№ 27. The grossly misunderstood Georgia Guidestones

PAGE STATUS: I hope to finish this rewrite before the end of January. Most of you probably never saw this page before I stripped everything out and started putting it back one section at a time. What you see here now is only part of it. I’ve written a small book on this subject. It is the only place in the world you will learn the truth about the Georgia Guidestones. And that truth is that they are what they appear to be.
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This page is dedicated to
Pythagoras Lodge
No. 41

The Builders


The Georgia Guidestones are what they appear to be,
a warning that we are the last generation before the end.
If you are reading this, you die in a planetary catastrophe,
not of old age.

(Why 41? Because 41 is the 13th prime number)

A WORD TO THE WISE: The Georgia Guidestones were unveiled on March 22, 1980, 43 years before the end. The end date of the people I call the Ћinkers is December 21, 2023 or more broadly, the winter of 2023-2024. You have found what you are looking for. The question now is will you still keep looking anyways? Do you really even want to know the truth? It’s all about the Georgia Guidestones, 322, and 43. People are looking for something more complicated. But it’s really that simple. You can read about the significance of the numbers 322 and 43 in The paramount importance of the numbers 322 and 43 in the end times on my homepage. Stop looking. Start thinking about how you are going to survive an Earth crustal displacement that everyone from the Babylonians to the Nazarene said would be the worst planetary catastrophe to ever befall mankind. Only a handful of surface dwellers will survive. Your life in the New World to come, begins here. No one other than the builders knows more about the Georgia Guidestones than me. No one. Everything else that has ever been published about this monument is meaningless claptrap.

Reference Library

For those of you studying the Goergia Guidestones in earnest, the following PDF texts are available in the Apocalyptic Synthesis Library (ASL).

Some of these PDF texts were provided by donors for which I remain grateful.

Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 doorknocker

There are 13 stones because Georgia was the 13th colony and Elbert is the 13th county in Georgia

This combination of the 13th colony and the 13th county in Georgia or 13 13 is MM in simple English gematria in which M is the 13th letter in the alphabet. When everything is said and done (i.e. when you are finished reading this page), this is the single most important thing about the Georgia Guidestones that you will learn from me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it shows more so than anything else that planning for the Georgia Guidestones began in England long before The United States of America was even a county.

Slavery banned

I also want to point out at the onset of this page, that “The colony of the Province of Georgia under James Oglethorpe banned slavery in 1735, the only one of the thirteen colonies to have done so.” This statement is from Wikipedia’s article entitled History of slavery in Georgia (U.S. state). No one should mistake my profound respect for the builders of the Georgia Guidestones and their progeny as somehow prejudiced.

The explanatory tablet

For the convenience of the reader and so that I do not have to repeat this data over and over again (you can just keep a tab open to this section or quickly page to the top), I am placing this section that features the “explanatory tablet” at the top of the page. The explanatory tablet is set into the ground close to the Georgia Guidestones. It is the twelfth stone. For the record, the builders only acknowledge eleven stones: five “support stones” (buried in the ground); four “major stones” (also referred to as megaliths) and one “center stone” all having the same height of sixteen feet, four inches; and the capstone. Other than wanting to hide the fact that there are thirteen stones, their reason for stressing that the monument has only eleven stones will be made clear momentarily.

The Explanatory Tablet

If you look closely at the above picture, you will see the right-hand column is the “PHYSICAL DATA” which I show here in an easier-to-read format. I believe the formatting and punctuation below are exactly the same as on the explanatory tablet. You might want to print a copy of this physical data while studying this page.


  2. TOTAL WEIGHT – 237,746 POUNDS.
    24,832 POUNDS.
    WEIGHT 2,707 POUNDS.

All of the hidden messages about the monument are concealed in this physical data. Here are the best photographs of the explanatory tablet that I have ever encountered. Normally, the physical data is hardly readable in such photographs, but someone has taken the trouble to rub brown chalk into the lettering to make it more readable.

The 13th Stone, the significance of black granite, and the Coca-Cola Company headquartered in Atlanta Georgia

The black granite plaque is the thirteenth stone. As such, you can be sure that it has been invested with profound meaning. It sits atop a pedestal that is set off by itself. However, it is made of granite and includes physical data not found on the explanatory tablet. (Note that this plaque refers to the explanatory tablet as a “ground marker.”)

For me the symbolism is clear.

I AM in Elizabethan English also echos biblical verses such as Exodus 3:14 and I Corinthians 15:10

JAM MM on the 216 cube is “I am MM” in Elizabethan English

Perhaps even less understood than the Georgia Guidestones,—were that even possible,—is what I call The 216 Cube, 216 being the most sacred of all sacred numbers. This was how the Freemasons of Georgia announced themselves to the entire world. Nobody was listening then. Nobody is listening now.This is all just an intellectual game for most of my readers. But this is not a game that suffers fools. The price of such folly is death by drowning, if you are not killed instantly by a mountain of debris traveling at unimaginable speeds. In fact, the one good thing that can be said for the coming Earth crustal displacement is that most people will be dead before they even realize what is happening. The Nazarene warned you. The Ћinkers warned all of us repeatedly. I now I am warning you in plain English, the first person to ever do so and live. You are without excuse. You chose not to listen.

The builders identify themselves with the initials MM, which corresponds to 13 13 in simple English gematria, because Georgia was the 13th Colony and Elberton is the 13th County in Georgia. Anyone who thinks two Yankees built the Georgia Guidestones doesn’t know what they are talking about. In fact, I appear to be the only person who is discussing the meaning of MM in public, though it is well known by the Freemasons in Georgia, who steadfastly refuse to acknowledge my work for obvious reasons, but who also have not stopped me from publishing what I know. In a story that eclipses even the Georgia Guidestones in historical importance (at least for the people who plan to survive what is about to happen), the initials MM were used as the return address on the pine box used to deliver the Stone of Destiny (or Holy Grail) to Nicholas Roerich in 1923.

MM = 13 13

The movie Back to the Future is intimately linked to the Georgia Guidestones. Why? This is a very important question to ask. The answer is that none of these end-time artistic works stand in isolation, especially not the Georgia Guidestones. The Georgia Guidestones are at the heart of a massive, 13,607 day “fireworks finale” of end-time warnings very much happening in the here and now. We no longer need scriptures such as the Book of Daniel or The Revelation to divine what is happening. You can learn about the coming Earth crustal displacement by studying movie available for purchase on Amazon Prime. Buy them in 4K UHD as you would the finest leather bound Bible. Then you can watch and study them in your browser, as I do, with the 10 second backup and forward buttons. Or don’t. But know this; in my world, not owning a copy of movies such as the Back to the Future trilogy, Tomorrowland, and The Walk is akin to not owning a copy of the Bible. How many of you reading this live in a house in which there is not a copy of the Bible or Jewish scriptures? I pray few because without respect for the ancients, I doubt seriously that your mind will ever allow you to accept the truth of what I am saying. I am deadly serious. Buy these movies. Study them as you would the Bible. Their depth of meaning exceeds what I am capable of reporting on this website. You would not trust me to tell you what is in the Bible, and you should trust no man to tell you what is in these movies. I never stop learning from them.

This is why I characterize the Georgia Guidestones as a doorway into the hidden world in which a planetary catastrophe is about to happen. They are all part of the 13,607 day “fireworks finale” of end-time warnings discussed on my homepage. If you think you will learn about this anywhere else in the universe, on the Internet, in print (book or magazines) or video, you are mistaken. I am assured by “my thinker” that no one else alive—who is not bound by either the Freemason Vow of Silence or the equivalent “need-to-know” clearances of the bankers—knows what I do. You quest for knowledge ends here. I am the Book of Daniel, The Revelation, and the secret societies. I make these claims unapologetically.

Marty McFly

Here the emphasis is on Mc as in Scottish. For the fully initiated, this is in-your-face symbolism discussed at length on page № 28. The fireworks finale of end-time warnings.

The intimate relationship between the popular movie Back to the Future and the Georgia Guidestones is made abundantly clear in the section entitled 55 and 555 in Back to the Future on page № 25. A date with destiny: The end date of the Ћinkers. In as much as I am the author of this website, I can assure you that the Georgia Guidestones cannot be either fully understood or appreciated without first studying my homepage in depth. Everything is happening in the here and now. And it is all interrelated. The Georgia Guidestones are just one piece of the puzzle, though an important one. If you want to learn more about the author of An Apocalyptic Synthesis, watch the YouTube video at the TOP of the homepage.

DMC equals 4133

DMC equals 4133 in simple English gematria, which is to be interpreted as “Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 of the Freemasons.” This is why the time travel machine in Back to the Future is a Delorean. Furthermore, the first word spoken in this scene right after the still you see above is “Doc.” The time is 19:24 exactly. That is the same 1924 you will find on the cornerstone of Pythagoras Lodge No. 41. So “Doc” represents the builders in this critically important movie discussed at great length on my homepage. The identity of Doc as representing the Ћinkers is confirmed by his death in on September 7, 1885.

2015 – 1885 = 130

September 7 is Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, which is the key that unlocks the numerical signature identifying Tomorrowland and The Walk as the end of the 13,607 day “fireworks finale” of end-time warnings discussed on my homepage.

The Power of Love

Doubt me? Listen to the music from Back to the Future, a movie intended to tell us the bankers are responsible for what happened on September 11, 2001, but that serves a far greater purpose of awakening us to the reality that our world really is about to end. The bankers used December 21, 2012 to put you to sleep. Now is the time to awaken.

You don’t need money, don’t take fame
Don’t need no credit card to ride this train
It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes
But it might just save your life

Huey Lewis and the News, The Power of Love

Doubting me again, are you? “Oh ye of little faith!” This is what I do. This is why I am alive. Immediately before this song is credited in the profoundly important opening 5:55 minute scene for Back to the Future at exactly 1:44 minutes (a reference to the 144,000 in The Revelation) what you see is a clock that encapsulates the great distance between the popularity of this movie and its true purpose.

The coffee maker is a message to wake up. The Denver Broncos alarm clock is a reference to the bankers and what is happening in Denver, Colorado. Above it is a strange clock indeed. It appears to be an analog countdown clock and it is about to flip a switch that is going to turn on the TV set, but the symbolism of that switch is something I will leave to your imagination. Everything is one thing. You must learn what this means if you want to survive.

An introduction to the builders

Countless thousands have tried and failed to understand the Georgia Guidestones. They did not understand the language of numbers and it is the nature of the beast to condemn what it cannot understand. The Georgia Guidestones are a doorway or portal to another world. Once you pass through it—and see the true nature of others who have sought to open the same door but failed and therefore condemned what they could not understand,—you will better understand the builders and the world in which they live. You will be initiated.

I discuss a number of Greater Atlanta Freemason lodges that are 108 miles from the Georgia Guidestones, but Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 is the only Freemason lodge that is exactly 108 miles from the Georgia Guidestones. That also happens to be their address: 108 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030.

There can be little doubt who built the Georgia Guidestones, but it was not necessarily the members of Pythagoras Lodge No. 41. That lodge is being used symbolically to represent the Freemasons in Georgia because it is the oldest Freemason lodge in Greater Atlanta. Georgia was the 13th colony for a reason. It was designated by no less than Sir Francis Bacon and his band of brothers to be the builders of this monument over 400 years ago.

The real Tree of Life is in Georgia and it is knowledge.

The trunk of this tree,—which can be found 33 seconds into the video below—is Sir Francis Bacon, or who you know of as William Shakespeare (the playwright, not the actor). This is by far the most popular page on this website, and yet I am taking my sweet time restoring it. Why is that? Because the average visitor to this page isn’t really looking for the truth. They don’t really want to know what is happening. It’s all just an intellectual game for them. Their haughty arrogance smells to high heaven, as will their corpses in the not so distant future. They are the walking dead, as both the Nazarene and the bankers have said. On that, these two opposites could agree. Did you hear what I just said? Your religious leader and the men who control the entire Western World agree on one thing. You are a waste of time.

The Builders

So you want to meet the builders? That’s all you really want to know. Trust me. So here, I’ll introduce you to the builders. They are the Georgia Freemasons. As explained elsewhere, Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 is symbolic. The men who built the Georgia Guidestones are far too modest to draw attention to themselves. That is not their way. But they want you to know the truth about the world in which you live. They just are a little slow about realizing things are different now. The rules of the game have changed because we are so close to the end. The Nazarene is reasserting his control over the game board. But they did make a video about themselves. Of course, there’s no talking.

Vow of Silence

Other than a response from me, the last time I looked on YouTube, this was the only comment on this video.

Bill Pasqualone
1 month ago
Can someone explain what is goin on in the pic at 1:06? Looks like they are stabbing a man with a bunch of sticks while 2 older members watch and possibly dead bodies stacked up on the left? Idk now I’m kinda scared a real mason is gonna come here n scare the crap outta me. This particular chapter seems to talk about God more than any other lodge I seen so far. But the way celebrities all cover the one eye they are getting everything they want out of the physical life in exchange for what? A soul? Who’s soul? Their own or a sacrifice. King Solomon had a dark past as well. Going all the way to the crusades and the beginning of the Rockefeller family. Who now is obviously evil. And God does not male deals or grant wishes. What I speculate even though they deny it I believe them all to be worshipers of Lucifer. Or simply Devil and demon worshipers. Those who have the power to help humanity yet they enrich themselves selfishly is defiantly a Satan worshiping rule. Do what tho wilt.

Bill Pasqualone, Savannah Masons, comments

Let me explain something before you watch this video. The image that displays at 1:06 minutes is all about the Vow of Silence and the consequences of breaking it. Men have died to keep this information secret, exactly what I am teaching you now. These guys can be as tough and ruthless as any bankers or mafia gang that ever existed when it comes to breaking their Vow of Silence. That is why this image is shown 1:06 minutes or 66 seconds into the video. What the Ћinkers are saying with this image is that, “The bankers will kill you, and so will we if your break our Vow of Silence” Why? Why so serious? Because without them, without what they have been doing for the past 400 years, neither the Georgia Guidestones nor I would exist, and you wouldn’t be reading this page. “Make no mistake,” as my fellow Texan once said, this is a brain versus brawn, loser take all proposition. Nothing could be allowed to get in the way of the sacred mission of the Georgia Freemasons, and nothing has. These boys are underwritten by Coke-Cola company. They are not playing at being a secret organization. It is deadly serious, I assure you. For four hundred years now generation after generation of The Brotherhood have fought to make it possible to present the “fireworks finale” of end-time warnings that ended in 2015. And, Yes, they most certainly have killed, which is why there is a pile of corpses off to the side at 1:06 minutes (or 66 seconds) into the video.

Start to think like these men. Learn or guess at the symbolic meaning of the exact time when an image is shown. There is a depth of story telling in this video which is far beyond anything I could ever hope to fully appreciate. Too many stories. Too much past if you were not a part of it. So we are thankful that they let us into their world, and we will remain respectful so long as we remember that theirs was a truly sacred mission. They did it. Flawlessly.

So here it is. Here are the builders of the Georgia Guidestones in flesh and blood.

TITLE: Savannah Masons
CHANNEL: thebuilder1733
POSTED: June 16, 2011
VIEWS: 2,618 views as of October 8, 2021

I read shit all the time about these guys. Stuff no one would ever dare to say to their face even if their life depended on it, because it just might. But they’ll say it on a website. I can’t begin to explain to you how important is the video you just watched. It celebrates 400 years of opposition to the bankers culminating in the building of the Georgia Guidestones and what I call the “fireworks finale” of end-time warnings. The picture you are looking at below is from this video. I mean look at these guys. Do they look like candy asses to you? Their predecessors defeated the Spanish Armada, then England. The only war they ever lost was the so-called “Civil War.” But I don’t think that war is over just yet. In the words of Emmett Brown (“Doc” in Back to the Future), “If my calculations are correct, When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit.” The more I study these guys, the more I admire them. I don’t think they’re capable of losing. I think the so-called “Civil War” against the Old World bankers was an end-time skirmish. You see, I’m pretty sure the 88 in Back to the Future is a reference to 1588, the year the Spanish Armada was defeated. But that discussion is on page № 28. The fireworks finale of end-time warnings. The point I am trying to make now is that this story isn’t over yet. 

“Let the dead bury their dead”

The time for separating the chaff from the wheat has arrived. I’m lighting fires all around me. The time is nigh. “Let the dead bury their dead,” is what the Nazarene said. He wasn’t a candy ass either. And while I’m on the subject, know this. I despise religion, but these are some of the finest Christians I’ve ever come to know. There’s a reson for that. Their leader,—Sir Francis Bacon, otherwise known as William Shakespeare (the playwrite, not the actor),—had a measure of the Christ in him. He was the best man to ever trod this globe since the Nazarene. I am highly offended by people who suggest the Freemasons of the South are somehow less than honorable. A more idiotic thing I cannot imagine even thinking, more or less giving voice to the thought. As for the bankers? Well, their Walking Dead was a smashing success. By the way, what season is it now?

I want to show you another, rather unique and equally important video I first discovered on the History page of the now-defunct www.solomonslodge.com (accessed October 21, 2020). The runtime is 1:09 but the screen is black for the first second of the video.

TITLE: Solomon’s Lodge
CHANNEL: thebuilder1733
POSTED: February 18, 2010
VIEWS: 1,906 views as of April 30, 2021

I would draw your attention to the name of the YouTube channel which includes the expression “the builder.” You will find that expression echoed on the History page of www.solomonslodge.com. I captured the entire website on video before it was taken down. Here is that video for the History page:


On that page under the 1900’s heading is the following text.

“the plan that builds monuments

On the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Solomon’s Lodge held on February 21, 1934, Bro. Lafayette McLaws P. M., of Solomon’s Lodge spoke of the progress her sons have made in human history when he stated that “We celebrate the birth of Georgia’s oldest institution, the 200th Anniversary of Solomon’s Lodge. Age itself does not call for veneration, antiquity alone does not merit adoration, the passage of time is not the test of fame; a million years does not give glory to a worthless cause, nor sanctify an unholy name. It is the use of time, the purpose of the origin, the beauty woven in the design, the service written in the plan that builds monuments and creates hallowed shrines. I revere Solomon’s not for its age, but for its progress, for the service that it has rendered mankind, for its uplifting influence in the political upheavals; for two centuries of activity in the interest of free thought, free speech and free conscience; for the continuity of its opposition to mental tyranny; its championship of human liberty. I commemorate the founding of Solomon’s Lodge because it gave to the new Colony of Georgia, the institution of Masonry.”

Solomon’s Lodge No. 1, F. & A. M., History (accessed October 21, 2020)

Naturally, the reader will object that this was said in 1934, almost half a century before the Georgia Guidestones were erected. Believe me when I say I want you to be thinking that. It’s a sure sign that you are thinking. When Lafayette McLaws delivered this speech on February 21, 1934, he was anticipating the Georgia Guidestones with the same certainty Virgil saw “the vault profound” over two millennia into the future. The passage of time for the progeny of Jove is not the same as it is for ordinary men and women. Sure knowledge of an impending planetary catastrophe changes everything about a person, including one’s perception of time.

Low expectations

The main problem with the currently available “analysis” of the Georgia Guidestones—besides the fact that almost all of it is entirely wrong—is what I can only describe as low expectations. People have no idea that 400 years of planning went into that momumnet and that it is the only warning they will ever get without becomeing “initiated,” which prior to my website required joining a secret society and then being vetted for years before you learned anything of significance. A child could see through the cover story for the Georgia Guidestones monument. It has more holes in it than a target on a gun range after some joker pulled out his tommy gun. In-your-face conspiracies like the Denver International Airport and the Georgia Guidestones,—which otherwise would be like trying to hide King Kong atop the Empire State Building,—hide behind conspiracy theories instead. In the case of the Georgia Guidestones, who designed and paid for them is the conspiracy theory. And there is no shortage of would-be Pied Pipers on the Internet either “blogging” or making YouTube videos who want nothing more than to convince you they know the truth. This is what I mean about low expectations. They don’t even realize it, but they are just puppets. They bought the cover storey lock, stock, and barrel. It’s all mindless claptrap. Don’t read it. Don’t watch it. I’m telling you they know nothing. I find everything out there almost torturous to read or watch. It is worse than useless because this is a serious subject.

History rewritten

The primary function of the Georgia Guidestones is to announce to the entire world that a planetary catastrophe of unimaginable proportions is imminent,—the “day of the Lord” or apocalypse if you are a Bible reader, an Earth crustal displacement resulting from magnetohydrodynamics in the newly discovered electromagnetic universe for the more scientifically minded. Discovering who is responsible for erecting this monument is child’s play. These men are not trying very hard to hide their identity because they have a story to tell. And that story rewrites the entire history of The United States of America. So don’t get so excited about discovering who is behind the Georgia Guidestones monument. But believe me when I say you may want to forgo your other pursuits in life long enough to study this page. Seriously. Your life depends on it. Now that is something to get excited about.

A friendly reminder

Reading my homepage is a good primer for what follows. There are two points I would reiterate before you start your journey into the world of the real Georgia Guidestones. The first is that at some point if you want to pursue this knowledge, you must learn about the men behind this monument. They are the Freemasons of the South. They were founded in 1615 as the Rosicrucians by Sir Francis Bacon, who you probably know as the author (not the actor) William Shakespeare. Forget the “author question.” That’s a game for fools. But learning about what happened 400 years ago in Elizabethan England is essential. Why? Because this monument is what it appears to be. It is a warning that we are the last generation before the end. The 2012 movie doesn’t even begin to approach the reality of what is about to happen. You must allow yourself every opportunity to see as I do, and I am a highly abstract thinker. I came to the subject of the end time with that same skepticism as would any reasonable human being. I tell you of a truth it was not until I became fully aware of the unwritten 400 years of Rosicrucian and Freemason history that my mind finally accepted that this is all real. So what chance do you have with only a casual reading of what I am saying. You need to know this material as well or better than I do. Otherwise, your mind will never accept the reality of the apocalypse.

The other thing I need to say is that you are about to enter a world of numbers expressed as dates, weights, heights, sacred numbers, sacred geometry, etc. This is how the progeny of Jove communicate. It is best thought of as an entirely different language if you want to have any chance whatsoever of understanding these people. The average Internet surfer comes at this as if it were some kind of a game, a crossword puzzle to solve and thereby demonstrate their mental prowess. It is not. These men are telling a story. Listening to them can save your life. I say that unapologetically. This is not a game.

No one else on the planet has studied this monument as intensely as I. No one. But I am no damned Pied Piper. I would unhesitatingly follow these men into battle. I kid you not. My respect for them is unbounded. If you need someone to admire, save it for the Freemasons of the South. They paid dearly in the so-called Civil War to preserve the work of the Bard for future generations. The sacrifices that have been made so that I can show you that the world really is about to end are incalculable.

951 Cubic Feet and the Elberton Granite Association

Elberton, Georgia is nicknamed the Granite Capital of the World. This is a small town with a population of under 5,000 people. It has one newspaper that has been published since 1887. It has one movie theatre which doubles as a performing arts facility. It was built in 1940. And then there is the Elberton Granite Association (EGA). The EGA member directory is impressive and requires eight pages to display. So tell me, how many people in this small town do you think make their living either directly or indirectly from the granite industry? Probably close to 100% of them.

Elberton, Georgia on Google Earth

Now here is a transcription of the start of the speech at the unveiling ceremony (as much of it as is preserved at the start of the “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” video, which is shown below).

Over 951 cubic feet of granite make up the eleven pieces of the monument. The overall height is 19 feet three inches from the surface of the ground to the top of the capstone. There are slots and holes in the center stone that have astrological significance because they have been cut at precise angles to permit accurate reading of the sun and moon at various times of the year…”

951 cubic feet

The Elberton Granite Association was founded in 1951. How many people in the small town of Elberton, Georgia—where almost everyone is somehow connected to the granite industry—do you think failed to make the connection between 951 cubic feet of granite and the year in which the EGA was founded? Probably close to zero. Once a person becomes aware of 951 cubic feet being a somewhat overt reference to EGA, the entire Fort “Dodge,” Iowa ruse discussed below goes out the window. One is left to consider the possibility not only that the monument is the work of locals but that planning for it is deeply rooted in the community.

But something much more profound is happening. The designers of the monument are inviting you to think about not just the volume but the weight of the granite, both of which are prominently displayed on the explanatory tablet.

Down the rabbit hole
We are being told that 951 cubic feet of granite weighs 237,746 pounds. So the weight per cubic foot is 237,746 ÷ 951 = 249.995793901156677. Now that quotient is begging to be rounded, so let’s call it 250 pounds per cubic foot.

Okay, now I need to stop for a quick lesson in what is called the specific gravity of granite, or in more modern terms, the relative density. But I am going to stick with the term specific gravity because that was the term in use at the time the specific gravity data charts I use on this page were compiled. Specific gravity is one way of identifying minerals such as granite.

Now for a quick lesson on how to calculate the specific gravity of granite. I like this YouTube video for its brevity.

Specific Gravity of Granite

This is something you can do at home. First, measure the dry weight. In this example, the dry weight of the granite is 520 grams. Next, you need to measure the displaced weight of the same rock. This is a little counterintuitive because you suspend the rock from a string and it would seem to be weightless, but the volume of displaced water has weight. Not to get too technical, but these tests are conducted using distilled water at 4°C (39.2°F.). As shown in the video, zero the scale first. Then completely submerge the rock just below the waterline without touching the sides. The displaced weight in this example is 200 grams. Now you are ready to calculate the specific gravity of this granite.

520 ÷ 200 = 2.6

Now let us look at the specific gravity of the granite in Elberton, Georgia, the “granite capital of the world.” I want to emphasize that the data I am using is critically important to more detailed discussions about the granite weight to follow. I am utterly convinced that this is the exact data the designers of the Georgia Guidestones intended us to use when analyzing the monument. My reasons for saying this will be made clearer when I get into more detailed discussions of the weights of individual stones in the monument.

The data is from the Geological Survey of Georgia, Bulletin No. 9-A, A Preliminary Report on a part of the Granites and Gneisses of Georgia by Thomas L. Watson, Ph.D, Assistant Geologist, Georgia Department of Mines, Mining, and Geology, 1902. Here is an excerpt from the section on specific gravity that starts on page 55.

So now let us take a look at this most important of tables in Chapter VI. Notice that the densest granite in Elberton weighs only 177.50 pounds per cubic foot.

If you ask Google what is the specific gravity of granite, you’ll probably be directed to Ask GeoMan, who says, “Granitic rocks…have relatively low specific gravities. Most should fall in the 2.7 to 2.8 range. I use 2.75 as a good average.” Some of the densest granite on the surface of the planet is the Pikes Peak granite batholith, which is reported to have a specific gravity above 3.0. Even at that very high specific gravity, the weight of granite in pounds per cubic foot is only 187.2. So how can the granite used in the Georgia Guidestones weigh 250 pounds per cubic foot?

Something about the weight
of the Georgia Guidestones
granite is profoundly wrong
Not numerology

Now for your first lesson in understanding the numerical language used by the progeny of Jove since at least the founding of the Knights Templar. This is not numerology, so get that out of your head. This is a language not unlike English in which numbers have a specific meaning. You can think of these numbers as being symbols. Few numbers have as much meaning as 43. A significant portion of this website is dedicated to explaining what 43 means to the bankers. It is their battle flag. You already know the meaning of 951. It is a reference to the year 1951. What exactly that means depends on how knowledgeable you are about the Georgia Guidestones. I can tell you that it is an invitation to start thinking about the granite itself. For most people, it doesn’t mean anything. Thus the communication is hidden from the “uninitiated,” people who are illiterate in the language of numbers used by the progeny of Jove. Study this website long enough and you will become proficient in this language. My page numbers are a good place to start. Many of them convey meaning. I never cease to discover new “numeric signatures” left behind by the progeny of Jove to mark their work. And I maintain a dictionary of sorts that helps me discover the meaning of numbers I do not already know.

Deliberate mistakes

The first rule in navigating this unknown world is that the progeny of Jove worship numbers. I do not say that disparagingly. My feelings about sacred numbers are discussed elsewhere on this website such as page № 67. Sacred numbers and refereeing between the gods, but for now, the point I want to make is that they never make mistakes with numbers unless it is deliberate. I’m not kidding. And they don’t fudge numbers Everything is always exact. That is why mistakes are used to grab your attention. I do not think I can overemphasize this point. You must expect both an elegant simplicity and perfection in the interpretation of such “numerical signatures” as I call them. And when you see a mistake, you should immediately be looking for a message. This is a very serious point if you ever want to understand these people. And as Petter Amundsen aptly demonstrates in his Cracking the Code video series, the use of deliberate mistakes to guide the Ћinker to the deeper meaning of something is a long tradition that dates back 400 years to the First Folio.

The meaning of 250

So what are the designers of the Georgia Guidestone saying by using a granite weight that is not just a little wrong? It is bizarrely wrong. Here is the answer.

Establishment of Georgia

While working on the Gaols Committee, Oglethorpe met and became close to John Perceval (who later became First Earl of Egmont). In 1730, Oglethorpe shared a plan to establish a new American colony with Perceval. The colony would be a place to send “the unemployed and the unemployable”, and he anticipated broad societal support. Initially, there was no set location for this colony, but it soon became clear that a colony south of the Savannah River would be supported by the House of Commons, as it could provide a ‘buffer’ between the prosperous Carolinas and Spanish Florida. People sent to the colony would serve as both soldiers and farmers, making the colony “South Carolina’s first line of defense”.

Wikipedia, James Oglethorpe

1980 – 250 = 1730

They are honoring a man whose importance to the Freemasons of the South is difficult to properly convey. James Oglethorpe is regarded as the first Governor of Georgia and was revered by his fellow Freemasons. I must leave it as an exercise for the reader to learn more about this man and the thirteenth colony of what would become The United States of America. Georgia is unlike any other state in the union. Anyone seriously pursuing an advanced knowledge of the Georgia Guidestones must become a student of early Georgia history. Otherwise, I will tell you that you are not taking this seriously enough. It is one thing to know why they used 250 as the weight of the Georgia Guidestones granite and it is quite another to discover their meaning in doing so. If you doubt my conclusion as to the meaning of the 250 deliberate mistake, I would point out to you the address of the House of the Temple—headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction—is 1733 16th Street. 1733 is the year James Oglethorpe arrived in Georgia. I generally refer to these people as the Freemasons of the South because they suffered equally during the Civil War, but Georgia Freemasons would be more accurate. One thing I can assure you with absolute certainty is that the Georgia Guidestones were built by the Georgia Freemasons. At this point, I would bet my life on that. By the time you finish reading this page, I am sure you will feel the same.

Numerical perfection and the March 22, 1980 unveiling of the Georgia Guidestones

No little thought was given to the date on which the Georgia Guidestones were unveiled. This section is so named because you are about to get a second lesson in what this website calls numerical signatures. And that lesson is this; with something as important as the March 22, 1980 date on which the Georgia Guidestones were unveiled, you will learn over time to expect nothing less than numerical perfection. By that I mean it is not enough for such an important date to have only one meaning any more than it would be for the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza to incorporate only a limited knowledge of advanced mathematics and astronomical knowledge. You must expect such an important numerical signature to be rich in meaning. And indeed it is. What I am about to tell you has taken me years to discover. Recall the start of the dedication speech.

Over 951 cubic feet of granite make up the eleven pieces of the monument. The overall height is 19 feet three inches from the surface of the ground to the top of the capstone. There are slots and holes in the center stone that have astrological significance because they have been cut at precise angles to permit accurate reading of the sun and moon at various times of the year…”

Why are there eleven stones? For surely if you read the previous section you must realize this number is of great significance for no other reason than it is mentioned in the first sentence of the dedication speech.

Why March 22 (322)

The date March 22 is an obvious reference to the Bonesmen at Yale, but I would prefer to use my term for them, which on this website is bankers because that is who they are. Before the Bonesmen, there were the Old World bankers who approached Adam Weishaupt and founded what I refer to as the European Illuminati (as opposed to the Bavarian Illuminati) because not all the bankers who approached Adam Weishaupt were from Germany. The Skull and Bones Society (or The Brotherhood of Death) is only how they recruit new members. Moreover, the meaning of 322 dates back over seven centuries to the original bankers who you know as the Knights Templar. It is critical that you study this number to understand what is happening. I discuss it in the section entitled What does 322 mean? The “Bonesmen” at Yale did not invent 322 on page № 74. Skull and Bones 322 and corporate logos. But you are also going to want to look at a section entitled The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed on page № 28. A date with destiny: The year of the apocalypse in order to realize how serious this and the number 43 (March 22 and April 3, 1312) are to the bankers. 322 and 43 are constantly used by the bankers to remind people of what happened to their predecessors and why they care so little for the lives of the masses. Without fully understanding these two numbers, there is little hope of your awakening from the dream world in which you now live in time to survive the coming apocalypse.

The blue pill

What I am about to tell you will be difficult for most readers to accept. I understand. As a writer, I am constantly challenged with how to delve into particular subjects without building the big picture. The truth is I cannot. I cannot repeat everything over and over again so that the reader has the necessary information to fully understand something. I must trust that those individuals—who sense there is something more going on here than some batshit crazy Internet blogger—will take the time to read other pages and begin to build the big picture for themselves. So before I drop this bombshell, let me assure you this is only scratching the surface. There is much more going on with the Georgia Guidestones. If what I am about to say makes you uncomfortable, now is probably a good time to bow out. This knowledge was not meant for everyone. I have been assured by one of my principal intellectual contributors who goes by the pseudonym Alder Av Grunn and who may know as much or more than I do, that this knowledge destroys some men. So let it go and enjoy what time you have left if it is too disturbing for you. Tell yourself I’m crazy. It’s okay. Really. The chances that any one of us will survive on the surface during an Earth crustal displacement is as fantastical as what I am about to say.

The bombshell

The eleven stones are a reference to the Twin Towers that were destroyed on September 11, 2001. Acquiring this knowledge was a major coup for the people I call the Ћinkers. The Freemasons of the South knew about the plan to destroy the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, not long after the first blueprints for the World Trade Center were prepared and the 911 emergency telephone number was first proposed. As difficult as that may be for you to accept, the evidence of this is overwhelming if you give An Apocalyptic Synthesis a fighting chance to awaken you to the reality in which you live. Leaving aside the overarching message that we are living in the end time, I assure you this and the truth about the Civil War are the two main messages of the Georgia Guidestones. The Freemasons of the South are trying to tell us who destroyed the World Trade Center. So am I. It’s a hard egg to crack. Some people bought the official MSM story hook, line, and sinker. Others think it is unpatriotic to even question the terrorist attack nonsense. Still others say it happened twenty years ago and “you can’t change the past.” But if forgetting the past causes one to repeat it, I should think not really even knowing what happened in the past is even more dangerous. Below I provide a list of links to sections on other pages that may help awaken you to this ungodly truth. This is why I named page № 7. The real horror of September 11, 2001 (9/11) is the truth. I can assure you 99 out of 100 readers don’t have a clue what is really going on.

Not a blame game

Why? The answer to the question of why the Ћinkers want us to know who destroyed the Twin Towers is not to place blame on the people who are now in control of the end-time infrastructure in Colorado. It is to awaken us to what emboldened the bankers to commit such atrocities. Something much more profound drives all of these men, the Ћinkers and the bankers. They are collectively known as the progeny of Jove on this website which by definition means they know what is about to happen. They live with the certainty of it. This is what the Ћinkers are trying to show us. Believe me when I say I know how hard this is for you to accept.

It’s all about the Civil War

Everything goes back to the so-called Civil War. It was not about slavery. The genius of Abraham Lincoln, who was a Rosicrucian and Southern sympathizer, was to make the war about the emancipation of slaves in the South. But the Civil War was the Old World bankers—posing now as the Northern Jurisdiction of the Freemasons—taking control of The United States of America. The Georgia Guidestones enshrine this reality, as I will show you in more detailed discussions below about the granite weight of those “eleven pieces.”

Continued study

What I cannot do in this one section is convince you of such profound and radically different truths. For now, I will reference sections on other pages—all of which evidence the fact that something else is happening and that the Ћinkers probably learned about the planned destruction of the World Trade Center not long after the bankers decided on the 322 numerical signature that determined the overall design of the buildings. I wish the sections on other pages of An Apocalyptic Synthesis which I must now reference were as complete as I am about to make this Georgia Guidestones page. But I must reference these other pages in anticipation of finishing them. Here then are other sections not on this page that are highly relevant to this discussion:

  • THE MEANING OF 322: The meaning of 322 dates back to the year 1312. It does not mean what you think. I discuss 322 in the section entitled What does 322 mean? The “Bonesmen” at Yale did not invent 322 on page № 74. Skull and Bones 322 and corporate logos
  • THE 322 NUMERICAL SIGNATURE ON THE WORLD TRADE CENTER: The main thing you need to look at is the 322 numerical signature on the World Trade Center before it was destroyed on September 11, 2001. This is why the Georgia Guidestones were unveiled on March 22. I discuss this in the section entitled The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed on page № 28. A date with destiny: The year of the apocalypse
  • HOUSE OF THE TEMPLE: I highly recommend reading the top of page № 11. The centuries-old war between the bankers and Ћinkers
  • THE APOCALYPTIC PILLAR: The “Apocalyptic Pillar” (a popular name I condone) was added to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in 1997. I have yet to write a section specifically about this pillar, so I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to research this subject
  • BACK TO THE FUTURE AND THE WALK: The movie Back to the Future was released on July 3, 1985. The Walk was released September 30, 2015, a date which completes a numerical signature discussed on my homepage that makes it clear these two movies were our last end-time warnings. The Ћinkers stopped trying to warn us 400 years after Sir Francis Bacon founded the Rosicrucians. We’re on our own now. I was shocked when rewriting this section to realize I never finished writing Back to the Future, The Walk, and other 9/11 predictive programming at the bottom of page № 7. The real horror of September 11, 2001 (9/11) is the truth. I don’t think anyone else can do The Walk justice. This film brought me to tears, not because of the storyline but because the symbolism in it is so poetic. Only a handful of people will understand what this movie is all about. It is way too subtle for most people. Until I finish writing this section, I will leave you with the YouTube video that made me and potentially five million other people aware of one of the clearest examples of predictive programming on record. But I ask you to understand much is left unsaid, not the least of which is the historicity of the twin pines symbolism. I need to write this myself.
RUNTIME: 12:41
POSTED: July 27, 2015
VIEWS: 4,696,305 views as of May 3, 2021
There’s more

This will complete the lesson on the perfection of the March 22, 1980 unveiling date. Here I would refer you to the complete list of end-time warnings on my homepage.

1980 + 33 = 2013

The 33 years are a reference to Sir Francis Bacon as discussed in the section entitled Petter Amundsen and the meaning of numbers 53 and 106 on page № 53. SN 1604, Sir Francis Bacon, and the origins of the Rosicrucians. Sir Francis Bacon is the man you know of as (the writer, not the actor) William Shakespeare. He founded the historical Rosicrucians in 1615, 400 years before the year 2015 mentioned in the above YouTube. I believe the Georgia Guidestones were his idea. Finally, the unveiling date was 33 years before the correct end date of the Maya Long Count on December 16, 2013. This is the same year filming of the Tomorrowland movie began and the CIA declassified The Adam and Eve Story. After years of study, I can assure you The Georgia Guidestones are what they appear to be, which is a warning of an impending planetary catastrophe on an unimaginable scale. The Georgia Guidestones are telling us that we are in fact living in the end time.

No one has ever noticed the height of the monument is blatantly wrong

And what are mistakes? Mistakes tell us the builders have something to say. Mistakes are how you know there is a hidden message in the data. In this case, once again the designers of the Georgia Guidestones are screaming at us because not only is the height of the monument blatantly wrong, but it is repeated over and over again. This mistake is concealing at least two critically important messages concerning the identity of the builders, so this section is dedicated to just exposing what is beyond any shadow of a doubt a very deliberate mistake. The following three sections discuss the hidden symbolic meaning of the monument height.

  • DEDICATION SPEECH: “The overall height is 19 feet three inches from the surface of the ground to the top of the capstone.” is the second sentence in the dedication speech. It emphasizes “from the surface of the ground.”
  • EXPLANATORY TABLET: “OVERALL HEIGHT – 19 FEET, 3 INCHES.” is the very first measurement on the explanatory tablet. For some reason, this physical data is unlike all of the other dimensional data on the explanatory tablet in that no dashes were between the numbers and the unit of measurement. This alone suggests the mistake is deliberate
  • BLACK GRANITE PLAQUE: “Measuring 19 1/4 feet in height at the highest peak” is the first physical data on the plaque
17′ 11″

The advertised height of nineteen feet, three inches is calculated by adding the height of the FOUR MAJOR STONES or CENTER STONE, which is sixteen feet, four inches, to the thickness of the CAPSTONE, which is one foot, seven inches, for a total of seventeen feet, eleven inches.

The problem

The problem occurs when you go to add the thickness of the SUPPORT STONES (BASES). They are buried in the ground. The dedication speech specifically said, “from the surface of the ground.” Sometimes you can see an inch or two at most of the bases above the ground. This makes the computed height of 19.25 feet a purely symbolic measurement, not unlike the 250 pounds per cubic feet for the granite weight.

To make sure there was no misunderstanding about this, the thickness of the SUPPORT STONE (BASE) for the CENTER STONE is different from the thickness of the SUPPORT STONES (BASES) for the FOUR MAJOR STONES. The former is “1-FOOT, 7-INCHES” thick and the latter is “1-FOOT, 4-INCHES” thick. Do you see the problem? If the thickness of the support stones is to be added to the height, which thickness do you use? Moreover, the entire monument would be relatively unstable if the support stones were not buried in the ground.

Overt references to Sir Francis Bacon

The “16-FEET, FOUR INCHES” height of the four “major stones” and of the center stone is an overt reference to SN 1604 as discussed on my homepage and page № 53. SN 1604, Sir Francis Bacon, and the origins of the Rosicrucians. Unlike the rest of the physical data, the four in “FOUR INCHES” is spelled out. Normally, it would be “4-INCHES” elsewhere on the explanatory tablet. This is an invitation to consider the possibility of special meaning. Indeed, there is a hidden equation suggested by the physical data.

(5 x 16 =) 80 + (5 x 4 =) 20 = 100

One hundred is Elizabethan England “Simple Cipher” for Francis Bacon. I am fully aware of the fact that some of my readers do not care about the connection between what is happening in the here and now and what Sir Francis Bacon and his compatriots did over 400 years ago, but I do not have the luxury of such ignorance. Had I not ardently pursued knowledge of these men and what they did, I would never be able to write convincingly on this subject. The truth is, none of us would know anything were it not for these men.