№ 15. Cultural implosion

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Secular Signs of the Times

Understanding the premise of this page is critical. We are so close to the end that the powers-that-be, the progeny of Jove appear to be losing control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why then does everything appear to be on the brink of collapse from the Fed printing money like there’s no tomorrow, to an astronomical national debt that grows at a frightening pace, to the bullion markets where no one is sure the gold even exists, to derivatives which seem to be a mutual suicide pact, to militarized police forces, the extreme political divisiveness of the Trump presidency, and millions of Muslims being forced to immigrate into hostile cultures, with all the violence that pursues? Even NFL halftime shows are pushing the limit.

What can we learn from all this apparent loss of control? Before I can answer this question, I need to remind the reader that the progeny of Jove are extremely intelligent individuals. I’m not talking about former President George W. Bush or his father. I’m talking about the men who pull their strings. They are executing a plan that is contemporaneous with the Old Testament. For them to lose control at the last minute and jeopardize that plan is inconceivable. You must first grasp this point.

Alles in Ordnung

Everything is as it should be. So what can we learn from all this apparent loss of control? Seeing this for yourself requires stepping back in order to get the big picture. Once you do so, once you see that all systems appear to be failing and everything is in some extreme mode of operation, that is when you must ask yourself the all-important question, Why now? Why is this happening right now? There is only one possible answer to this question. We are close to the end. We are printing dollars “like there’s no tomorrow.” Well, maybe there is no tomorrow for the dollar and for most of the world’s population. Maybe it is what it looks like, which is an indication that “Tomorrowland” is just around the corner.

Fiat Currencies

Does this mean the dollar will collapse? No! If you must ask this question, you are missing the whole point. Order will be maintained up until the last moment. Even Christ Jesus knew this when he said,

Matthew 24:37-39
But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

He is saying not to expect a warning sign, that everything will seem normal right up until the last minute. He knows this because he is privy to their plans. Christ Jesus was walking a tightrope when he spoke of the end times. When discussing Christ Jesus, you always need to remember that the Pythagoreans predated him by some 600 years. They were the Roman elite is his day. This knowledge was not meant for the masses. Even given his discretion and the subtleness of the “Olivet Discourse,” he was nevertheless killed shortly after telling his disciples what to expect. Nowhere is this “seeming” loss of control truer than fiat currencies.

The dollar will not collapse.

I am as sure of that as I am of my own being. Nor will the stock market crash and for the same reason. The obvious consequences of both would be to put millions of people on the Interstates in search of food and water.

Such a loss of control simply cannot be risked, especially not for the sake of money which will be completely worthless in the near future. As the history of the sale of gold bullion by England clearly indicates, money at this point is already disposable and has been for some time (at least for the nations of U.S.A. and England, if not for individuals). All that really matters is where the gold bullion resides. Those reserves are well-mapped and recoverable the world over, including all the gold Russia and China is hoarding. The progeny of Jove do not care where the gold bullion is stored. It will all be theirs when it is recovered in the New World.

I like the following “double episode” video for reasons that are not so obvious when you watch it. The video can only imagine that the USA is making the same mistake as Rome did in debasing the value of its money. At 4:24minutes into the video, the commentator Mike Maloney very tellingly says,

The Romans were the first culture to understand that a currency maintains its value because of its rarity. Julius Paulus once said, “This device being officially promulgated circulates and maintains its purchasing power no so much from its substance, as from its quantity.”

But the Roman elite was the progeny of Jove in their day, as the Unnamed Entity is today, the CIA before them, the Freemasons before them, and so on. They are all one entity. So what Mike Maloney just said is that the progeny of Jove knows perfectly well that fiat currencies are doomed to failure and that taking the United States of American off the gold standard was comparable to lighting the fuse on a bomb that will eventually destroy the economies of the entire world. But this is all wrong.

The Bretton Woods Agreement was one of the main goals of World War II, every bit as important as herding their Jews back to Palestine for the eventual total destruction in the aftermath of an axial tilt. The intent was always to put the entire world at the mercy of a fiat currency over which the progeny of Jove would have complete control.

The decision in 1971 to renege on this agreement was planned long before the United States of America even existed. It gave the progeny of Jove hegemony over almost the entire world. Let me state this plainly, the debasement of the dollar was intentional. It is being used as a tool to control not only the populace in the United States of America but peoples all over the world. Likewise, the relocations of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs to China was not a failure of fiscal policy. It was by design and engulfed their major industrial centers in unimaginable levels of pollution. What does it matter how much we owe them? Our national debt will never be paid. The international manipulation of the dollar is the artistry of the Illuminati. They learned the consequences of debasing a currency as the Roman elite. Everything they do is by design. Nothing is left to chance.

Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9) and American Bread & Circus (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 10) from the GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) YouTube channel:

In the case of the stock market, there is an RT.com article recently published entitled Why did the US stock market crash on Monday? Blame the central banks that clearly explains the mechanism used to control stock prices. Quite the opposite of a financial disaster looming on the horizon, stocks and bonds, our currency, and markets in general will remain calm and bullish right up to the end.

The National Debt is at a highly symbolic $23,000,000,000

Alert $23 Trillion Dollar Government Debt Leading To Economic Collapse & Stock MARKET CRASH from the Epic Economist YouTube Channel

The horror of police brutality in the United States of America at this time reminds of evening meals when I was growing up with Vietnam savagery playing on the TV in the background. It is surreal.

The Rise of the Police State in the United States of America. From the Summary of “The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society.” A better name would have been “The Challenge of … a Free Society,”

The Police State (militarization of the police)

A closely related subject is the militarization of police forces, particularly in the United States of America. This is how the progeny of Jove plan to deal with us in the closing moments of the current world order. While the rich and powerful are being flown into Denver International Airport from around the globe, our entire country will be put on “lock down” as they say in prison. All flights except theirs will be canceled. Major highways will be closed to all but military traffic. Even if you know this and rise up in rebellion, you will be slaughtered. The militarization of police forces in the United States of America is an important part of their plans. Policemen are not being punished for obvious crimes including the murder of innocents specifically so they will become trigger happy. That is why you should not expect anything to change in this regard. Police brutality will only get worse over the next year. 

There were two major turning points in the moving the country to a police state. By studying these, you can learn how the progeny of Jove implement long-term plans such as the militarization of police forces.

The inception of the police state can be traced back to the Johnson administration Executive Order 11236, the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice (a.k.a. the Katzenbach Commission, after its chairman then Attorney General Nicholas deB. Katzenbach , or more commonly the National Crime Commission) which was signed on July 23, 1965.

PDF Photocopy of the Full Report: National Criminal Justice Reference Service (ncjrs.gov)

Executive Order 11236, establishing the “National Crime Commission” marked the rise of the Police State in the United States of America

What I see is the progeny of Jove allowing themselves half a century, over 50 years, to transform the United States of America into a Police State.

John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower  were the only two Presidents in the history of the United States of America who were not under the control of the progeny of Jove. President Johnson knows damn well that JFK was killed by the CIA. That he was clearly more malleable than his immediate predecessors is gross understatement. This makes the timing of the National Crime Commission very telling.

It took the progeny of Jove a mere ten years and two indomitable men, one of whom had to be killed, to turn the Office of the President of the United States of America into a shell of its former self suitable only for patsies, criminals, idiots, and posers. And when they did, their top priority was to begin the process of turning the country into a Police State.

Step back a little further and this tell you how they regard the government of the United States of America. It is simply a tool for achieving their objectives. That is to say, it is now firmly under their control.

NOTE TO SELF: Need to cite congressional act that began the transfer of excess military equipment from the Iraq war to police departments. Who exactly was behind this idea? I also need proof that the cops are being given easy access to steroids and that they are predictably becoming more aggressive as a result.