№ 9. The Nine

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The Movie “9” was released September 9, 2009 (all nines). You’ll want to watch this.

A fourth entity: The Nine

As explained in detail in There are three main factions on page № 10. Who are the progeny of Jove?, the term progeny of Jove is a collective term that refers to all three of the main factions: the Ћinkers, the bankers, and the Jesuits. These three factions are very dissimilar in character. What they have in common is specific knowledge of the end time, —what is going to happen at the end of this world (most assuredly an Earth crustal displacement), and approximately, which is to say the year, if not an exact date, when the Earth crustal displacement is going to happen. There was a time when I referred to the what of the apocalypse as “the event.” But it is clear to me now that “the event” is an Earth crustal displacement. I have narrowed the when down to three years, sometime between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2024. But this imperfect knowledge is nothing compared to what the progeny of Jove know. They know for sure. And it is this certainty of knowing from which they derive their real power.

This explains why I use one term—the progeny of Jove—to refer to two very distinct groups of people. The difference between them pales in significance to what they have in common. One group is the bankers, otherwise known as the European Illuminati. They took control of the United States of America after the Civil War. Since then, through the power of the United States Military, its intelligence services, fiat currency, major corporations including most significantly, mainstream media, and the corruptibility of elected officials with their Republican form of government (designed specifically for such abuse), they now control the entire Western world.

) I generally refer to the other group as the Thinkers using a capital T to signify the Tau sign as used by

. These include the ancient secret societies but in this day and age is best thought of as Sir Francis Bacon and his circle of friends who founded the Rosicrucians and by extension, the Freemasons. This group included the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. They were defeated during the Civil War. When the Freemason morphed into the CIA in 1947, the purveyors of knowledge all but ceased to exist. But they are still among us. It is this group of men, now largely defined by the Freemasons in Georgia, who gave us the Georgia Guidestones and the Tomorrowland movie (our last warning before the end). Without this remnant of the purveyors of knowledge, the people would have no chance of knowing that we really are living in the end time. And without them, this website would not exist. This is the essential difference between the bankers or European Illuminati and the purveyors of knowledge: Sir Francis Bacon (Shakespeare) and his circle of friends; the Rosicrucians; and Freemasons. The former regard us as the walking dead—(zombies who in these final days of the Fifth World are entertaining them by playing out the age-old drama of fighting over limited resources while free-energy awaits a more fortunate generation)—and the latter respects our humanity enough to give us a fighting chance.

I postulate the existence of a fourth faction apart from the Jesuits, bankers, and secret societies.

This I imagine is a self-perpetuating body of nine individuals who I refer to simply as The Nine. This controlling body knows much more than 33° Freemasons did in their day or the European Illuminati of today. They are the custodians of the Master Plan discussed below. It is The Nine and the Master Plan that assures continuity through the ages. This is what distinguishes them from the secret societies and the Illuminati. They are in control of everything. They are the ones who ultimately decide who survives the coming axial tilt. They have spoon-fed an entirely fabricated reality to the masses. Everything we think we know,—including especially our history,—is a construct not unlike the one portrayed in the Matrix movie. They orchestrated the mathematical insanity of modern-day academia and mainstream science. Global warming is theirs. Everything. It is all one grand design. And they are consummate planners.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Assuming they exist, are The Nine good or evil? This is a deeply philosophical question. Their vision of the future is encapsulated in the Walt Disney movie “Tomorrowland.” But they are savage and brutal. In order to achieve their goals, they have overseen a population explosion the overwhelming majority of whom now must die. But stop and think for a minute. I mean really imagine yourself in possession of the sure knowledge that the solar system is about to reconfigure itself and that when this happens once every Great Year the overwhelming majority of mankind die and we are thrust back into a primitive state so that this cycle of destruction continues in perpetuity and is the cause of mankind’s amnesia.

What would you do? How far would you go to save mankind? Here is the painful question, if what must be done means that many generations must suffer and die never realizing their full potential, does that matter in comparison to what can be accomplished if the knowledge and technology to get us off this planet survives? Watch the movie “Tomorrowland” before you answer because that is what is at stake. Either we begin again in caves or we have thousands of years of paradise in which to colonize another planet. In this light, perhaps no sacrifice is too great.

While I am compelled to tell their side of this story, I fault the progeny of Jove for killing the Christ and more generally for keeping knowledge of the coming destruction secret. Had they taken a different tack, had they told everyone from the beginning what they knew, it is self-evident to me that we could have been off the planet by now. Yes, still untold millions would have been left behind to die, but how is that any different from the savageness of wars fought and the pestilence used to throttle down the population or the pettiness of the lives untold generations have lived in utter darkness? You underestimate your fellow human beings.

Rectrices (tail flight feathers)
The rectrices or tail flight feathers are mainly concerned with stability and control. They are used as a rudder, helping to steer and balance the bird and allow the bird to twist and turn in flight. These feathers also act as a brake for landing. –”Feathers and flight,” Science Learning Hub

Do The Nine really exist?

I pray they do. I pray the fate of mankind is not in the hands of people who seem to be in control of the government and military of the United States of America and, through the power of fiat currency and major corporations, of the entire Western world. But first I must tell you that I have never been comfortable with this page. I lack a certain conviction “The Nine” really exist or are wishful thinking on my part. I imagine this controlling cabal of nine self-perpetuating, highly enlightened men as having deliberately ceded control of the United States of America to the European Illuminati and their descendants in Colorado to do what I think of as the “dirty work” of the end time after the more austere and dignified Freemasons, including our Founding Fathers and men of similar character, lent a solemnity to the country as a whole before, during, and after the Revolutionary war. It makes sense. Men of such high character could not become so degenerate in a few short generations to do what had to be done, such as creating the Federal Reserve System. There were only 250 years left. There not only had to be an entirely different breed of men in control, but the transition had to be swift. We know it as the “Civil War.” A cleaner demarcation there could not be.

The first edition of the King James Bible, Bible, which was edited by Francis Bacon and prepared under Masonic supervision, bears more Mason’s marks than the Cathedral of Strasburg.

Manly P. Hall, Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins

The thing that convinces me that The Nine do exist is the King James Version of the Bible and the “course correction” in the Tomorrowland movie. Sir Francis Bacon, who is probably more familiar to you as “William Shakespeare” (the author, not the actor), is the most respected progeny of Jove since Pythagoras. They published their Bible in 1611, 400 years before the end of the 13 Baktuns of the Maya Long Count (whatever, but in any case, not a “calendar”). That these men knew the real significance of the Maya Long Count is beyond question. But as everyone knows, nothing happened in 2012. That was not even the end of the Long Count. As discussed elsewhere on this website, the Maya Long Count actually ended on December 16, 2013, a date of inestimable importance. Did Sir Francis Bacon not know that actual year? Why did the progeny of Jove wait until the release of the Tomorrowland movie to divulge the actual year? Did they not know?

Walt Disney Pictures originally announced the film in June 2011 under the working title 1952, and later retitled it to Tomorrowland, after the futuristic themed land found at Disney theme parks. In drafting their story, Bird and Lindelof took inspiration from the progressive cultural movements of the Space Age, as well as Walt Disney’s optimistic philosophy of the future, notably his conceptual vision for the planned community known as EPCOT. Principal photography began in August 2013, with scenes shot at multiple locales in five countries.

Wikipedia, Tomorrowland (film) [bold-red emphasis added]

2013 was also the year the Tomrorowland MP3 recordings discussed on page № 28. A Date with Destiny were released. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966. So we do not know who is controlling Walt Disney Studios in 2011 when the movie was announced, but they clearly knew the year because the movie was released on May 22, 2015, well in advance of September 23, 2017 (923), and includes the actual year. Who was this, though? Who really knew? Did The Nine wait until “the last minute” to tell the progeny of Jove about the second Wayeb? I am inclined to think all Sir Francis Bacon knew was 2012. And if this is true, then I would say The Nine really do exist.

This is where it gets really interesting. If The Nine exist and they truly are enlightened, what does that mean for the fate of the men and women in Colorado? Are they our future? Can the crimes committed in this world be so easily forgiven? And what of Enoch? As was the man we call “Christ Jesus,” Enoch clearly was in contact with ET. Can we really discount the assurances of these two men that this apocalypse is a death knell for the progeny of Jove? I too have met them. That is why I must believe The Nine exist. I know what is really happening. Here is the heart of the matter. Are the underground granite tunnels in the Pikes Peake Batholith a cunningly devised piezoelectric deathtrap intended to rid the world of the European Illuminati and NAZI descendants who only think they are going to survive the “day of the Lord?” Or will the real survivors be transported aboard spaceships shortly before the end in order to repopulate the Earth? Was I given a real pin in Arizona in 2012 (a face-to-face pre-apocalyptic interview)? Or are the real survivors somewhere else in soft rock waiting for the inevitable end of everyone else? In my dreams, I live to know the answer to these questions.

…the great initiate-philosophers of Freemasonry can be counted upon one’s fingers

Manly P. Hall, (“Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins

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The Nine in the Indian vedas

Very important! See Vedas video on page № 105. My YouTube Library

consummate, brilliant planners
A scene from the Tomorrowland movie. From a distance, Tomorrowland looks a lot like Oz did.

The master plan

The controlling body of this entity, which I call the Nine, know much more than 33° Freemasons did in their day or the Illuminati of today. They are the custodians of the master plan. 

Some elements of that masterplan are self-evident.

  • KEEPING THE MASSES IN THE DARK: For thousands of years, the mass of humanity has been kept in the dark for one reason and for one reason only, so that at the end time they would suspect nothing. This is critical in order to maintain control in the closing days of this age. Thousands of years ago it meant killing everyone who knew or might have knowledge of the end time to keep it from spreading. Nowadays it means owning all of the mainstream media to control what the masses know. Remaining hidden while always acquiring more knowledge and an increasingly sophisticated level of technology has been greatly facilitated by keeping the masses as ignorant as possible.
  • BUILDING A NEW EMPIRE TO RIVAL ROME’S GLORY: We live in an entirely fabricated world. Christopher Columbus did not discover America. The United States of American (“us”) and in particular the state of Colorado have been on the drawing boards for at least a millennia and quite possibly longer. The uniqueness of the Pikes Peak Batholith (the “Vault Profound“) is unparalleled in the world. The land was deliberately left unspoiled. Strangely enough in the centuries before being colonized, the U.S.A., some of the finest land in the world, was largely unpopulated. Was this by accident or by design? I would not be so quick to answer that question. We know from the work of Carl Munck that a people who were highly mathematically literate once populated the land. What happened to them? If they were obliterated, who did it? “Manifest destiny” and a land largely unsettled was necessary to accumulate all of the landmass required to build that most powerful empire since Roman times.
  • BUILDING “THE VAULT PROFOUND”: Trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have been siphoned off to build the underground tunnels in Colorado and throughout the Western United States. Doubtless, some of the profits from CIA drug sales were also used.
  • HARVESTING THE MINDS OF A HIGHLY CONTROLLED POPULATION EXPLOSION: This knowledge is being stored in the patent databases of the world but primarily in the Wikipedias of the world. Formerly, it was kept in Encyclopedias and dictionaries. All of this material is being carefully preserved for future generations. In fact, I am quite convinced that the Wikipedia’s as they existed at the time of the planet’s destruction will become important archeological records in the future sn and regards as software museums.
  • DECIDING WHO SURVIVES: I wish I knew how they are doing this. 23andMe® and AncestryDNA™ may be an important part of the process.
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interlocking cogs

Their knowledge is from the last world

Here is a most solemn question everyone must ask in the quietness of their own mind. If this planet is subject to clockwork destructions, did a handful of people survive from the last world who fully understand what is happening? Such a body of men would face what I call Mankind’s Dilemma. When the world is new again and the next destruction thousands of years off in the distant future, perpetuating this body of knowledge is paramount. But as the time draws nigh, other considerations must take precedence. This explains why, for example, in our world about 600 BC knowledge of the coming destruction was widespread. Now things are quite different. Now we are “right at the door” and only a handful of people probably know exactly what is about to happen.

Mankind’s dilemma

Here then is mankind’s dilemma. The knowledge of what is about to happen must be perpetuated. Our individual lifespans are way too short to rely solely on passing the information along from one generation to the next. Such a chain is too easily broken. We cannot face this level of destruction unawares. Thus we have units of measurement, sacred numbers, the Zodiac, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Matthew 24 (Joshua gave his life primarily for this reason), Carl Munck’s “The Code,” Easter Island, the Nazca Lines, Stonehenge, and many other vessels of knowledge (all of which will be discussed in detail on this website) intended to warn us of the pending destruction of the world. Without these, relying solely on secret societies to perpetuate the knowledge, it could be lost, leaving mankind blind to the reality that confronts us even now.

But no matter how subtly this knowledge is conveyed down through the ages, it is invariably exposed to lesser mortals, those who can imagine no higher purpose for it than self-aggrandizement.

First and foremost among them in our generation is the Bush family of the United States of America. They imagine themselves more intelligent than other human beings simply because they know what is about to happen. But families such as this are only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath them is a plethora of pathological individuals who are in control of everything. 

Now I am not talking about your average politician or soldier, who are just as likely as not to be altruistically motivated. I am talking about the Unnamed Entity well-hidden behind need-to-know clearances. I am talking about the progeny of Jove. Here there are two points you must fully grasp in order to understand the world in which you live. The first is that this knowledge is more corrupting than any other power obtainable. It is what makes “beasts” of these lesser mortals. Greed and avarice are not the limits to their pathologies. Believing us to be the walking dead, they have made sexually molesting and lately even sacrificing our children a rite of passage. The second point is equally as important to grasp. Everything they do, including even this, is highly predictable. Any inspired thinker could look down the ages to the end times and know beyond any shadow of a doubt that these lesser mortals (what are sometimes called the Illuminati) would derail any long-term plans made by the ancients and use this knowledge for their own self-preservation, no matter what the cost. And this is my point. I am merely describing the reality in which we live. I am judging no one. 

That in the last days these lesser mortals would be in control of the machinery of state was always highly predictable.

There is a third point that is important to grasp. The work that had to be done in the last century or two was essentially brutal in nature. The planned population explosion for the sake of building the patent databases and Wikipedias of the world required a mechanism to throttle it back if and when necessary. This mechanism is manifold but includes endless wars, pestilence (from the bubonic plague to cancer and COVID-19), and genocide (native Americans including the Mayans and “Indians” and the Jews in WWII). Such work requires pathological individuals. It is easy to breed such men. Give them money and a sure knowledge of the end times, wait for a few generations while they inbreed, and presto chango what you have created is a monster, or what the author of Revelation called the “beast.” A necessary evil? Well, that’s a deeply philosophical question. What price are you willing to pay to save the technology we have acquired so that we can jumpstart mankind in the new world to come? If you succeed, we will doubtless get off this defective planet and populate a new one. Can you see what is at stake? This is not a question for someone with delicate sensibilities. Essentially, untold millions have been sacrificed and generation upon generation has been kept in the dark for the sake of the master plan discussed below.

In order to fully grasp what is happening now, you must realize that the very people who are molesting our children and who image themselves as demigods with tickets to Tomorrowland (you really must watch this movie) are in reality minions whose designated task is to safeguard our technology by stockpiling it in the granite tunnels in Colorado and throughout the Western United States. They will die in those tunnels because many thousands of years ago The Nine, who watch over them for the sake of mankind’s future, devised an elaborate deathtrap for them, the front door of which is the Denver International Airport (DIA), which the beast likes to think of as a DEN. To be blunt, these are not the Pythagoreans or Freemasons of yore. These are an entirely different breed of men who are not worthy of the perpetuation of the species. Their DNA is exactly what must be surgically removed from the gene pool. They are not only pathological but inbred. And they lack the genetic diversity required to assure mankind’s future. They were necessary to carry out last-minute tasks but they are exactly the opposite of what you would want in terms of genetics to perpetuate the race. So how exactly is this dilemma solved? How does the deathtrap work? I believe I know the answer to that question.

Research notes

According to Indian scriptures, letter 9 corresponds to Lord Brahma (the Creator of the universe)

Obliteration of the Elongated Skulls and Mayas in the know (find writeup elsewhere)


Nine Mayan gods

It follows from these two things that there must be a third entity, one preeminently dedicated to the survival of mankind and who devised the elaborate deathtrap in Colorado. One of their most sacred duties would be to exterminate the pathological individuals in control of this world and who are described in the following section.

bit and pieces cut from elsewhere…

It is the sure knowledge of what is to come that turns them into “beasts” of Revelation. No matter how altruistic they imagine themselves to be, their methods are barbaric beyond description, and for that very reason doomed to failure.

What is at stake here is and always has been who controls the granite tunnels in Colorado, what I call “The Vault Profound. The Freemasons did the groundwork. The Illuminati inherited all of their work after they won the Civil War.”