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I am only now starting this effort to rewrite the entire website. Do not expect me to apologize for anything. I came frightfully close to not caring enough to do this. If a page is in the index but still private, there is a reason for that. I will not answer to anyone during this final push to complete my work. Like most of what I do, the price I have paid, and continue to pay, for the privilege of doing this work is beyond the imaginative capability of a public so lost that I can no longer bear the thought of writing for them. I write because I must. I write because if I do not write, I die a slow and painful death inside. 

My name is Luther DeHaven. I reside in San Antonio, Texas. I am the author of this work. The date is June 27, 2022. As of this writing, the countdown clock below says that based on the work I present on this website, there are five months and 21 days left before a one-month window opens during which the world in which we live will be destroyed by an Earth crustal displacement otherwise known as the “apocalypse” in the popular imagination. 

I will be selectively restoring this website over that period of time. No longer will I ask the reader to trust my intuition or the fact that I have tested out as one of the most abstract thinkers alive. Nor will I ask others to put any salt in my claims to have personally encountered a highly advanced ET species, that they have communicated with me telepathically, or anything else this website has included in the past which suggests that I am somehow special. Henceforth, I will rely on hard data only. 

To that end, I am announcing to all concerned that I believe this countdown clock is a fact of life. It is a hard thing to lay it on the line like this. On January 22, 2022, I am unequivocally stating now that the belief structure on which I base not some, but all of my work is seriously flawed and that I cannot be trusted to know anything at all about what is happening in the world right now. To be clear, the one-month window begins on the winter solstice and, according to one of my two primary sources for predicting the end of the world, namely the movie Tomorrowland, ends one month later. I believe in my heart of hearts that, based on evidence that will now stand completely apart from my personality, during that month, the “day of the Lord” will occur. Furthermore, I believe this fact has been known by the men and woman who made Elizabethan England a reality, that among their ranks was Sir Francis Bacon, the author of the Shakespearean plays, that they have existed since that time primarily as the Rosicrucians, and that they still exist here in San Antonio, Texas, to this very day where they are using the Edwards Aquifer in much the same way the Egyptians used the Nile River when they built Abydos to survive a previous worldwide catastrophe.

Here I must address the now open question of the Freemasons of the South. The Savanna Masons have not withdrawn my access to their private website. I admire them for that, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Freemasons were an arm of what was called the Illuminatti (i.e. the bankers) at the time. George Washington was a traitor to the Undiscovered Country, The United States of America in the new world to come, whose flag was the work of the Rosicrucians. Furthermore, if you find these statements of mine detestable out of a misguided sense of patriotism, you need to grow up. You need to better understand the world in which the Rosicrucians live. By any measure, the founding fathers were astrotheologists, not Christians. They openly admitted as much and were intellectually proud (read flaming idiots) when saying so. They were an arm of the bankers from the very start. That is reality. Make of it what you will, but do not expect to advance in this knowledge or to be of any use in the coming, post-apocalyptic revolution. If your sense of patriotism is getting in the way, you are a shallow thinker and have no place among us. But that the Freemasons were infiltrated by the Rosicrucians is forever written in stone in that the year Mary Baker Eddy was in the South is the same year Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 was chartered, the symbolic heart and soul of the Georgia Guidestones. To the extent that the Savanna Masons were touched by the Rosicrucians, they remain my brothers in this cause. Sorting out the good from the bad in Georgia is now one of the tasks I feel is exclusively my turf, and I will do so. I will show that only the Rosicrucians would have ever cared enough about the people to build that monument. As always, the numbers reveal the truth about the Georgia Guidestones. 

“With every second that ticks by,
the future is running out.”

My evidence for the year 2022

I can no longer hide behind “January 1, 2025, never happens.” If these primary sources of mine are not dependable, then not even I believe anyone alive knows for sure when this is going to happen. This information is from one of the most influential women ever in the history of The United States of America and from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. The movie Tomorrowland was made by the Rosicrucians. I can never prove this, but anyone who delves into this movie knows it is hiding a profound truth.

  • Paper № 1. Mary Baker Eddy’s page 560 from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures The author is singularly hated by the so-called Christian Scientists of today. He withdrew his membership in that organization years ago. He furthermore so detests religions of every make and model that he is committed to using a shotgun to splatter the brains of the first person in the new world to suggest the revival of this artifact of first-contact (i.e. all religious faiths). Immerse yourself in this paper. It contains all of the elements you will encounter while discovering the world of the Rosicrucians. Mary Baker Eddy copied the Bard in every respect in leaving us this warning. It is a classic example of how the Rosicrucians communicate with each other in every respect. Her chapter on “The Apocalypse” starts on page 558 because Queen Elizabth ascended to the throne on November 17, 1558. Miss that, and you miss everything. Mary Baker Eddy had a profound respect for the men who told her what was happening. (edit)
  • Paper № 2. September 23, 2017 and the five-year “course correction” in the movie Tomorrowland (edit)
The Last Baktun: From Elizabethan England to San Antonio, Texas

The one thing I will no longer tolerate from anyone is the continued, gross misunderstanding of what I call the artifact, otherwise known by a completely deluded public as the Maya Long Count. Much like the Georgia Guidestones, I am one of only a handful of people who understand the artifact. The first thing you must know is that a Baktun is 400 years. Starting I believe with Paracelsus and no doubt including John Dee, the court astronomer for Queen Elizabeth, these men made Elizabethan England including its favorite son, Sir Francis Bacon (author of the Shakespeare plays), assured its survival and continuation to this very day in San Antonio, Texas. 

In this section, I will unleash the truth about the artifact and how it spells doom for anyone who thinks they are going to survive in granite. Everything about the world in which you live now is about the last baktun in which we are now living. These men allowed 400 years to build the infrastructure necessary to survive the coming Earth crustal displacement. And they did so in a world they knew would continue to be dominated by the Roman elite who morphed into bankers so that they could do what the Roman Empire was incapable of doing; namely, control of the entire Western world. There is an inherent, almost mathematical reason why military control of this much territory is impossible. The bankers learned this the hard way and used fiat currency, debt, and interest payments to enslave us instead. That is why I refer to them as bankers. Nevertheless, they are a direct continuation of the same families that dominated ancient Rome. But while they were achieving their ideal of complete control of the Western world, the busy bees atop the Bexar Country courthouse in San Antonio, Texas, were preparing for the end in soft rock. Only one of these two groups survives. 

My opinion of popular thought

In my world, people are way past just being stupid. The people I refer to as the “bankers” (the descendants of the Roman elite), existed as the CIA from WWII until they turned that organization over to a Christian Scientist and became what I refer to as the unnamed entity hiding behind need-to-know clearances that exclude sitting presidents of The United States of America. In their ownership of Vanguard, these monstrous individuals are hiding their wealth. But they are far more than wealthy. The very same people use fiat currency, the republican form of government they invented for the purposes of controlling governments, and all of the major corporations to control the entire Western world. While parading as the CIA, one of their leaders, CIA Director William Casey at an early February 1981 meeting of newly elected President Reagan, is on record as having been overheard saying, We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.This was not an exaggeration. It was a statement of fact that has been true for some time now. Everything the people think they know is a deliberate lie. Everything.

A Ћinkers’ glossary

Numeric Symbolism is a language. Each number has a very specific meaning. I maintain a dictionary of numbers which I use to increase my vocabulary. I will not live long enough to learn but a small portion of this language. Nor do I have the breadth of experience to understand all of it. But if you were to combine me and the knowledge of Manly P. Hall, I would know them better than they know themselves. The point is that they are numbers. They are not vaguely suggestive imagery that allows your mind to run wild in its interpretation. It is a relatively easy language to learn once you understand that this is how they communicate. And this language is often accompanied by what I have come to call “anti-ciphers,” especially when the meaning is of great importance. The Thinkers do not allow room for interpretation once you understand their language. They cannot. What they are communicating is too critical to their members. You need to trust me on this. If you want to understand them, learn the language of numeric symbolism. Numbers are their religion. That is not an exaggeration. And in truth, I am a convert to this religion. Numbers provide evidence that the fabric of the universe is harmonious, unlike anything you will learn in a church building.

This is my working dictionary of numeric symbolism. The emphasis is on working. As such, new entries are added all the time and existing definitions are under constant revision. Some if not most of the definitions include cross-references to other pages on this website where I discuss the meaning of the number in great detail.

Apocalyptic Synthesis Library (ASL)

An alphabetical listing of reference documents deemed so critical to my work as to be irreplaceable. Most of these are PDF documents that render in your browser. I cannot emphasize enough how much better Firefox renders these PDF documents compared to all other browsers.