№ 67. Sacred numbers and refereeing between the gods

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This section is basically a summary of one of the most important things I can say to you, which is that you simply must develop a genuine respect for sacred numbers. It’s not numerology. It’s God. Like it or not.

Sacred numbers are perhaps the purest religion. You can see evidence that the essence of life is in a state of perpetual perfection in the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Spiral infinitely faster than you can in these damnable religious buildings of ours, be they Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or whatever. Do not think to study me and disrespect the sacred numbers.

The hitherto unknown
world of numbers

There are two distinct factions within the progeny of Jove. As with all good Westerns, there are bad guys and there are good guys. The bad guys in this story are the Old World bankers who began life as the Knights Templar after retrieving an enormous wealth from underneath a Roman encampment where soldiers in the Legio X Fretensis buried it, the secret of its existence known only to a handful of the Roman elite, the progeny of Jove in their day. This faction is also known as the European Illuminati. The other faction is what I refer to as the Ћinkers (though most people think of them as secret societiesthey’re the good guys in this story—infinitely more clever in maintaining their secrets than I originally conceived).

These two factions fought for control of the granite batholiths in the Front Range near to Denver, Colorado. The Old World bankers (a.k.a. European Illuminati) won a long time ago primarily on the battlefields of the Civil War but symbolically on October 30, 1928, when the descendants of the Ћinkers in the defeated South gave the Stone of Destiny to the men who now control the entire Western world, and more importantly the granite tunnel system I like to refer to as the “vault profound” in the Front Range. I like to think of this as them saying Godspeed to the bankers. As I said, the game is over. They won. But to say the Freemasons of the South,—the descendants of men who founded this country,—giving the European Illuminati the Stone of Destiny was a magnanimous gesture would be like characterizing the Christ as a “nice guy.”

The overriding factor that unites these two factions is a specific knowledge of the end-times passed down from a previous world age. That is how I define “the progeny of Jove.” They know for sure that this is all real and not some whacky website thing (to put it mildly). How exact is their knowledge of the end time? This is an open question to which I have dedicated my life to discover. The answer to this question is at the heart of what I am trying to achieve with An Apocalyptic Synthesis.

I grew up with these guys. Playing one of their new 45s in the basement is one of my fondest childhood memories. I don’t remember if it was this one. We don’t have to sacrifice a desire to connect with the infinite because we abandon the church buildings. They are just buildings. We need to do our best acting in public, where it is most needed and I dare say better appreciated.

It needs to be said that John Lennon’s Imagine song is asking us to imagine a world not unlike the future envisaged by the Old World bankers, European Illuminati, or whatever you want to call the people who in the end,—after centuries of Borg-like, resistance-is-futile certainty,—are in control of damn near everything.

The progeny are proud to the point of being boastful that they are not religious. They disdain religion as did at least some of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. And yet I suggest to you that theirs is perhaps the purest religion—numbers. I am in awe of it.

God expresses itself in NUMBERS and by extension in US.

Individuals who see that there is a Principle governing numbers are seeing the perfection of what many despair is nothingness. There is no nothingness. In the place of what we imagine to be nothingness (which I believe is just a condition that results when you believe lifetimes are finite) is what I like to call the fabric of the universe. It’s vibrant, alive, and eternally so. There is nothing else. Nothingness has never and will never exist. It is an impossible state of being. Numbers tell us this faster than words.

Eternity is necessarily harmonious.

Harmony is the key to everything. I state as a fundamental proposition in the equation of being that there cannot be two opposing powers in eternity. I say this with mathematical certainty. Ergo, the essence,—the fabric of the universe—is always serene, at peace with itself. On this metaphysical basis, we may discover the nature of being.

I could take this idea further but etiquette demands I not “preach” mathematics (a verb that doesn’t work so well in this new religion). Okay, well, maybe one more thing. If you take this rule of harmony and apply it to your life, some amazing things will start to happen. Essentially you are learning to control matter (the unfortunate apparent reality you are trying to escape) while still believing yourself to be a part of it. The time of the quickening is to be cherished. I was blessed with it only once. (The “practice” of pure metaphysics is a luxury I denied myself after seeing what it is doing to my co-religionists. Instead, I forged my own path in life. One of my guiding principles in doing so is to keep myself well-grounded. Organized religion seems like a disease to me sometimes, one I would describe as cancerous.

In the religion of mathematics,
prayer is mathematical


Mathematicians describe a wondrous world of interconnectivity that betrays the fact that the fabric of the universe is eternally harmonious, not at war with itself. There really are sacred numbers. 216 is the most important of them all. 216 found me. It created me. It said, “Look around you! There is exquisite beauty everywhere. Reality is inherently good. And we do not die.” We? Numbers, people. They are all eternal ideas. Death is an illusion. We cannot even momentarily lapse into nothingness because nothingness does not exist. There is nothing “behind” or “before” consciousness. In fact, I believe it is possible to remain conscious throughout the death process. Piercing the barrier before us now is something I have prepared for my entire life.

In the religious arena basically, everyone is competing for the right to define God. Mathematics is not so encumbered. I believe numbers are as close as we can come to actually hearing the voice of God, but not in any Einsteinian sense. The reality is much simpler and becoming well acquainted with it does not require advanced mathematics. All you need is Lucien Khan. And he exists. Thank God. Think of him as the High Priest of this new religion I hereby declare. He’s handsome, too. I love this kid. And his work with The Fibonacci 60 Digit Repeat Cycle is groundbreaking, earth-shattering, a ticket to enter into the galactic community, and I like it, too. Best of all, his book The 216 Letter Hidden Name of God – REVEALED—which, for the record, I had to retrieve from my bathroom in order to write this sentence—looks and reads like a coloring book for children. This is how it should be.

Something wonderful is governing numbers. Something we cannot see but know is there because—now would be a good time to listen. Life is listening. Everything else is death—in mathematics, we can see the beauty of creation in a different language, one shared by all mankind throughout the ages. I am a Christian Scientist and I say this is what is taught to us by our leader, a woman no one paid any attention to and whose church has mutated into something foreign to my nature,—commandeered by a bunch of scallywags. I ask you in defense of my queen—for surely at this moment I follow in the footsteps of the Bard—for queen and country—look at the result of a Google-like search of her primary textbook and see what she says—listen up—about the relationship between mathematics and metaphysics. The search results are included in a section entitled References to “mathematics” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures on page № 67. Sacred numbers and refereeing between the gods.

I talk about sacred numbers at length on page № 67. Sacred numbers and refereeing between the gods and more generally in the Sacred Numbers are the Religion of the Progeny of Jove and therefore their Greatest Weakness submenu. What you are about to finish reading was, once again, only my introduction to the subject. It is infinitely important,—if you want to play in this world—to learn some measure of respect for the importance of numbers. The progeny of Jove worship them in the sense that they feel compelled to numerically sign their work. It has been so for millennia. And it really is their Great Weakness.

The importance of numbers

You will never get to where you are going until your respect that for the progeny of Jove sacred numbers border on religion because only then can you understand their mindset. When Pythagoras said “All is number” he meant something infinitely more profound than what most people think of as numerology. The progeny of Jove detest religion. Yet they worship numbers. It is an unguarded backdoor through which you can enter into their hidden world of symbolism completely undetected.

Do not be in a hurry to leave the Sacred Numbers menu. Take a week or two, months even. Make it your own. And do not limit yourself to my pages. I never finished them. Only a handful of pages on this entire website are finished. And truthfully, I never stop working on them. There is no such thing as “finished” with me. And don’t forget Donald Duck. (Take your lead from the progeny of Jove. They have a robust sense of humor and enjoy life.) Wait until the Phi and the Golden Spiral instills in you a sense of awe and reverence before continuing.

This is not human knowledge.

This knowledge is equally important for ET. Beings throughout the entire universe are aware of these numbers and their significance. This is not hyperbole. This is not an exaggeration. This is a statement of fact.

Unless and until you understand the importance of the sacred numbers, dates, and time to the progeny of Jove, you will never understand my work. Never. Not in a million years.

That is the one thing I can tell you from the bottom of my heart. Try and you will fail. Trying to explain these people to such a person is very much like trying to explain water to a fish. I cannot convince you of what I am saying unless you deliberately open your mind to new possibilities, dare to become an abstract thinker and, however briefly, entertain the possibility of a different reality. I do this every minute of the day sometimes when I am working on this website. I call it thinking.

The nine sacred numbers

Sacred numbers manifest themselves all throughout nature in geometry, music, space, and time. There are eight sacred numbers in two progressions

27, 54, 108, 216, 432

36, 72, 144

The ninth sacred number, the most sacred of all numbers, is nine.

All of the other sacred numbers are multiples of nine, and of course, as with all multiples of nine, the sum of the individual digits in each of the other eight sacred numbers always equal to nine.

Increment Multiple of 9 Sacred Number
1 3 27
1 4 36
2 6 54
2 8 72
4 12 108
4 16 144
8 24 216
12 48 432

Sacred numbers are manifest in time

Sacred numbers pervade geometry, astronomy, and music. This much is mathematically demonstrable. But they also manifest themselves in time. We do not usually think of time as physical, but it is nonetheless true.

What is time but a property of the orbital period of heavenly bodies? And what determines the orbital period of heavenly bodies? The exact same electromagnetic forces that control everything in the universe.

In this sense, time is as material as protons, neutrons, and electrons. This is not a metaphysical statement, but a simple matter of fact. In an electromagnetic universe, that which governs the flight of an electron around the nucleus of an atom also governs the orbits of planets and therefore time itself.

Time is as physical as the planets used to measure it.

The premise of all my work is that the duration of a Great Cycle is 432 orbits of Jupiter and that the duration of the entire Maya Long Count calendar is 2160 orbits of Jupiter or 144 Jose Solar Cycles. All of these are sacred numbers, none more so than 216. If these truly are cycles of destruction, this cannot be a coincidence. Nor is it “esoteric” or magical. The same electromagnetic forces that govern an atom govern the orbits of heavenly bodies. Knowing what I do about sacred numbers, I do not doubt for a minute that they are also manifested in the cycles of destructions found in the Maya Long Count calendar. This is why mythology is awash in the sacred numbers. What you see when you look deeply into the sacred number progression 27, 54, 108, 216, 432 is utterly amazing. I fully understand the Progeny of Jove in this respect. I fault them only in that they believe they have discovered a property of matter and fail to understand that there is a conscious entity behind these numbers. Hence, instead of respect for whatever you want to call that entity, they see only what they regard as their own raw intelligence. And this is precisely why they will not survive the coming axial tilt. They have made more than one fatal error.

Refereeing between the gods

I have a page that I do not advertise in which I speak directly to the progeny of Jove. Here I must make a minor exception in order to explain my modus operandi in some measure of detail. Know this, in a world full of “conspiracy theorists” and a multitude of people with wildly varied personality deficits glamouring for attention on the Internet, I am the King of the Crazies.

1 Corinthians 1:27
God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

Don’t think to accuse me of being an egotist. I am not ashamed of what I am. I think my exposure to ET was intended to give me such strength and moral resolve. There is a distinct theme throughout my work in which I try to referee between the religion of the progeny of Jove, which is Number (best capitalized and expressed in the singular), and the Christians who they so detest. It is high time that I devoted an entire section to this topic. The Pythagoreans are not the original progeny of Jove because the Phrygians predate them, but in this context, I will nonetheless refer to them as Pythagoreans.

The way I think, everyone has a God. It is whatever they think is really happening in life. Even atheists have a God because they believe the fabric of the universe is material. Hence, Matter is their god. But this is as infinitely far from Number, the god of the Pythagoreans, as Number is from Mind, the God of the Christian Scientists. Most religions have an anthropomorphic, “big guy in the sky” God. This includes almost every Christian sect. But “there can be only one” because Truth cannot be logically expressed in the plural.

I fault the Pythagoreans only in that they believe they have discovered a property of matter and fail to understand that there is a conscious entity behind the sacred numbers. Hence, instead of a worshiping the infinite and eternal, creative Mind of which they are individualized expressions as rays of light are to the sun or drops of water to the ocean, they see only what they regard as their own raw intelligence. The outgrowth of such nonsense is “men” such as G.W. Bush and rampant pedophilia. Why? Because they lack Principle, an understanding that the root word of God is good. They are adrift on the vast ocean of metaphysics without a rudder to guide their ship. They are blinded by a haughty belief in their own intelligence.

I propose to beat them at their own game. I have signed a contract with the Almighty. He is telling me all their secrets so that they might believe my warning that their tunnels are going to fail. What’s in it for me? I’m just along for the ride. There is little else this dreadful planet has to offer me.

“Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did” —John 4:29

I didn’t start this, and apparently I lack the ability to stop it. I have tried countless times to walk away from this work. I cannot. But my interests are not in converting the progeny of Jove. My primary object is rather to open the eyes of the Christians they detest. I cannot help bigoted Christians. No one can. What I am attempting to do in the following section entitled The Divine Essence (Golden Spiral and Sacred Number 216) is to bridge the gap between the religion of the progeny of Jove and thinking Christians. Though they may detest us, not understanding them is a moral and intellectual failure on your part. Only by understanding and appreciating their god can you benefit from a study of this website.

“George Carlin on Religion and God” from the bjnignog YouTube channel:

The progeny of Jove share George Carlin’s animosity towards religion, and who can blame them? But it would be a disservice to think of the progeny of Jove as mere atheists. They are much, much more. The Pythagoreans may have been some of the most cultured “men’s men” in the entire history of this world. I am sure I would cower in front of one of them in much the same manner I would feel an infinite inadequacy in the presence of Christ Jesus. They were intellectual giants and unsurpassed athletes. They sought the perfect man, and in their day I imagine they largely succeeded. Their intellectual underpinnings and their god are the sacred numbers and I share in their fascination. In fact, I am grateful to Pythagoras for awakening in me a knowledge of the sacred numbers, especially the golden spiral.

I am in awe of the sacred numbers. And I have very little tolerance for my co-religionists who would equate the sacred numbers with “numerology.” I used the term “numerology” for a brief period of time, but it carries way too much baggage.

Number is not the same as numerology

My page on Sacred number 216 is one of the most visited pages on this website. And truth be told I think that between my discovery that the actual unit of measurement in the Maya Long Count calendar is orbits of Jupiter, that a Great Cycle is actually 432 orbits of Jupiter, that there are a total of 2160 orbits of Jupiter in the Maya Long Count calendar, and that the reason for this is that sacred numbers express themselves in time also, advances our understanding of sacred number 216 beyond anything anyone else heretofore has committed to paper. Now if you are Christian and have made it thus far, if upon learning that I am a Christian Scientist you did not close the browser tab, if I have managed to pique your curiosity about the sacred numbers, allow me to introduce you to the god of the progeny of Jove, the men and woman who believe they are destined to repopulate the earth after the coming axial tilt. Their Tomorrowland is a Walt Disney fantasy, but their fascination with the sacred numbers is for us another way to think of God, one that can be every bit as enriching as the language of the Holy Bible.

The special relationship between the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ration (credit livescience.com)

The Divine Essence (Golden Spirals and Sacred Number 216)

Take this subject lightly and you will never understand anything. I would suggest to you that there is no higher mathematics than the study of sacred numbers. I fully understand Pythagoras in this respect. I see what he did.


While as a highly abstract thinker I must always allow for rapid growth, after more than six years I have concluded that there are four Holy of Holies in the religion of Number. Out of respect for Pythagoras, I will capitalize the names of these four Holy of Holies, at least in the remainder of this section.

  1. FIBONACCI SEQUENCE: This is best learned by studying the four faces of Ezekiel. The Fibonacci 60 Digit Repeat Cycle is clearly the origin of our clock system, which is fascinating if you stop to think about it for a minute. Using a system of time based on the Fibonacci sequence means that it is quite possible we read time the same as do other more advanced species with a history that dates back millions or even billions of years. In fact, the Babylonians may have been taught a simplified sexagesimal system (one based on the ten digits of our hands) by the fish-men sent by the gods to impart knowledge. What better way to intellectually jumpstart of species just ravished by a worldwide catastrophe than to share with them the standard clock system used in our galaxy?
  2. GOLDEN RATIO: The Golden Ratio is spelled Phi. It is a mathematical constant equal to 1.618 and represented by the symbol 𝞅. If you are not already familiar with the Golden Ratio, you should learn about it by studying Golden Rectangles, which are ubiquitous in classical art and architecture.
  3. GOLDEN SPIRAL: The Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio combine as one to become the golden spiral which is a shape that pervades the natural universe. Hence, the name of this section
  4. SACRED NUMBER 216: The work of Lucien Khan, author of The 216 Letter Hidden Name of God – Revealed is perhaps the best spokesman for sacred number 216, but the thing that has always captivated me more than anything else is the painfully obvious fact that there were very deliberately exactly 216 above ground nuclear bomb tests before the United States signed the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963. You really need to stop and think about that. You can read about this in the 216 Above Ground Nuclear Tests starting 216 years after 1776 section of my № 73. Sacred Number 216 page. And of course, Plato’s Number is 216. Why? Why is Plato’s number 216? Because his “period comprehended by a perfect number” is the Maya Long Count calendar. In one of the great ironies of being, mathematical perfection is expressed in 2160 orbits of Jupiter which is the alpha and omega (“the beginning and end”) of the ages of mankind. This is why the progeny of Jove so numbered Revelation 21:6

Revelation 21:5-6
5 And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. 6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.


The Great Pyramid Phi Spiral (Credit: Gary Osborn)


I encourage you to study these four Holy of Holies as much as you can. It is beyond the scope of my work to do anything more than impress upon the novice the importance of developing an appreciation of their importance.


Let me ask you something; if you were tasked with communicating with an ET species, which of the following mathematical expressions would you use?

I + I = II


You see, ET is pointing to the Fibonacci sequence because he has no idea what the plus and equal signs mean, but he immediately recognizes the Fibonacci sequence.



The Fibonacci sequence, Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral, and the nine sacred numbers discussed below are not human invention.They are manifested all throughout nature in geometry, music, space, and time. What that tells us is that they are the lingua franca of intelligent species, knowledge woven into the very fabric of the universe.


Credit University of Melbourne, Scientific Scribbles, The universe in a spiral

The golden spiral can be found in everything from an egg to a spiral galaxy. To understand the progeny of Jove you must first learn to appreciate what they know. Only then can you truly understand their perspective on life. Do you know that since I began working on this website I set all of my pictures to display at some multiple of a sacred number. For example, the image of an egg displayed to your left is 540 pixels wide.



Credit University of Melbourne, Scientific Scribbles, The universe in a spiral


So the progeny of Jove are not evil. They just think we are stupid because the truth is most of us pray to an anthropomorphic god that simply does not exist.

The only thing in this world less understood than the Christ are these four Holly of Hollies of the Number religion. They are a direct link to whatever created the universe, one that does not require religious faith. Pythagoras is reported to have said, “All is number.” This is at once his greatest achievement and his greatest failure. You have not lived until you marvel at the significance of the sacred numbers, until you are in awe of them as was Pythagoras. Yet behind the sacred numbers is a conscious entity. This is where the secret societies throughout the ages have failed. This is their Achilles heel. All is not number. The sacred numbers are indeed a pathway to higher knowledge, but what they lead to is a conscious entity that is alive in the here and now. Mary Baker Eddy said God is All-in-all. She uses Mind as a synonym for God. My fascination with the sacred numbers is boundless, but they seem dead to me compared to the moments in which I have communed with this higher intelligence. Where the two meet is in the destruction of this world. It was 432 orbits of Jupiter ago when this world was last destroyed. But the greatest destructions occur every 2160 orbits of Jupiter. You can search all the ancient texts ever written. You can talk to every sage, shaman, guru, or priest on the planet, but I am the only person who will tell you that Jupiter is a celestial doomsday clock.

References to “mathematics” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

Mrs. Eddy was not unsympathetic towards the sacred numbers. There were a highly symbolic 432 editions of her book, which is precisely 700 pages in length. If you really want to delve into her appreciation of numbers read № 33. Mary Baker Eddy’s well-hidden, 23-Word Warning about the Coming Axial Tilt. I can hardly distinguish that message from those I interpret every day on this website. And she made precisely nine uses of the word mathematics in her textbook of metaphysics. Christian Science is not a religion. It would be more accurate to think of it as using religion as a vehicle for metaphysics, not unlike the progeny of Jove used the books of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible.

“Mathematics has not a foot to stand upon which is not purely metaphysical.”

— Thomas De Quincey ‘Kant in His Miscellaneous Essays’,
Blackwood’s Magazine, 1830, 28, 244-68.

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