm Israel Emanuel

This country owes a great debt to men and women such as James Corbett, E.P. Heidner, and Claire Sterling whose work is featured in the following subsections. To let works such as theirs go unstudied is the mark of a dullard. As I said at the beginning of this page, What you think about 9/11 determines not only your character but I would argue your prospect of surviving what is about to happen. But before you can think about 9/11, you need to know all of the facts. 9/11 was all about money. It was an elaborate crime, essentially financial in nature but involving the murder of some 3,000 people. Given the historical importance of the videos, webpages, and PDF papers in the following subsections, I have saved copies of everything. They are all interrelated. They are all telling the same story.

It may sound trite, but if you want to find the culprits, follow the money.
James Corbett

James Corbett’s amazing “9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money” (three million views)

This guy is in a class by himself. I just think he is amazing. This is what reporting was before it was bought by large corporations. 

2,882,242 views and counting…

James Corbett put his life on the line making this video. I think the only reason he is still alive is that he did such a remarkable job. Too many people, including me, have copies of this video. Killing him would only draw attention to his work. What “they” did instead is to kill his YouTube channel shortly before the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

I discuss this in detail in the section entitled COVID-19, travel restrictions, and OMG! YouTube shut down James Corbett’s channel. Meanwhile, I keep copies of all the YouTube videos I use on this website because I’ve become so accustomed to this censoring of truly meaningful content on YouTube. Enjoy!

RUNTIME: 58:34
TITLE9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money
POSTED: September 11, 2015
VIEWS: 2,882,242 views as of December 20, 2020

The Hammer Fund

The Pentagon was included in the 9/11 operation for a very specific reason. It was hit with a missile in order to kill an investigation into the $240,000,000 Hammer Fund. Of course, that makes this murder, and there is no statute of limitations on murder. So don’t expect to read about the Hammer Fund in the mainstream media anytime soon.

Please note that this YouTube video cuts off abruptly at the end. I first copied it on July 28, 2019, and that copy has the same runtime of 10:28 minutes. In other words, I do not have access to the full video. I also cannot explain why so few people have seen this video. 

RUNTIME: 10:28
TITLE: 9/11 Project Hammer, Financial Tyranny & Genocide
POSTED: November 24. 2013
VIEWS: 1,571 views as of December 20, 2020

Of course, this means George W. Bush’s father is most likely the driving force behind 9/11. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with the Prescott Bush story

“Collateral Damage” by E.P. Heidner

FULL DISCLOSURE: I first became aware of E.P. Heidner’s work entitled Collateral Damage on wikispooks.com

Collateral Damage is to the financial crimes of 9/11 and the massive coverup of financial misdeeds dating as far back to WWII what Judy Wood is to the highly advanced, directed-energy weapon used to destroy the World Trade Center. This is a two-part paper dated January 10, 2011. So far as I know, the whereabouts of the author E.P. Heidner is unknown at this time.

Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001

Collateral Damage (Part 2): The Subprime Crisis and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 By E.P. Heidner

Here are a few links to articles that essentially summarize Collateral Damage:

Perhaps the best: Black Eagle Trust Fund The 9/11 Attacks and the Black Eagle Trust Fund

I think this article entitled The Bush Family’s Project Hammer by Deanna Spingola, dated February 8, 2010, deserves an honorable mention.

“The great ruble scam” by Claire Sterling [Full Text]

This The American Spectator article by the author Claire Sterling is considered to be an authoritative document on the subject. It was later expanded and became the book Thieves’ World: The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime.

“It was during the winter of 1990-91 that billion-dollar lots were offered to American investors; the trainload of rubles passed through Poland”

Clare Sterling, who wrote this in June, 1992 could not possibly have known the true extent of what was happening. She was nevertheless on the cutting edge of journalism at the time. I went through a considerable amount of trouble to get this article back out in the public domain. I hope someone appreciates it.

The great ruble scam

by Claire Sterling

Why would anyone in the West want to hold Soviet rubles? The question has puzzled police in half a dozen countries for more than a year, as they’ve stumbled separately upon black market swaps of rubles for dollars in staggering quantities.

The evidence, still incomplete, points to the criminal penetration of the former Soviet Union by drug cartels and money launderers. The prevailing economic, political, and judicial confusion; the instability discouraging serious Western investment; the rapid expansion of organized crime in Leonid Brezhnev’s day–all these factors have made Russia a magnet for the international underworld.

The first signs of the illegal dollar-for-ruble swaps appeared in the winter of 1990-91. Even though the ruble was sliding fast in the collapsing Soviet economy, police phone taps in Italy revealed a ring of professional money-launderers discussing multi-billion ruble deals. A trainload of rubles passed through Poland in transit for Belgium. Large suspect ruble transactions were reported by Belgian, German, and Netherlands police. A Swiss undercover agent was offered a whole shipping container stuffed with rubles. Billion-dollar ruble lots were offered to American investors.

Since then, a special parliamentary commission of the Russian Federation has documented government-backed transactions involving as many as half a trillion rubles. It was because of a single colossal transaction that the commission was set up in January 1991. The contract, blocked at the last moment, involved a government-sponsored exchange of 140 billion rubles on the black market.

At the time, 140 billion rubles amounted to $84 billion at the official exchange rate (1.6:1) and $9.3 billion at the top black-market rate (15:1). Understandably, “The Case of the 140 Billion” caused an uproar in Moscow. The parliamentary commission, politically on the Russian government’s side, must have flinched at what it found. In two reports, dated February 15 and March 1, 1991, it provided startling details:

Beginning in the summer of 1990, three different Western “businessmen” approached the Russian government with offers to buy 140 billion rubles or more for $7.8 billion and up (a super-favorable rate of 18 to 1).

The first to come along, in August 1990, was a “John Ross” of New York, who proved to be Jan Semyonovich Zubok of Ukraine, twice jailed there for theft before moving to the United States. Among the documents before the commission was a protocol of intent, signed by Russia’s then-prime minister Ivan Silayev, endorsing a 300-billion ruble deal with “Mr. Ross” before his exposure.

Next came a Leo Vanta who, when asked for credentials, proffered an autographed picture of President Reagan. There followed a Colin Gibbons of Britain, who had the signatures, the government sanction, and the authorized Russian bank account on a 140-billion-ruble contract when he was stopped.

The signatory on the Russian side was A.A. Sveridov, a regional deputy from Chelyabinsk in the Urals, signing for an improbable and penniless “Ekho Manufacturing Ecological Company.” His guarantor was Russia’s deputy prime minister, Gennady Filshin.

Filshin had given his blessings to an arrangement whereby Gibbons was to put $7.8 billion in a Swiss bank, while 140 billion rubles would be deposited to his name in a Russian bank. Both accounts would be under Gibbons’s control. On these singular terms, the deputy prime minister directed Russia’s ministry of trade to “render assistance and support for the contract,” and instructed the Moscow inter-regional commercial bank to open the necessary ruble account (#713713).

Testifying before the commission, Filshin claimed that Gibbons was going to spend the dollars to “saturate the Russian market” with 700,000 tons of meat, 300,000 tons of butter, and other “top-quality” Western goods. He was also supposed to “invest and reinvest” his newly acquired rubles in the Russian economy. In fact, there were no such clauses in the contract, nor did Gibbons promise anything of the kind. He was simply interested in the currency. He told the investigators only that a client had asked him “to buy a great sum of Soviet rubles.”

The last straw was the discovery that Gibbons was a professional con-man, wanted by Interpol on a British warrant. Upon learning all this, the commission ruled that Deputy Prime Minister Filshin should be relieved of his duties for “incompetence, negligence, insincerity, abuse of powers and deception of the Parliamentary Commission.”

The idea that Russia’s highest leaders could have worked such a scam seemed so incredible that many thought the KGB must have framed them. Suspicions grew when hardliner Valentin Pavlov, premier of the still-existing Soviet Union, ordered the recall of all 50- and 100-ruble notes, putting the blame on Boris Yeltsin’s government for its Gibbons deal. Though Pavlov’s order virtually wiped out popular savings, he maintained that it was really meant to stem an uncontrollable flow of rubles to the West, and “a river of dirty money” coming back. Predictably, the Communist premier accused Western banks of an imperialist plot to dethrone President Mikhail Gorbachev and destabilize the Soviet economy. Western diplomats dismissed the charge as “bilge”–Britain’s foreign minister called it “manifestly dotty”–but Pavlov was wrong only about the plot, not about the money.

Rubles were certainly pouring out of the Soviet Union from every side in 1991; seizures at the border were up 200 percent, reported the head of Soviet customs. And dirty money was undoubtedly flowing in. With serious Western businessmen holding back, foreign speculators were teaming up with members of an estimated 3,500 domestic “Red Mafia” groups to fill the breach. According to Interpol, at least 40 percent of the USSR’s new joint ventures were set up with funds “of dubious origin.”

The Russian federation alone had tried to swap a good half trillion rubles for dollars in various blackmarket deals, the parliamentary commission found. The goal wasn’t necessarily personal gain: it was government policy. Filshin, who went on to become Russia’s minister of foreign trade, still insists that the Gibbons deal was “a version of the Marshall Plan.” That and similar deals for black market dollars had been approved by all his superiors–including Boris Yeltsin, the commission noted. Plainly, Russia’s democratic leaders, emerging from the Communist dark ages, were sadly unaware of the sharks circling in the outside world, and knew little of acceptable financial practices in the West. Seeing what they thought was a shortcut to salvation, they took it.

While some of their deals fell through, there is ample evidence that hundreds of billions of rubles were up for sale in Europe and the U.S. while the Ross-Vanta-Gibbons talks went on in Moscow. It was during the winter of 1990-91 that billion-dollar lots were offered to American investors; the trainload of rubles passed through Poland; the Italian police intercepted phones calls in Verona and Rimini involving multi-billion ruble deals (for which Judge Roberto Sapio ordered fourteen arrests); and a Swiss undercover agent in Bellinzona actually bought a sample 100,000 rubles from someone claiming to have a container full. The seller was notorious Turkish heroin trafficker Hamza Turkuresin, closely associated with Calabria’s criminal ‘Ndrangheta, and with a group known to be laundering cocaine money for Colombia’s Medellin cartel.

In Geneva that December, Judge Jean-Pierre Trembley ordered the arrest of a Colombian, a German, and three Argentines representing the same money-launderers. They had been trying to broker a swap of 70 billion rubles for $4.6 billion. Trembley was unable to locate the rubles, reportedly left in a container with Brink’s in Holland, and he finally released the suspects. “I just couldn’t believe that anybody in his right mind would swap narcodollars for rubles that nobody can spend,” he said.

These rubles could be spent, however. They were offered to foreign investors either in bank-to-bank credit transfers or with certificates of reentry and permission to open Russian bank accounts: the parliamentary commission and all Western police accounts agree on this. Under these conditions, the rubles could be used to buy whatever is for sale in the former Soviet Union, whose natural resources–the richest in the world–can be had for giveaway prices. (A ton of petroleum, for instance, can today be bought for $25 in black market rubles and sold for $160 in Europe.)

This was demonstrably why international criminals were so interested in rubles. Their true design was actually written into the protocol of intent signed by Russia’s former prime minister Silayev with “John Ross,” the Ukrainian ex-con. In exchange for the black-market dollars, Russia’s government undertook to “allow foreign businessmen to buy and export, without duty, a strictly limited range of raw and other materials, waste products for recycling, products made of precious materials, etc.”

In a confidential report to Interpol in April of last year, the head of the Soviet interior ministry’s organized crime department, Gennady Chebetarev, described how Russia and the other Soviet republics were already being looted in just this way. “Mafia-type groups [are committing] large-scale unlawful transactions with foreign partners,” he wrote. High quality materials, precious metals and alloys are being bought up for export “at scrap metal” prices. Titanium is being reworked and exported as “waste.” The fact that such information is now coming to light may help Russia’s democratic leaders cope with this mounting threat to its economic sovereignty.

American Spectator, June 1992, Vol. 25 Issue 6, p.35

World-class 9/11 YouTube videos

These are the very best 9/11 YouTube videos ever made. 

“Retired Expert Pilot John Lear – No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11” (scrubbed from YouTube)

John Lear has become the target of a state-sponsored character assassination propaganda campaign since he spoke out about September 11, 2001. This is precisely why I presented Why 9/11 happened before his video. I know how hard it is to accept that there were no planes on 9/11. It’s enough to make a person want to take the blue pill and return to the Matix. It’s mind-bending. But most of all, it’s…

completely logical

In fact, I would argue that there is not a chance in hell actual planes were involved. Why? Because this was a precision military operation with the objective of destroying very specific targets. The explosions witnessed on 9/11 were businesses and government agencies targeted for destruction. Planes would have been way too risky, with way too many variables. I didn’t need John Lear to tell me there were no planes involved. The physical impossibility of even a professional pilot maneuvering a passenger jet with that level of precision is all I needed to know. And I learned that from Pilots for 9/11 Truth long before I ever watched this John Lear video. But ever since I learned  Why 9/11 happened and how specific floors and equipment rooms had to be destroyed to conceal financial crimes involving some of the most powerful people in this country, the notion of attempting to do so with a Boeing 767 seems as ridiculous to me as saying no planes hit the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, sounds like to the average person on the street. If flying a Boeing 747 (or almost any large passenger jet) into the Twin Towers is too difficult for a professional pilot with years of experience flying that particular airplane, then hitting a specific floor in order to kill everyone at a meeting or destroy a computer equipment room is inconceivable. This more than lends credence to the no planes theory. Planes are an utterly preposterous explanation for what happened that day.

This video has been scrubbed from YouTube. 

As always though. I made a copy. Enjoy…

RUNTIME: 41:47
TITLERetired Expert Pilot John Lear – No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11
VIEWS2,517,355 views as of April 10, 2018
The nose cone of a (Cathay Pacific) Boeing 747 after impacting a bird. Nose cones conceal weather radar equipment. Their technical name in the airline industry is radome. They are not aluminum. They are made of a composite material. Search “nose cone” and bird on Google to see more photographs like this one.

Video compositing (Pinocchio’s nose)

The video is a technical explanation of how the impact videos were made. It was part of a seven video playlist named 9/11 – The Great American Psy-Opera. The BBC blocked one of the seven, and then YouTube inexplicably deleted this one on the basis that it included “hate speech.”

You can decide for yourself, but I think this is a rather bizarre claim. So why was it really banned? I do not think it was the video compositing stuff. This video asks the question how could the nose cone of a 747 jet pass through the hardened steel beams of the Twin Towers undamaged when a single bird can do considerable damage to the same? That is why I think it no longer exists on YouTube. But I always make copies of the YouTube videos I use in case this happens. Enjoy…

RUNTIME: 45:06
TITLE07 – The Key
VIEWS408,449 views as of October 21, 2018

Here it is interesting to note that the Smithsonian Institution,—an old progeny of Jove stalwart who managed to hide the remnants of an entire culture of giants who occupied North America before us,—produced a video entitled How Aluminum May Have Collapsed the Twin Towers (more disinformation). It included this artist rendition of a Boeing 767 disintegrating as it impacted one to the towers at the World Trade Center.

Finally some truth. Only there were no planes on 9/11. 

“9/11 War Games” (WTF?)

Another stellar piece of work from my hero James Corbett.

RUNTIME: 56:35
TITLE9/11 War Games
CHANNEL: corbettreport
POSTED: September 11, 2018
VIEWS: 392,302 views as of December 20, 2020

“September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” – Full version

This is an exhaustive, three-part documentary. As you can see, as of this writing on December 22, 2020, a million people watch the first part, 340,000 the second part, and 275,000 the third part. This is a sad commentary on the American public. People just don’t care. 

These videos will never be scrubbed from YouTube because this level of scandal is perfectly acceptable to the progeny of Jove. This is why I show them last. The financial crimes discussed in Why 9/11 happened are the real story. Comparatively speaking, these are operational details. 

RUNTIME: 1:55:06
TITLESeptember 11 – The New Pearl Harbor – Full version in three parts
POSTED: September 7, 2013
VIEWS: 1,002,862 views as of December 22, 2020
RUNTIME: 1:30:23
TITLE“September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” – Full version (2/3)
POSTED: September 6, 2013
VIEWS: 356,773 views as of December 22, 2020
RUNTIME: 1:28:09
TITLE“September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” – Full version (3/3)
POSTED: September 7, 2013
VIEWS: 272,197 views as of December 22, 2020
From page 250 of the February 1967 “The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society” report discussed in The Police State (militarization of the police)

Emergency telephone number 911

In early 1967 while NASA was busy preparing to fake landing on the moon, “The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society” report was released which included the recommendation for what became known as the national emergency telephone number 911. I want to close this page with an observation that should be obvious to anyone who has made it this far. The decision to demolish the World Trade Center on September 11 (9/11) was deliberate. What does this say about the people who planned this domestic terrorist attack? Well, they obviously intended that day to be remembered as “9-1-1.” Mostly I think it speaks volumes about how they perceive us. It makes me think of advertisement jingles. They do not take us seriously. Why should they? Instead of armed revolution against a federal government that killed over 3,000 of us, we believed President G.W. Bush, a moral and intellectual idiot who stole the election, and then sent our sons and daughters to Iraq to die in a pointless war against a people who did nothing to us. We deserve everything that has happened to us.