№ 73. The immense importance of dates and numerical signatures

PAGE STATUS: I have wanted to create this page for ages. Once all of the data is drawn to one place, I think people will be able to understand what I mean by numerical signatures, why they exist, and how important they are for tracking the progeny of Jove through time. I have only recently begun to realize that numerical signatures almost always involve a date. So another way of stating the purpose of this page is to highlight how the progeny of Jove use dates to communicate to each other the significance of something. For example, 58 and 558 are always a reference to Queen Elizabeth I because her reign began in 1558. Hence, Mary Bake Eddy begins her chapter on the Apocalypse on page 558 in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. It is because of page № 33. Mary Baker Eddy and the end-time perhaps more than anything else that makes me lean towards 2022 as the year. You can think of it as a means of encoding the meaning of something if it helps. But I assure you, this phenomenon is very real and without having discovered its immense importance to the progeny of Jove, I could have never written this website. However, for now, this page is a placeholder. One day soon I will scan the entire website and list all major numerical signatures on this page. The one section that is on the page now is very old and an immature effort to accomplish this. My intent is to wait until the website is more mature and then collect everything at the same time. 
LAST UPDATE: February 28, 2020

Tracking the progeny of Jove through time

There are countless examples of numerical signatures involving dates on this website. I need to collect them all here. Until then, You will find examples not yet documented in this section on almost every one of the 108 pages.

This is the one great weakness of the progeny of Jove. They use dates and sacred numbers to sign their work. Such dates scream out to those in the know “We were here.”

I believe it is their primary way of communicating the pride in their accomplishments to generations unborn. The progeny of Jove cannot help themselves. They leave their mark on everything important, like branding cattle or a dog pissing on a tree trunk. And their mark is numerical signatures involving dates and sacred numbers. Unless and until you understand this fundamental trait of the progeny of Jove, you will not be able to track their movement through history. I say again, it is their one great weakness. Even at this late date, after fully realizing the significance of Gravity Probe B being launched on Hitler’s birthday and on a date that reduces to 66, my appreciation of the significance of such dates continues to grow.

Here I will compile a list of important examples of how sacred numbers can be used to track the progeny of Jove through time:

  • There were 13 Freemason Presidents of the United States of America. President Truman was the last. He was the 33rd President of the United States of America and the 13th Freemason President. No president since Truman has been privy to the inner workings of the progeny of Jove
  • The Book of Revelation was written by the progeny of Jove. It is the 27th book of the New Testament and the 66th book of the Bible. Furthermore, having thus established that Revelation was written by them and given the fact that 216 and 144 figure so prominently in that book, the fact that 216 x 144 = 31,104 tells us beyond any shadow of a doubt that the progeny of Jove numbered both the chapters and the verses in the Bible. The implications of this are extraordinary because it implies a level of control that exceeds the Jesuits and includes the Protestant churches.
  • The Denver International Airport was built on 54 square miles of land. Colorado has 54 of the “fourteeners.” and the Pikes Peak granite into which the progeny of Jove have drilled their extensive underground tunnel system I call the “vault profound is “is a 1.08 billion year old widespread geologic formation found in the central part of the Front Range of Colorado” according to Wikipedia. Not 1.07 billion years old or 1.1 billion years old. It is 1.08 billion years old, which I. find to be an almost comical exactness.
  • The rise of Adolf Hitler to power in NAZI Germany in 1933 and the attempted coup d’état against FDR in the same year
  • 3(C) + 9(I) + 1(A) = 13 (CIA)
  • D-Day June 6, 1944 (66/9) “We are in control”
  • Stanley Kubrick was murdered on March 7, 1999, the 66th day of the year
  • Constantine the Great legalized Christianity in 313 through the Edict of Milan.
  • Gravity Bobe B was launched on April 20, 2004, which is both Adolf Hitler’s birthday and reduces to 66. The project was canceled by NASA nine times.
  • Octavian’s power was then unassailable and in 27 BC the Roman Senate formally granted him overarching power and the new title Augustus

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