№ 28. Ћinker movies: A timeline for the fireworks finale of modern, end-time warnings that supplement the Georgia Guidestones

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The fireworks finale of modern, end-time warnings

By modern, I mean nothing discussed in this section predates the release of The Black Hole on December 21, 1979. I don’t talk about biblical prophets or the Maya Long Count. I’m talking about the here and now. This section is my definitive list of end-time warnings beginning with the December 21, 1979 release of The Black Hole. This was not an arbitrary date. 

The Ћinkers began their “fireworks finale” of end-time warnings in 1979 because it was 43 years before 2022. Everything points to 2022 as the year of the apocalypse.

Conspicuously absent is the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. You can read about that on this homepage and page № 7. The real horror of September 11, 2001 (9/11) is the truth. But do not for a moment think what happened on that fateful day is any different than the Georgia Guidestones, the “Apocalyptic Pillar” at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, or the Back to the Future and The Walk movies. All three of these at least in part are intended to inform us that the bankers,—the people who control the end-time infrastructure in and around Denver, Colorado—are responsible for what happened on September 11, 2001. In other words, three of the five end-time warnings from the Ћinkers are at least in part telling us what really happened that day. Why is this so important to them? What does it say about 9/11?


You must understand this. You must divorce yourself from popular thinking about what happened on that day, be it the official version of events or one of an endless variety of “conspiracy theories” about what really happened on 9/11. And you must stop playing the blame game. Who did it is painfully obvious once you learn how to read the numeric symbolism, but that is not the point. Listen to me, please. You must think of 9/11 dispassionately in order to grasp what the Ћinkers are trying to tell us. And that can be summarized by saying men do not do things of such magnitude unless they know the world in which we live is about to be destroyed. It is the timing of 9/11 that should concern you more than anything else. We are living in the end time. It’s really happening. That is the message of 9/11 and that is why three of the five end-time warnings from the Ћinkers point to the bankers as the ones responsible for 9/11. It’s not to blame them. It is for us to comprehend the enormity of what is happening. Why else do you think 9/11 dominates the homepage of An Apocalyptic Synthesis? When I first started writing, 9/11 was just one of the pages in my Our Entirely Fabricated Reality menu intended to challenge the reader to accept alternative explanations for major historical events, nothing more. Now it is more important to me than what happened in Elizabethan England. In other words, I too had to learn the profound significance of what happened on September 11, 2001. And I learned it from the Freemasons of the South over a period of years. 

The list

This list is in more or less chronological order. In the following condensed list, there are only five end-time warnings. It is my strongly held belief that all five of these are the work of the Freemasons of the South. These are the people I refer to as the Ћinkers. The first two are made of stone to honor the papal architects who built the Gothic cathedrals in Europe while keeping a close eye on the Roman Catholic Church. The last three are all movies. Of these six movies, the most well-hidden from public scrutiny was Virus (1980). It carries the message the new coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 (COVID-19) is an integral part of the end game. Virus (1980) is part of a trilogy of interconnected movies that are the backbone of this homepage. 

This may not seem like an impressive list to you, but each of these warnings has a huge story behind it. The level of planning here is intense. What I believe to be probably only a handful of Freemason families in the South—who were isolated and cut off from the progeny of Jove by the Civil War but retained specific information about the end time—are on a mission very much in the here and now to awaken you from your uniformitarian dream of life (in which planetary catastrophes only happen in movies). They got their marching orders from the Bard. This is a veritable fireworks finale of end-times warnings from the Ћinkers. I begin the list here and then continue it in a timeline fashion until the end of this section.

The end-time warning timeline begins
43 years from December 21, 2022 
  • December 21, 1979: Release date for The Black Hole movie
  • March 22, 1980: Unveiling of the Georgia Guidestones monument
  • June 26 (or 28), 1980: Release date for the Day of Ressurection movie in Japan. Later released internationally as Virus (1980). The June 26 release date is supported on IDMb
  • July 3, 1985: Release date for the Back to the Future movie
  • November 22, 1989: Release date for the Back to the Future Part II movie
  • May 25, 1990: Release date for the Back to the Future Part III movie
  • 1997: The “Apocalyptic Pillar” (a popular name I condone) at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City
  • 2004: 400th anniversary of SN 1604 and the commissioning of the King James Bible
  • November 13, 2009: Release date for the 2012 movie. This movie is of profound importance to the overall message of the Ћinkers. It introduces the concept of magnetohydrodynamics as the cause of an Earth crustal displacement which is later confirmed as the what of the apocalypse by the timely declassification of The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms on the feast of John the Baptist day on June 24. I thoroughly dissect this movie.
  • 2011: The 400th anniversary of the King James Bible
The KJV of the Bible

This last entry is non-trivial. Alder Av Grunn is one of my most important intellectual contributors. He is the Triple Nines Society guy. He runs computer algorithms against the King James Bible. I assume in doing so that he is using well-known encryption algorithms used by Sir Francis Bacon and his circle of friends. Whatever he has found has him frightened. He will not tell me because he knows whatever he tells me will be published. In our last email exchange, I asked him a very specific question about a number that is known to be of paramount importance to the progeny of Jove. His email response began, “Not yet. Time is not right.” He went on to say he would have to divulge more than he is willing to share at this time. I trust this guy. I know his real name and have confirmed his status in society. So I know the original 1611 King James Bible encodes information way beyond the 222 occurrences of the word “wisdom” that I discuss in There are 22 chapters in The Revelation and 222 occurrences of “wisdom” in the KJV of the Bible. But the year of publication somewhat confounds me. It is obvious why the King James Version of the Bible was commissioned in 1604, but I can never be sure why it was published in 2011. According to no less than Manly P. Hall,

The first edition of the King James Bible, which was edited by Francis Bacon and prepared under Masonic supervision, bears more Mason’s marks than the Cathedral of Strasburg.

Manly P. Hall, Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins

If Sir Francis Bacon was not fully cognizant of the exact date or year of the coming Earth crustal displacement, then none of the Ћinkers have ever known. That is simply not possible. They knew. But the meaning behind the 11 in 1611 or what they must have been keenly aware of—the 400th anniversary of its publication in 2011—escapes me.

The 1617 edition

I don’t want to bore the reader with too many details about the KJV of the Bible, but there were “He” and “She” editions. The former had a number of errors that were corrected in the latter. The “She” edition was printed from 1611 to 1613. And perhaps even more importantly there is a 1617 edition. The latter is as rare as the original “He” edition printed in 1611. According to The KJV Store, “The 1617 edition is nearly identical to the 1611 edition, with differences only in some word spacing, spelling, and woodcuts — only an expert can distinguish the two editions! The leaves of the 1611 and 1617 editions were designed to be fully interchangeable. Census of current copies: 1611 “He” edition, 175 copies; 1611 “She” edition, 450 copies; 1617 edition, 225 copies” (emphasis added). Knowing what I do of the Ћinkers, here is my take on what is happening. We know how meticulously the First Folio was printed. There are no mistakes in it except those Sir Francis Bacon intended. To have an actual, real mistake in the First Folio would have been disastrous. There were 900 pages in the First Folio because as anyone who reads me knows, the number 9 and multiples thereof always signify command and control. However, there were 1536 pages in the 1611 KJV of the Bible. The reason for this page count is known by only a handful of people. It is a reference to the year that Prognostictio Eximii Doctoris Theophrasti Paracelsi or The Prophecies of Paracelsus was published,—the book that inspired Sir Francis Bacon and his circle of friends in Elizabethan England to found the original Roscicrucains and by extension the Freemasons. But the First Folio was printed in 1623, twelve years after the King James Bible. In other words, these men did not have the benefit of the experience of printing such a huge book in 1611. I emphasized “The leaves of the 1611 and 1617 editions were designed to be fully interchangeable” in the above quote because I think it is the 1617 edition for which the year of publication is meant to be of great significance. It would have been error-free by then. And of course, this would make the September 23, 2017 date of the asterism alluded to in The Revelation the 400th anniversary of the publication of an (error-free) King James Version of the Bible. And in a world where deliberate errors are a means of communication, being free of actual, real printing errors is critically important.

The GMT Correlation problem

I don’t think the year of publication is related to the Maya Long Count at all. Even if it were, there is the rather significant problem that Thompson did not propose the GMT (Goodman Martinez Thompson) Correlation until 1937. So the appearance of the KJV publication date being somehow related to the Maya Long Count is deceptive. 

Album jacket cover of a souvenir recording of “The World’s Largest Carillon.” (credit nywf64.com)

1964-1965 New York World’s Fair

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This section involves some of my best work to date. It unveils the shear magnitude of what is happening unlike anything else. If you have not already done so, I implore you to stop and invest the time to read The five fundamental principles of An Apocalyptic Synthesis on page № 101. Critically important information about this website with particular emphasis on V. MIND-BOGGLING, MULTIGENERATIONAL PLANNING. Without doing so, I fear you will never grasp what is happening. Understanding that we are the last generation requires of us all a sea change in thought. The men who are telling us this live amongst us, but think differently. Time is not the same for them.

Isaiah 28:10
For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little…

Why is Tomorrowland all about
the 1964 New York World’s Fair?

In a 1961 “progress report” video produced by the New York World’s Fair 1964-1965 Corporation, Mayor Robert F. Wagner said, “this coincides with the 300th anniversary of the founding of the great city of New York.” That is a highly questionable interpretation of history. As discussed in a New York Times article entitled “New York’s Birth Date: Don’t Go by City’s Seal,” 1664 was “the year that Peter Stuyvesant surrendered New Amsterdam to the British, who renamed it New York.” But the city was founded long before that. Ostensibly, another reason 1664 was chosen was that it was the 25th anniversary of the 1939 New York World’s Fair at the same location. So these are the two reasons proffered for choosing the year 1964. Both are a stretch in my opinion. Something else was going on. And that something else was the initial planning for the World Trade Center first announced way back in 1943. As discussed in David Rockefeller announces plans for the World Trade Center in 1943 on my homepage, the Ћinkers knew the significance of the year 1943 to the bankers. So they knew something was afoot. Now listen carefully to what I am about to say.  


The original model of the World Trade Center from 1964

The groundbreaking ceremony for the administration building for the 1964 New York World’s Fair began on August 4, 1960. This immediately makes me think of the papal architects during the period of gothic cathedral building in Europe. The Ћinkers always have a “man on the inside,” which in this case means that construction for the 1964 New York World’s Fair directly paralleled planning for The World Trade Center.

In 1958, Rockefeller established the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association (DLMA), which commissioned Skidmore, Owings and Merrill to draw up plans for revitalizing Lower Manhattan. The plans, made public in late June 1960, called for a World Trade Center to be built on a 13-acre (53,000 m2) site along the East River, at the South Street Seaport, one of the Lower Manhattan ports that had seen a continuous decline in business over the past decade.

Design revealed

Yamasaki’s final design for the World Trade Center was unveiled to the public on January 18, 1964, with an eight-foot model.

Wikipedia, Construction of the World Trade Center

Pay attention to the 13-acre (53,000 m2) site. You are going to see that again momentarily.

The board for the 1964 New York World’s Fair included, XXXX , the very man responsible for planning and coordinating managing construction of the World Trade Center. It is my belief that the Ћinkers learn about the bankers’ plan to destroy the building through him. The motto of the 64 WF was Now listen carefully to this Freudian slip

That was a real World’s Fair. 1964 was something else entirely. It was not even sanctioned by the Bureau International des Exposition (BIE). Why? This is an important question to answer. Ironically, the answer is directly related to the name of the Wikipedia article from which the following quote is excerpted.

In the mid-1930s, Moses oversaw the conversion of a vast Queens tidal marsh garbage dump into the fairgrounds that hosted the 1939-1940 World’s Fair. Called Flushing Meadows Park, it was Moses’ grandest park scheme. He envisioned this vast park, comprising some 1,300 acres (5.3 km2) of land, easily accessible from Manhattan, as a major recreational playground for New Yorkers. When the 1939-1940 World’s Fair ended in financial failure, Moses did not have the available funds to complete work on his project. He saw the 1964-1965 Fair as a means to finish what the earlier fair had begun.

To ensure profits to complete the park, fair organizers knew they would have to maximize receipts. An estimated attendance of 70 million people would be needed to turn a profit and, for attendance that large, the fair would need to be held for two years. The World’s Fair Corporation also decided to charge site-rental fees to all exhibitors who wished to construct pavilions on the grounds. This decision caused the fair to come into conflict with the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), as the international body headquartered in Paris that sanctions world’s fairs: BIE rules stated that an international exposition could run for one six-month period only, and no rent could be charged to exhibitors. In addition, the rules allowed only one exposition in any given country within a 10-year period, and the Seattle World’s Fair had already been sanctioned for 1962, as 2 years prior.

The United States was not a member of the BIE at the time, but fair organizers understood that approval by the BIE would ensure that its nearly 40 member nations would participate in the fair. Moses, undaunted by the rules, journeyed to Paris to seek official approval for the New York fair. When the BIE balked at New York’s bid, Moses, used to having his way in New York, angered the BIE delegates by taking his case to the press, publicly stating his disdain for the BIE and its rules. The BIE retaliated by formally requesting its member nations not to participate in the New York fair. The 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair is the only significant world’s fair since the formation of the BIE to be held without its endorsement.

Wikipedia, 1964 New York World’s fair


The answer to the question posed above is 1965. 1965 is what the New York World’s Fair was all about.

1965 + 58 = 2023

I grow weary of denying my place in this world. You can search to your heart’s content and you will not find anyone else on the planet who understands the meaning of the “58 days” in Tomorrowland. I tried for a month to privatize the core of my work so as to not bring unwanted attention to the Freemasons in Atlanta, Georgia. I could not. Every attempt I made to implement the very same software that runs The 216 Club resulted in me being locked out of my own website until I felt as if I were beating my head against a wall. I don’t know who or what was behind that. Whether it be divine or human intervention, I cannot say. But to the men who built the Georgia Guidestones, who I would follow into combat,—yea through the gates of hell,—I say this; I trust in your character not to harm me. I did not take the Vow of Silence. I am not one of you. Metaphysics is all I have in this world. I pray every day to the one Mind to show me everything. Yet if I am wrong about you,—if you find yourself discussing the necessity of terminating either me or this website,—know this. I do not know who fathered me. I never will. But I do know this. I was born on May 8, 1958.

58 58
13 13

You see, Marty McFly and I have something in common. And I also know 1844, the year Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 was founded, has something to do with Mary Baker Eddy. I am a student of hers, though I feel nothing but disdain for organized religion. Can you not see, as even I must at moments like this, that I was fated to do this work, that this is my destiny. When I look back over my shoulder at the people who have genuinely tried to harm me in this life, I fear God. There are things worse than death. Stay out of my way. I mean you no harm. Indeed, I have reached out to you for help more than once. This will be my last appeal to you. If there is anything you can do to help, the people deserve to know the truth. My donors are a special group of people. They really do hear the ancients screaming at us. And they are a tiny fraction of the public. We present no threat to anyone. 

9/11 used to emphasize the truth of 58 days

I’ll tell you something else I learned while studying this scene. Its’s duration is 156 seconds. As discussed in the section entitled Why September 11? on my homepage, 911 is the 156th prime. Now watch—no, this is not the right word—study, study as if your life depended on it, the final seconds of this scene. Those are not two legs falling. They are the Twin Towers falling, exactly as you see them falling in Back to the Future. The Ћinkers are using 9/11 to tell you that this is the most important scene in the movie and that what they are telling you is the raw, unadulterated truth. Most of you reading this will be dead two years from now. I’ve been aware for some time now that the Ћinkers were making constant references to 9/11, but this is the first time I’ve ever realized that reminding us that they are the one’s who told us the truth about what happened is a way of placing emphasis on whatever they are saying, in this case, that the world is going to end in the winter of 2023-2024, within a month or so of the winter solstice. Did you catch that part when Franks says, “It could be a month. It could be sooner”? Here let me show it to you again. 


What this says is that there is no exact date. There is not going to be another December 21, 2012. All they know is that it happens in the winter of 2023-2024. 


Madame Blavatsky
Madame Blavatsky

This is what it’s all about. In this case, a simple arithmetic expression. You can read Manly P. Hall for weeks or months on end. You can even delve into the mindlessness of people like Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. You can squander what time is left you chasing all sorts of convoluted nonsense. The Ћinkers count on such intellectual pretension to hide the simplicity of their numeric symbolism which has two main elements: references to their origins in Elizabethan England and profoundly simple mathematical expressions such as the one above. In this case, the 58 is a reference to the year 1558, when Queen Elizabeth I ascended to the throne. If you don’t know that she was Sir Francis Bacon’s mother, that Sir Francis Bacon was William Shakespeare (the playwright, not the actor) and that he started the original Rosicrucians and by extension the Freemasons, or that that these men have had a huge impact on modern life, including the founding of The United States of America, and that they are fiercely loyal to their leader, etc., etc., etc., then you need to read page № 53. Sir Francis Bacon and his band of brothers, the Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies. Don’t let that freak you out. No one is asking you to read Shakespeare’s plays. I have not. Yet after only a couple of years pursuing this knowledge, I can tell you more about the reality of those plays than most English professors at Ivy League schools.


You just need to know something about the people I call the Ћinkers. Otherwise, if I tell you they built the Georgia Guidestones because they have specific knowledge from a previous world age that there is going to be an Earth crustal displacement in the winter of 2023-2024, what does it matter? They have no credibility with you. The meaning of 58 is discussed throughout this website, but primarily in The Number 58: Why 2001? on the homepage. Another rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the more important the use of what I call numeric signatures, the more likely it is to include the numbers 53 (Sir Francis Bacon) or 58 (his mother, Queen Elizabeth I), things close to the heart of the men who to this very day carry out the orders of the Bard.

I do not know from personal experience, but I imagine advancing through the ranks of the Freemasons of the South, particularly the Royal Arch Freemasons of yore, is not what most people imagine. Which is to say, it is not an exercise of becoming enmeshed in esotericism. To the contrary, it is undoubtedly an exercise in learning about the simplicity of these numeric symbols and how they represent a glorious past dating back to one of the finest men to ever trod the globe since the Nazarene. You can do the same on this website. I maintain an ever-growing dictionary of numeric symbols on The 216 Club. The numbers I understand for sure are published on An Apocalyptic Synthesis. For example, 115 (number), 1:15 (time), or November 5 (date). All three of these numeric symbols reference the Gunpowder Plot, usually by way of pointing to the real 9/11 culprits. That is how simple is this language of numeric symbols. It is not complicated. It does not require a knowledge of advanced mathematics or a lifetime of reading obscure, intentionally obfuscated, and essentially meaningless texts.

It is as simple as
“simple English gematria”
and easy to learn.

So the “1964 New York World’s Fair” is actually all about the year 1965. The somewhat hidden 1965 is part of a mathematical expression that reveals the year of the apocalypse as does 1980, the year the Georgia Guidestones were unveiled, when 43 is added to it. These are the two great end-time mathematical expressions of the Ћinkers. Can you see the difference? The number that is sacred to the Ћinkers is being added to something that brought joy and laughter to the world. The number that is sacred to the bankers is being added to something, which once understood, is a grizzly reminder of the Civil War bloodbath when the Old World bankers used immigrants fresh off the ships from Europe to seize control of The United States of America. Sound too fantastical to be true? Wait until you learn that Abraham Lincoln was a Rosicrucian and Southern sympathizer, or that the Gettysburg Address was an encoded message of support intended for the Freemasons in the South. Nothing is what it seems. 

Before I say anything else, let me be perfectly clear that I contend the 1964 New York World’s Fair was part of the planning for Tomorrowland or more generally for what I am calling the “firework’s finale” of end-time warnings. This is part of what I call multigenerational planning. In other words, to say that Tomorrowland was all about the 1964 New York World’s Fair is backward. The reality is that the 1964 New York World’s Fair was preplanning for the Tomorrowland movie, which had to wait until the magical year 2013 to begin actual production. 2013, as you will learn shortly, was the beginning of the end

A Freudian Slip if ever there was

The above still is from a “progress report” video produced by the New York World’s Fair 1964 1965 Corporation which I suspect was a staged interview of Robert Mosses, the President of the corporation. I feel compelled to preserve the video in its entirety in part because it is precisely 27:00 minutes long, which is a sacred number. 


This still is And what exactly did Robert Mosses have to say about the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair? The image above is from a video dating back to Listen carefully to his reference ddd

The motto for the fair was “Peace Through Understanding.” As stated in Wikipedia, “Hailing itself as a “universal and international” exposition, the fair’s theme was “Peace Through Understanding”, dedicated to “Man’s Achievement on a Shrinking Globe in an Expanding Universe.”

Pay particular attention to Robert Mosses’s “stated purpose” remark


And the fare lost money. SO DID TOMORROWLAND



1964/1965 Fair was conceived by a group of New York businessmen who remembered their childhood experiences at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Thoughts of an economic boon to the city as the result of increased tourism was a major reason for holding another fair 25 years after the 1939/1940 extravaganza.

Wikipedia, 1964 New York World’s Fair

The Coca-Cola company 


Kubrick’s decision to avoid the fanciful portrayals of space found in standard popular science fiction films of the time led him to seek more realistic and accurate depictions of space travel. Illustrators such as Chesley Bonestell, Roy Carnon, and Richard McKenna were hired to produce concept drawings, sketches, and paintings of the space technology seen in the film.[14][15] Two educational films, the National Film Board of Canada‘s 1960 animated short documentary Universe and the 1964 New York World’s Fair movie To the Moon and Beyond, were major influences.[14]

After pre-production had begun, Kubrick saw To the Moon and Beyond, a film shown in the Transportation and Travel building at the 1964 World’s Fair. It was filmed in Cinerama 360 and shown in the “Moon Dome”. Kubrick hired the company that produced it, Graphic Films Corporation—which had been making films for NASA, the US Air Force, and various aerospace clients—as a design consultant.[14] Graphic Films’ Con Pederson, Lester Novros, and background artist Douglas Trumbull airmailed research-based concept sketches and notes covering the mechanics and physics of space travel, and created storyboards for the space flight sequences in 2001.[14] Trumbull became a special effects supervisor on 2001.[14]According to biographer Vincent LoBrutto, Universe was a visual inspiration to Kubrick.[16] The 29-minute film, which had also proved popular at NASA for its realistic portrayal of outer space, met “the standard of dynamic visionary realism that he was looking for.” Wally Gentleman, one of the special-effects artists on Universe, worked briefly on 2001. Kubrick also asked Universe co-director Colin Low about animation camerawork, with Low recommending British mathematician Brian Salt, with whom Low and Roman Kroitor had previously worked on the 1957 still-animation documentary City of Gold.[17][18]Universe‘s narrator, actor Douglas Rain, was cast as the voice of HAL.[19]



The Unisphere as seen in 2018, with fountains in the foreground



Click to access Start%20of%20Construction%20Ceremonies%20Masonic%20%20Brotherhood%20Center.pdf

The Unisphere is the world’s largest globe. It measures 120 feet (37 m) in diameter, rises 140 feet (43 m)

1980, The Georgia Guidestones unveiled 43 years before the end

1980 was a year of inestimable importance to the timeline. It was in fact, the beginning of the end. Two things happen this year. The Georgia Guidestones are unveiled on March 22 (322) and The Virus movie is released. The former is widely known. The latter falls on me to let the world know what they missed. I do so on this page because generally speaking I discuss all the movies produced by the Ћinkers on this page with the exception of Tomorrowland, which has its own page. 

The original Fukkatsu no hi Japanese movie poster has the Americas in the background, not Japan. In fact, the masthead seems to be pointing at Area 51.

The Virus (1980) movie 

On a website that has been likened to Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory, this section is something even I was reluctant to write about. The Virus (1980) movie was the second end-time warning movie ever made after The Black Hole. It was released the same year as the Georgia Guidestones were unveiled for a reason. You may think this movie has something to do with COVID-19 and it does, but the real message of this movie is that there is going to be a nuclear holocaust in the closing moments of the Fifth World. This really is so far beyond what the average reader can internalize, that I might as well piss in the wind then to expect anyone to acknowledge what I am saying. I saw this first in all of the nuclear bomb explosion imagery in the Tomorrowland movie, but refused to accept it myself. Even after discovering Virus (1980) and becoming convinced that it was profoundly important, I waited for weeks before I would let myself put pen to paper. But in the end, I have no choice. It is there. It is not me. First, I will discuss what the movie is really all about. Then I will explain my reasons for believing that this movie was made by the Ћinkers and is in fact one of the most important end-time warning movies ever made.


See https://endtimesand2019.wordpress.com/2022/01/09/best-case-scenario-for-vaxxed-isolated-in-antarctica-still-most-got-infected/

The core message

The core message of this movie is encapsulated in the following scene.

You can see the virus name MM-88 in this still image from the above scene, This is just one indication of what the movie is really all about. Yes it is about COVID-19, but the real message is about the Russian Dead Hand system. It is going to launch an attack on the USA after an Earth cristal displacement. That will result in the total annihilation of Russia and I would imagine China will not be excluded in the nuclea r exchange in the closing moments of the Fifith World.

You see the message right away in “the tremendous weight of the sea pressing down” on Earth’s crust. The movie talks about oil drilling, but the reality is going to be an Earth crustal displacement. Russia’s very real Dead Hand (a “dead man’s switch”) system is indeed going to interpret the forces unleashed by an Earth crustal displacement as a full-scale nuclear attack. Thus the closing moments of the Fifth World will be a nuclear holocaust. 

Here are the eleven times “MM-88” is mentioned in the film:

1.  3:38 “MM-88 is an accident.”
2. 3:48 “MM-88?” 
3. 3:58 “…an American geneticist developed this MM-88”.  [4:02]
4.  7:36 “A scientist named Krause was making discreet inquiries to the Swiss about something that sounded like MM-88” [7:41]
5.   7:56  “So MM-88 is still out there, and we don’t know where.” [7:57]
6.   9:23  “Why is Columbia being asked to do a study on MM-88’s resistance to extreme heat?” [9:25]
7.     9:30  “You are developing a weapon system based on MM-88, aren’t you? [9:32]
8.  20:37  “One strain, MM-88, was stolen and never recovered, and the president was never told about it.” [20:38]
9.   21:04 “MM-88, was such a strain developed?” 
10.   21:17   “MM-88 was a failure.”
11.  22:11 “Is this Italian flu actually MM-88?” [22:17] SCENE SPANS 22:20 and 22:22
draw out to span from 11-17
Further mention is avoided by calling it either by its other name in the movie, which is the “Italian” (read banker) flu or referring to it as a plaque.


MM88 = 42
1.   9:50  “Before we installed the automatic reaction system, ARS.” [9:53]
2.  15:41  “In the meantime, Mr. President, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I must request that we go into a Stage One alert including the activation of the ARS network. [15:51]
3.  22:33  “Again, I urge Stage One alert. including the ARS activation.” [22:37]
To avoid saying MM-88 by calling it either by its other name in the movie, which is the “Italian” (read banker) flu or referring to it as a plaque.
 7,400,000 New York (Picture centers on the Twin Towers)
 6,900.000 London (scene starts with Big Ben)
 2,300,000 Paris
 2,900,000 Rome
 7,800,000 Moscow
10,000,000 Tokyo

Why was this movie made in Japan? For two reasons. The first is that the bankers used a Japanese-American architect to design the World Trade Center. His name was Minoru Yamasaki. The second reason is that of all the end-time movies this one was the most dangerous to make. In other words, they used Kadokawa Daiei Studio in Japan to produce Virus (1980) both as an allegory for what the bankers did in designing the World Trade Center and for the secrecy.  

The Made in Japan scene

Here is a scene from Back to the Future Part III that directly references Virus (1980) and in so doing makes the same point I do, which is that this is the most important of all the end-time warnings. 


This movie is part of a closely interconnected trilogy of movies. The other two, Back to the Future and The Walk are discussed in the previous section. Heretofore, the fact that Virus (1980) is part of this trilogy was unknown. I did not discover the connection until May 21, 2021. So if you are reading this, you are one of the first people to know that COVID-19 was as planned as was the destruction of the World Trade Center. It was a sobering, grim realization for me. We are headed into unknown territory. 

This is the second movie after The Black Hole. It has a 108-minute runtime as does the Back to the Future Part II. This and the MM virus names forms a strong link to the hidden 108 miles in the Georgia Guidestones. 

Glenn Ford plays “Richardson” (i.e. son of a rich person)

Amazon lists May 10, 1980, as the release date for the 108-minute version.

  • Runtime is 108 minutes. This is a military-engineered virus. The virus name is MM-88, which is curious because this is the same year the Georgia Guidestones were erected. Wikipedia notes, “At the time of its release, the film was the most expensive Japanese film ever made.”

Wikipedia (“It’s not too late” American song ending):

Washington is hit by a bomb, and the screen fills with atomic bomb after atomic bomb exploding. From there the movie’s ending diverges based upon the two cuts. In the American version, the screen goes black for a moment, and the end credits roll over footage of the Antarctic and a poignant song sung by a lone woman’s voice. The refrain is, “It’s not too late…” 

Extremely important IMDb carousel of images:


ARS = Dead Hand  This system does exist as described in the movie and is sure to be triggered by an Earth crustal displacement. The nuclear exchange in this movie gives a whole new meaning to the nuclear theme throughout Tomorrowland. 

Wikipedia: (two endings)

Washington is hit by a bomb, and the screen fills with atomic bomb after atomic bomb exploding. From there the movie’s ending diverges based upon the two cuts. In the American version, the screen goes black for a moment, and the end credits roll over footage of the Antarctic and a poignant song sung by a lone woman’s voice. The refrain is, “It’s not too late…” In the Japanese version, Yoshizumi survives the blast and walks back towards Antarctica. Upon reaching Tierra del Fuego in 1988,[5] he finds survivors from the icebreaker, immunized by a since-developed vaccine. They embrace, and Yoshizumi declares “Life is wonderful.”

So the English version was edited so that is is 108 minutes long



Virus was released theatrically in Japan on 28 June 1980 where it was distributed by Toho.[2]

The American version of the film was shown for review at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1980 as a “work-in-progress” print. The non-English language footage was dubbed into English for this release and it ran at 155 minutes. It was initially released to home video in the United States with a 108-minute run-time and was presented on television with a 93-minute running time. The original Japanese-language cut was released to home video in 2006 with English subtitles.[2]

1980 Cannes Film Festival

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1980 Cannes Film Festival






Official poster of the 33rd Cannes Film Festival, an original illustration by Michel Landi.[1]
Opening film Fantastica
Closing film Sono fotogenico
Location Cannes, France
Founded 1946
Awards Palme d’Or (All That Jazz and Kagemusha)[2]
No. of films 23 (In Competition)[3]
14 (Un Certain Regard)
9 (Out of Competition)
12 (Short Film)
Festival date 9 May 1980 – 23 May 1980
Website festival-cannes.com/en

The 33rd Cannes Film Festival was held between 9 and 23 May 1980.

Release date
  • 28 June 1980 (Japan)
Running time
156 minutes[2]

English translation of novel published November 20, 2012

Day or Ressurection is not a direct translation. Resurrection Day is, which means this choice of title is a reference to the Day or Ressurection in Islam. 

Based on Sakyo Komatsu’s 1964 novel is a reference to the 1964 World’s Fair and the Tomorrowland movie. This of course means the Ћinkers knew about the planned destruction of the World Trade Center well before 1964.

https://amallulla.com/previous-homepage/ (for nuclear launch stuff)

The Timeline

SECTION STATUS: Added December 21, 2021. New high-level section for the timeline. Under development.
SECTION LAST UPDATE: December 21, 2021



The apocalypse off-switch

We live in a generation in which the Electric Universe school of thought, best represented in the work of David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, is daily rewriting almost all of the sciences while being completely ignored by academia and mainstream, consensus science. The world of the mathematically insane is shrinking all the time and yet they continue to strut around as if nothing is happening. To be sure, December 21, 2012, was the greatest crying wolf incidence of all time. But those who took the ball and ran with it in traditional books and in a plethora of YouTube videos and Internet websites—all claiming to have divined the meaning of the Maya Long Count—were not attacked as they would be in today’s political correctness environment. They were not told what to think. The most massive propaganda machine in the history of mankind lay dormant. Everyone was free to think for themselves about the meaning of the Maya Long Count and what the public was being told was the end date. Rather than being dismissed as a disrespectable subject, serious research was done into the meaning and history of the Maya Long Count.

Thus did the progeny of Jove throw the apocalypse off-switch in the popular imagination with the same ease one turns off an overhead light.

They did nothing more than idle their thought control machine. And then,—in the aftermath of December 21, 2012,—they let the peanut gallery loose on the charlatans who found an audience amongst the unsuspecting public. It worked. Trust me. No one alive knows how well it worked better than me. Everything changed on the morning of December 22, 2012. Henceforth, such nonsense would not be tolerated by the worldly-wise. What decent, law-abiding citizen would besmirch his own reputation by entertaining the thought even for a moment of a planetary catastrophe of unimaginable proportions in our lifetime? Rubbish!! What nonsense. And yet, if you knew for sure that an Earth crustal displacement was imminent and billions of people were about to die, is this not exactly what you would want the public to think?  Here I am reminded of what CIA Director William Casey said to Ronald Reagan: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” 



The beginning of the end

Having allowed the December 21, 2012 demon to be exercised to its fullest, the progeny of Jove got to work on the real business of the end time. For the Ћinkers, this meant going into high gear trying to warn the people.

December 16, 2013

This list of end-time warnings is clear evidence that the Ћinkers are heavily invested in the year 2013. Why? I believe the answer to that question is the Maya Long Count. But before I say anything else, let me address the idea that the Maya Long Count is a calendar. It is not. The Maya Long Count was designed around its end date. It is best thought of as a countdown clock. It did not end on December 21, 2012, and the progeny of Jove know this. That was the end of 13 baktuns. A baktun represents one of three interlocking gears (or cogs) in the conceptual mechanism of the Maya Long Count, the one that corresponds to years. It actually ended on December 16, 2013, after the two smaller gears that correspond to months and days came to a stop. This was hidden from us because, as discussed below, December 21, 2012 was brilliantly designed to lull everyone alseep so that the real work of the end time could begin in earnest the following year. Everything is 13. Our one-dollar bill makes this perfectly clear. 



The Georgia Guidestones Cube
43 is the 14th prime number. No one has ever come even close to understanding the gravity of the Georgia Guidestones cube with its 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 square inches

I would not have thought it possible for anything to be more misunderstood than the Georgia Guidestones, but the cube that appeared on September 11, 2009 and that was subsequently removed and unceremoniously destroyed five years and fourteen days later on September 25, 2014, is one of the most important historical events at the end of the Fifth World. It tells the story of the Stone of Destiny, otherwise known as the Holy Grail. But the meaning of this cube has been divined by every Internet would-be guru on the planet, and not one of them has ever come even remotely close to understanding what it was all about. As of this writing, I am in the process of rewriting page № 27. The grossly misunderstood Georgia Guidestones. In fact, I interrupted that rewrite to rewrite my homepage. So you will need to wait a few more weeks or at most a month or so until I restore the sections on the cube. Suffice it to say for now that 2014,—the year that showed when the cube was installed,—was the 90th anniversary of the 1924 laying of the cornerstone for the Pythagoras Masonic Temple in Decatur, Georgia. These are the people who built the Georgia Guidestones. And as noted at the top of page № 27. The grossly misunderstood Georgia Guidestones, they also gave the Stone of Destiny to the bankers. 



Our last end-time warnings

2015 is the 400th anniversary of the founding of the original Rosicrucians. We know this beyond any shadow of a doubt because the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. was completed in 1915, the 300th anniversary of the founding of the original Rosicrucians as discussed in Construction start and end dates for the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C., only the 400th anniversary is very special. As the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, 2015 marks the end of a multigenerational, sacred duty to warn the people about the coming Earth crustal displacement, one that originated with no less than William Shakespeare (the playwright, not the actor) whose real name was Sir Francis Bacon. There will be no more warnings after this year. 

  • May 22, 2015: Release date for Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland
  • September 7, 2015: This is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth I in what would have been the (2015 – 1558 =) 457th year of her reign. Some readers may not know November 17 is Queene’s Day and celebrates the accession of Queen Elizabeth I to the throne of England on November 17, 1558. As further stated in Wikipedia, “Observance of the accession was a national holiday in England and Wales for about 300 years, often with the building of enormous bonfires.” So you ask yourself, Why 2015? Why are the Ћinkers closing up shop in 2015 (or more accurately, why did they open shop in 1615)? 457 is the 43rd Pythagorean prime. 
  • September 30, 2015: Release date for The Walk

I wish I could impress on the reader the certainty I felt when—after realizing 457 is the 43rd Pythagorean prime,—that these two movie release dates would convey an immensely important message. I knew right away that this was sacred ground. 

The last numeric signature

The Tomorrowland movie was released 108 days before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. If you have read page № 53. Sir Francis Bacon and the founding of the Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies, then I do not need to explain to you the significance of Queen Elizabeth I’s birthday. The Walk was released 23 days after September 7, 2015. I know there are no more end-time warnings from the Ћinkers because of the 23 days. That is Ћinker-talk for “It’s time for the show.” And it is a clear indication that nothing is to follow.

Farewell and godspeed

How can I say that? I can understand a reluctance on the part of the reader to accept what I just said. I base this in large part on the profound elegance of the symbolism in The Walk. I shall never forget watching this movie for the first time. What others see is a simple tale of a tightrope walker performing a daring feat. But what I heard was the Ћinkers saying goodbye with such grace and beauty that it really did reduce me to tears. At several points, sobbing would be a more descriptive word. It felt like a dream at times. After that, I didn’t need anybody telling me we are on our own now. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered this “last-of-the-end-time-warnings” numerical signature, but I knew right away what it meant. And I will take that certainty to the grave with me. The Walk was out last end-time warning. There will be no more. 

September 7

At precisely 13:00 in Back to the Future Part III, Doc says, “Just occurred to me Marty, since I end up in 1885 perhaps I am now in the history books.” A few moments later, the September 7 birthday of Queen Elizabeth I birthday is plaster all over the screen on Emmett Brown’s headstone. 

I named this scene from Back to the Future Part III the “history books” scene. The symbolism of the above still goes way beyond the reference to Queen Elizabeth I. 


The year Doc’s death is 1885 which is (2015 – 1885 =) 130 years. This is now the second reference to 13 in this scene. Because of the strong emphasis on destiny and Capricornus, whose name is called out repeatedly right before Doc’s grave is discovered, I would suggest to you that these hidden references to 13 are in fact references to the Ophiuchus constellation as discussed on page № 29.  Number 13, Ophiuchus, the Galactic Center, active Seyfert galaxies, and Galactic Superwaves. Look again at the still of Capricornus leaning against Doc’s gravestone. This is exactly how the constellation Capricornus leans against Aquarius. The significance of Capricornus is discussed in Deliberately provocative astronomical symbolism on page № 10. Who are the progeny of Jove?. This whole scene is a reference to the Zodiac. Our destiny lies in the Aquarius and Capricornus constellations. The Babylonians called the Aquarius “the great one,” We are about to find out why. 

863 Survivors

I have learned to exercise extreme care when clipping scenes from these end-time warning movies because the scene runtimes also convey meaning. An example from below is the OUTATIME scene which I characterize as perhaps the most important scene in all of the end-time warning movies. It has a runtime of precisely 4:32, which not only is a sacred number but also happens to be the number of orbits of Jupiter in one Maya Great Cycle. Interestingly, this scene from Back to the Future Part III which depicts the final resting place of Doc has a runtime of precisely 1:50. This could be a reference to 2015. But I note that there are 863 survivors in Virus (1980) and 863 is the 150th prime number. Coincidence?

These movies are highly encoded messages intended for anyone who knows how to interpret them.
The stakes are high

Again, I can understand how the casual reader might think so because he or she does not realize what is at stake here. We are talking about an Earth crustal displacement that is referred to as the apocalypse or “day of the Lord” in the Bible. It is going to erase everything and everyone you have ever known in one day. These end-time warning movies are the culmination of a 400-year effort to warn the people, one put into motion by no less than the man you know of as William Shakespeare (the playwright, not the actor). These movies are not made for the uninitiated. They are not made for public consumption. Your inability to understand what is at stake here is what makes you reluctant to believe how much thought is given to some of the scenes in these movies. I do better than most in analyzing their meaning because I am a highly abstract thinker, but I am quite sure that even I miss tons of stuff, enough to fill a book. 



Freemason websites freeze

As if to confirm everything I am telling you on this website, a number of Freemason websites critically important to the Georgia Guidestones freeze in 2016 and remain frozen for many years. 

Old homepage for Pythagoras Lodge No. 41



 A great wonder in heaven

The final entry in this timeline of end-time warnings is indirectly referenced in the Tomorrowland movie, a fact that changed my life because for me it represented final proof that the people I call the progeny of Jove wrote The Revelation. I dedicate an entire page to this asterism. It is central to everything that is happening around us now. The page is № 23. The Great Wonder was an asterism on September 23, 2017 (923)

  • September 23, 2017: This was the date of an asterism described in Revelation 12:1-2. “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: and she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.” 

This has been the end-time marker for over two millennia now. The five-year “course correction” in The Black Hole is added to the year of this asterism in order to arrive at 2022 as the year of the Earth crustal displacement. Thus endeth what I like to characterize as a fireworks finally of end-time warnings

July 4, 2017 Fireworks Finale at the Magic Kingdom

And what did we do with all these warnings? That is the subject of the section that holds the distinction of the longest section name on the entire website: Tomorrowland is the Ћinkers thinking out loud about how to warn us—all previous efforts including the Georgia Guidestones having failed at the top of page № 22. Tomorrowland cometh.

A debt of gratitude to Apophenia Productions

Apophenia Productions is responsible for the YouTube videos on the barelyHuman11 channel of which “BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11” is the most important and featured on this homepage. As of this writing, I need to add Apophenia to page № 104. Terminology that thoroughly disgusts me. The most relevant sentence in the Wikipedia article on this subject is “Apophenia is also typical of conspiracy theory, where coincidences may be woven together into an apparent plot.[7]” I don’t believe in coincidences, especially not when they result in a mental construct so intricately interconnected as to force the conclusion that the observer is either a madman or a creative genius. At some point along that rickety road of bland denial, one must accept the truth,—however contrary to your expectations of what constitutes our shared reality,—that you may actually be learning something new. 

All due respect

The following praise for the director of the Back to the Future trilogy is from “BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11.”

I share these sentiments.  has accomplished groundbreaking work in their study of the Back to the Future trilogy. I am sure Robert Zemeckis appreciates their work, but I owe it to myself to point out that much of the esoteric symbolism in these movies was missed, and with it, profoundly important messages the director was trying to convey. I discuss this material below in the section entitled Things the Apophenia Productions missed. And of course, the most important but tenuously connected move of all is Virus (1980), and Apophenia Productions missed that entirely. One cam only assume the MMM

Robert Zemeckis. Here is the face of a living, breathing Ћinker, one who can save your life if you will but listen to what he has to say.

Back to the Future and The Walk

These two movies are part of a closely interconnected trilogy of movies. This section discusses Back to the Future and The Walk. Virus (1980) is discussed in the next section. That is the last section on this homepage for a reason. I fear many of you will die of a more virulent strain of the coronavirus over the next year or so. You see, this really is not a game. It’s not a crossword puzzle. It’s not about blogging or Internet surfing. This is reality. This is the work of good men who have made very real sacrifices to warn you about what is happening. So I will just tell you bluntly; you need to come at this subject with a measure of humility. You need to stop listening to the herd mentality. A lot of really good people are trying to help you see what is really happening. We all die alone. Don’t let this warning be something you recall too late to make a difference. What more can I say to you?  

Five million views

This section owes its existence to a YouTube video that is fast approaching five million views. It is entitled “BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11” but I do not regard it as an example of what is called “predictive programming.” There is a very subtle difference between movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, which are designed to mold thought in such a way that it will accept a hitherto unknown reality such as landing on the Moon that a majority of individuals may otherwise question and then reject. Predictive programming is used to prepare the ground for something being foisted on an unsuspecting public. What’s happening with this trilogy of movies is something vastly different. We are being warned. We are being told who is responsible for 9/11 and COVID-19. Predictive programming is manipulative. These movies are not. It’s a question of motive. Generally speaking, only the bankers engage in predictive programming. But that’s not the only thing the barelyHuman11 YouTube channel gets wrong. Whoever is responsible for this video is not aware of the different factions within the progeny of Jove and is oblivious to what happened in Elizabethan England. Because of this, other important evidence is overlooked, some things are misunderstood, and worst of all, the third and arguably the most important movie in this trilogy was completely missed. Nonetheless, this video is extremely well done. And without it, I may not have ever learned about The Walk and most certainly would have never learned about Virus (1980). So let us start at what was for me the beginning.

RUNTIME: 12:41
POSTED: July 27, 2015
VIEWS: 4,664,788 views as of December 22, 2020

The movie Back to the Future was released July 3, 1985. It is utterly preposterous to suggest that the producers and writers of this movie knew exactly what would happen on September 11, 2001, over 16 years later. If this is what you are thinking, you are dead wrong. I will analyze this YouTube video throughout this and the next section, but first there is some basic information I need to communicate to the reader. 

The real Philippe Petit
Philippe Petit

What I am about to say will upset some of you. This is a problem I encounter often, a failure to appreciate the scale of what is happening. What Philippe Petit did was astonishingly brave, but he was nonetheless an actor on a real-life stage. What I am telling you is that the idea for the movie The Walk was conceived of long before Philippe Petit was approached and asked to walk a tightrope between the Twin Towers. If you do not allow yourself to accept this reality, you cannot appreciate what is happening with this trilogy of movies. These are end-time warnings. Their portent is infinitely more important than what Philippe Petit did on August 7, 1974. In short, Philippe Petit was hired by the Ћinkers to walk a tightrope between the Twin Towers as part of The Walk. The movie is not really about him. It is allegorical. Philippe Petit is not the only one risking his life. Here I am reminded of something the Nazarene said. 

Matthew 13:13
Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

What’s with the wire?

It is insanely important that you accept Philippe Petit was hired to walk on a tightrope between the Twin Towers and spent a significant part of his life preparing to do so. If he were to fail, the pièce de résistance of over 400 years of work,—our final end-time warning,—and the absolute proof that the bankers are responsible for what happened on September 11, 2001, would be lost to mankind. Don’t you let that happen because of your closed mind. Understanding that Philippe Petit was an actor on a real-life stage is the doorway through which you enter into the world of the initiated. It is your opportunity to leapfrog a lifetime of skullduggery to knowing what only a select handful of 33° Royal Arch Freemasons ever knew. So I am going to replay the part of the Apophenia Productions video that discusses the “reveal” as they called it. It is the wire. The wire is everything. For Philippe Petit and most movie watchers, it stretches between the two Twin Towers. For the Ћinkers, it represents an equally death-defying exercise of disclosing who is really responsible for 9/11. For them, the wire stretches back in time to 1962 when they first learned from Robert Zemeckis that the Twin Towers would be destroyed on September 11, 2001.  This is the symbolic tightrope. I know a little bit about walking on it, which is why I watched most of this movie fighting back tears and occasionally sobbing uncontrollably. At some very real level, the symbolism of this movie is the only companionship I have left in life. Knowledge of the end time will isolate you from those around you with the same certainty as Phillipe Petit walked alone on the real wire. 

You can be sure this man was richly rewarded for risking his life so that this movie could be made. One of his rewards—one that speaks volumes—is that he has been an artist-in-residence at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine ever since. 

Robert Zemeckis

In the credits, Back to the Future is “A Robert Zemeckis Film” and he helped to write the screenplay, directed, and co-produced The Walk. The Walk purports to be based on the book To Reach the Clouds by Philippe Petit, originally published in 2002. But this is not the truth. How could it be if Back to the Future foretells the making of this movie in 1985? This movie is about something much larger than the life of one man. It is an allegory for what has been happening ever since the Ћinkers first learned that the World Trade Center was going to be destroyed.

The Walk is allegorical

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, people like me are free to speculate about what really happened on that fateful day, but these men have known the truth since 1962 and any attempt on their part to expose what was going to happen or who was responsible would be a death sentence. Robert Zemeckis is obviously one of those men, but there are plenty of others. I refer to them as the Ћinkers, but at this time in history, they are primarily a highly select group the Freemasons in the South. These men are responsible for all of the end-time warnings discussed on this page. And all of them have been walking a tightrope ever since they learned the truth about what was going to happen to the World Trade Center and decided to let the people know. Listen carefully to the following clip from The Walk and you will hear what I am saying. 

Live to fight another day

The meaning of “A TRUE STORY” here is cryptic. It refers to what this trilogy of highly interconnected movies are telling us about 9/11 and COVID-19.

At the moment this actor says “la vie” he flashes the traditional hand symbol for “Here is wisdom” 666

Your instincts tell you not to trust me. You want someone in authority to come out and just tell you plainly that the people responsible for 9/11 and COVID-19 are citizens of the United States of America. But what you fail to realize is that the penalty for standing on that soapbox—when you command a large audience—is death. General Stubblebine paid that price. All of us owe a huge debt of gratitude to the men behind these end-time warnings. They have made countless sacrifices so that someone like me can proclaim the truth. All you need to do is to care enough about yourself to learn their language. They speak in numbers: sacred numbers, sacred geometry, dates, runtimes, etc. These numbers all have meaning and tell a story. 

Guy F. Tozzoli

There can be no doubt whatsoever that the faction of the progeny of Jove I dubbed the Ћinkers has known about the World Trade Center for a very long time,—since before the construction of the Twin Towers began. The evidence for this is overwhelming. However, now I want to speculate about who told them. Guy F. Tozzoli’s life is best summarized in this New York Times article written at the time of his death. 

Guy F. Tozzoli, 90, Who Led Team That Built Twin Towers, Is Dead

By David W. Dunlap
Feb. 6, 2013

“You are going to build the trade center,” Guy F. Tozzoli was told on his 40th birthday in 1962 by the head of the Port of New York Authority. Eleven years later, he had.

Mr. Tozzoli, among the most important figures in the development of the original World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, died on Saturday in Myrtle Beach, S.C. He was 90.

His death was announced by the World Trade Centers Association, an international group that he helped found and then led for more than four decades.

As director of the World Trade Department of the Port Authority, Mr. Tozzoli not only superintended development of the twin towers, but was also given credit for having brought the architect Minoru Yamasaki to the job, after admiring a pavilion by Mr. Yamasaki at the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle; for shepherding the enormously popular Windows on the World restaurant atop the north tower into existence with his friend, the restaurateur Joseph Baum; and for coming up with the idea — while shaving one morning — to use the tremendous volume of rubble from the trade center excavation as landfill for Battery Park City.

“Tozzoli led the team of dreamers, planners, architects and builders who overcame countless obstacles to construct the tallest buildings on earth,” James Glanz and Eric Lipton wrote in The New York Times Magazine of Sept. 8, 2002. “Sometimes it seemed as if Tozzoli, the director of the project for the Port of New York Authority, had personally willed the towers into existence — outfoxing enemies, bullying colleagues, maneuvering around one intractable problem after another.”

Guy F. Tozzoli, at the World Trade Center in 1998, directed development of the twin towers and then saw them come down.Credit…Edward Keating/The New York Times

Though it was not Mr. Tozzoli who first proposed making the World Trade Center the tallest building in the world, he embraced the idea.

Mr. Yamasaki himself favored a plan to build two 80-story towers, not 110-story behemoths, Mr. Glanz and Mr. Lipton wrote in the 2003 book “City in the Sky: The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center.”

“Yama, I have something to tell you,” they quoted Mr. Tozzoli as telling the architect. “President Kennedy is going to put a man on the moon. You’re going to figure out a way to build me the tallest buildings in the world.”

Patrick J. Foye, the current executive director of what is now known as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said Mr. Tozzoli was “one of the agency’s groundbreaking pioneers.”

Guy Frederick Tozzoli was born on Feb. 12, 1922, in North Bergen, N.J., to Silvio Tozzoli, who owned a construction company, and his wife, Rose. He received a bachelor’s degree in analytic mechanics and a master’s degree in physics from Fordham University. He served as a lieutenant in the Navy during World War II and the Korean War.

Mr. Tozzoli’s first marriage, to Miriam Lane Johnson, ended in divorce. Their children — Susan Tozzoli, Kathleen Bernaldo, Richard, William, Michael and Tom — survive him, as do his wife, Cynthia; his sister, Rita Albert; and two grandchildren.

Mr. Tozzoli joined the Port Authority in 1946. As the manager of marine terminal planning and construction in the 1950s, he supervised the construction of cargo-handling centers in Brooklyn, Port Newark and Elizabeth, N.J. Mr. Foye credited him with having helped build the first container port in New Jersey.

Mr. Tozzoli in 1977. Credit…Don Hogan Charles/The New York Times

In 1960, Austin J. Tobin, who was then executive director of the authority, lent Mr. Tozzoli to Robert Moses to help develop the 1964-65 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, Queens. The fair had not even opened before Mr. Tozzoli learned of his next horizon while dining with his wife at an Italian restaurant on East 14th Street. Mr. Tobin, at a nearby table, summoned him over. He wanted to know what Mr. Tozzoli thought of the embryonic trade center project, which was then planned as a complex on the East River designed by three prominent New York architects.

“It looks worse than the bus terminal,” Mr. Tozzoli said, according to Mr. Glanz and Mr. Lipton in the book. “It’s for the birds. I just don’t think three architects can do it. It is just impossible.”

On Feb. 12, 1962, Mr. Tobin rewarded Mr. Tozzoli’s candor by telling him: “I’m going to create the largest department the Port Authority has ever had, the World Trade Department. And I’m going to put you in charge of it.”

There were benefits to the job as well as headaches. Mr. Tozzoli liked to say that he, his father and his son Michael were the first diners at Windows on the World as it was preparing to open to the public in 1976. To the disappointment of the chef, however, the elder Tozzoli and the young boy both asked for hamburgers and French fries.

As the towers took form in 1970, Mr. Tozzoli was instrumental in establishing the World Trade Centers Association, which promotes international commerce. In his dual role at the authority and the association, he was caught up in a 1977 scandal over extravagant travel budgets. While not denying that he and his wife had taken many trips to cities around the globe at the authority’s expense, Mr. Tozzoli said, “never have I put a penny in my pocket.”

Mr. Tozzoli remained at the authority until 1987. After retiring, he became the full-time president of the association, with an office on the 77th floor of the north tower.

That was where he was headed on Sept. 11, 2001, hoping to make a 9 a.m. meeting. Instead, as he approached the Holland Tunnel entrance after leaving his home in New Jersey, he saw smoke pouring from a gash in the tower, not far from his own office. “ ‘It’s going to take us a long time to fix that,’ Tozzoli said in his gravelly voice to someone in the clot of people around him,” Mr. Glanz and Mr. Lipton wrote in the book. No one answered. Then the second plane struck.

New York Times, Guy F. Tozzoli, 90, Who Led Team That Built Twin Towers, Is Dead, by David W. Dunlap, February 6, 2013

So you see it is inconceivable that Guy Tozzoli did not know about the plans to destroy the World Trade Center. My reason for thinking he is the one who told the Ћinkers or Freemasons of the South is based on several things. First and foremost is that only a handful of people would have known about the 322 signature on the design of the World Trade Center at this early date, and Guy Tozzoli was necessarily one of them. Then there is this scene from the movie.

The thinking here is not so much that Guy Tozzoli gave Petit a “forever” pass. This is the last two minutes of the movie and what I sense is that the Ћinkers are honoring the man who told them what was going to happen. He died on February 2, 2013, so there is no risk of the movie exposing him. But my real reason for suspecting that Guy Tozzoli is the man who told the Ћinkers all about the plan to destroy the World Trade Center is this. 

I could have gotten this list of the members of the New York World’s Fair 1964-1965 Corporation Executive Committee from any number of different sources. This just happens to be from a pamphlet entitled Start of Construction Ceremonies Masonic Brotherhood Center August 20, 1963, which I keep in my ASL Library. If you look closely, you will see the copyright is dated 1961. In other words, Guy Tozzoli is in close contact with the men behind Tomorrowland immediately before he was hired to build the World Trade Center. If the logic of the last sentence escapes you, then what you don’t know is that the Tomorrowland movie is all about the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair. 

Is the “Millenium” Hilton the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey?

OMG, Yes! And how important it is for you to know this! I find myself once again deeply indebted to Apophenia Productions without whom I might have never noticed this. Here are the last 2:53 minutes of their BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11 YouTube video. The voice-over is perhaps a little too intense, but the message is dead on. For many years now, the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey has been widely recognized as depicting a television or movie screen. And the producers of this video were very astute in their observations that whenever the time machine reaches 88 MPH and disappears into the past or future, something involving a film is involved, first a film booth, then the Town movie theatre, and finally in Back to the Future Part III an outdoor movie theatre

Movies, movies, movies

Everything is movies, either the bankers using “predictive programming” to mold our reality with the same precision a potter molds clay or the Ћinkers using esoteric symbolism to warn us about the real significance of September 11, 2001, and the coming Earth crustal displacement. In either case, the preferred method of communication is to make a movie. Not counting Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, there are a total of seven movies discussed on this homepage, all of which were beyond any shadow of doubt produced and directed by the Ћinkers. That is not many considering what is at stake. So to dismiss the possibility that as much thought went into each of their scenes as the Bard devoted to his stanzas is naive. And that is perhaps one of the most important things you can learn from me. Every word, every sentence in any one of these movies may convey as much meaning as Shakespeare’s Sonnets. 

Peter S. Kalikow


Things the Apophenia Productions missed

I would have never noticed what the producers of this video did. As much as I respect them, they missed a lot. I am not trying to fault them as much as I want the reader to understand why this material was missed. And of course, it is critical for you to accept that a movie made in 1985 knew the World Trade Center would be destroyed. Only then can you begin to awaken to the fact that we really do live in the end time,—that all of this stuff is happening for a reason. Once again, please note that the most important thing this YouTube video missed is the third movie in the trilogy—Virus (1980) which is discussed in the next section. 

Elizabethan England in the here and now

Most of the material on page № 53. Sir Francis Bacon and the founding of the Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies was at one time featured on this homepage. The Freemasons in the South who know the true story of their past feel a sense of reverence for Sir Francis Bacon. They rarely do anything that does not evoke some memory of their origins in Elizabethan England. I am about to show you why one cannot understand the symbolism of the Ћinkers without knowing their history. It is an impossibility. Yet this is exactly what everyone is trying to do. 

115, 1:15, and November 5 are always references to the Gunpowder Plot and are the Ћinker equivalent of 322

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I list the Gunpowder Plot as the first of the “things the Apophenia Productions missed” because it was a major oversight. The linking of Back to the Future and the Gunpowder Plot is arguably the main point of the entire movie. Why? Because history is repeating itself. Before there was September 11, 2001, there was November 5, 1605. What is of paramount importance here is that the Gunpowder Plot was a banker attack on the nascent Ћinker movement, the very people who are responsible for the “fireworks finale” of end-time warnings discussed on this An Apocalyptic Synthesis homepage.  You need to be sure of this because history attributes the Gunpowder Plot to the Jesuits. Over time, the Jesuits do become a distinct, third group within the progeny of Jove (people who know for sure what is about to happen and when), but they began life as the bankers taking control of the Catholic Church in Rome, as they would later take control of The United States of America. We are talking about the bankers here, not the Jesuits. I will return to this subject momentarily. 

Yes, the Ћinkers want us to know who is really responsible for what is going to happen on September 11, 2001,—some 16 years, 2 months, 8 days into the future from the movie release date (as in Back to the Future),—but nowadays anyone can do that. The truth is “9/11” was a sloppy operation. The controlled demolition of building seven made a mockery of us all. The bankers no longer care what we think because we are too close to the end. What the opening scene is trying to convey is that before September 11, 2001, there was November 5, 1605.  The movie itself makes this clear by the strong emphasis placed on 1:15 AM in the opening scene followed by the transition of 1:15 AM to 1:16 AM (an upside-down and backward 911) at the mall. While still at the mall, a more direct reference is made to “9/11” using 1:19 AM (a backward 911), not once, but twice.

You can see this emphasis on the date of the Gunpowder Plot for yourself is this clip from the opening scene. I have captions on to emphasize the recurrence of 1:15 AM.

When you watch a movie like Back to the Future made by the Ћinkers, in-your-face numbers such as 1:15 AM and the images below are second only to deliberate mistakes as a way of getting your attention. You can be sure those numbers carry meaning. Pay particular attention to the second image because this is the one designed to erase any doubt whatsoever that November 5 is a reference to the Gunpowder Plot. 

Now here are those same two numbers from the first three paragraphs of Wikipedia’s article on the Gunpowder Plot.

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605, in earlier centuries often called the Gunpowder Treason Plot or the Jesuit Treason, was a failed assassination attempt against King James I by a group of provincial English Catholics led by Robert Catesby who sought to restore the Catholic monarchy from the Church of England after decades of persecution of Catholics.

The plan was to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament on 5 November 1605, as the prelude to a popular revolt in the Midlands during which James’s nine-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, was to be installed as the Catholic head of state. Catesby may have embarked on the scheme after hopes of securing greater religious tolerance under King James had faded, leaving many English Catholics disappointed. His fellow plotters were John and Christopher Wright, Robert and Thomas Wintour, Thomas Percy, Guy Fawkes, Robert Keyes, Thomas Bates, John Grant, Ambrose Rookwood, Sir Everard Digby and Francis Tresham. Fawkes, who had 10 years of military experience fighting in the Spanish Netherlands in the failed suppression of the Dutch Revolt, was given charge of the explosives.

The plot was revealed to the authorities in an anonymous letter sent to William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle, on 26 October 1605. During a search of the House of Lords in the evening on 4 November 1605, Fawkes was discovered guarding 36 barrels of gunpowder—enough to reduce the House of Lords to rubble—and arrested. Most of the conspirators fled from London as they learned of the plot’s discovery, trying to enlist support along the way. Several made a stand against the pursuing Sheriff of Worcester and his men at Holbeche House; in the ensuing battle, Catesby was one of those shot and killed. At their trial on 27 January 1606, eight of the survivors, including Fawkes, were convicted and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

Wikipedia, Gunpowder Plot

I highlighted the 36 barrels of gunpowder and the fact that this was enough explosives to reduce the House of Lords to rubble because that is the whole point. The writers want to make a comparison between the Gunpowder Plot and 9/11. This is 1605; only seven decades have passed since the Jesuits were founded. They are doubtless still loyal to the bankers who installed them in Rome. In other words, this is the Old World bankers attempting to blow up another, equally important building almost four centuries ago. A better analogy could not be found and it serves the dual purpose of identifying who is going to destroy the World Trade Center (the bankers) and who is behind this trilogy of movies (the Ћinkers, who started with Sir Francis Bacon in Elizabethan England). 

Even though the meaning of these numbers is brilliant evidence that everything said in the YouTube video BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11 above is correct, the producers of that video missed it entirely. Why? Because they do not know anything about the history of the Ћinkers. They are in good company though because a quick survey of the Internet shows that in the 36 years since Back to the Future was released, no one has been able to figure out what these two dates mean. I was able to do so in a matter of minutes, not because I am particularly smart, but because I know the importance of what happened in Elizabethan England. I pray the reader takes away from this example a lesson sufficient to inspire them to read and study my page № 53. Sir Francis Bacon and his band of brothers, the Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies, and to continue this line of inquiry on their own. It does not require you to read or study the Shakespeare plays, only the relevant history of Elizabethan England. Peter Dawkins is a good place to start. 

The OUTATIME and AOUT scenes

The device that connects these two scenes from different movies is nothing less than poetic. There’s a reason for that. I profoundly believe that these two scenes taken together represent the very heart and soul of Back to the Future and The Walk. 

The OUTATIME scene

This is beyond question the most important 4:32 minutes in the trilogy. It is primarily what connects all three movies. The BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11 YouTube video sees the connection to 9/11 in the Twin Pines and all of the 1:19 clocks, but then misses everything else. I named this scene after the OUTATIME license plate which is prominently displayed when the DMC DeLorean time machine is unveiled for the first time. 


This is the core message of the trilogy,—that we are out of time. In this section, I will show you the connection of the OUTATIME scene to both of the other movies. The scene to which the following clip connects to The Walk is the one that invokes the memory of Sir Francis Bacon the most. It does so by quoting from Macbeth.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing. 

No one is listening

In that scene, the writers complain that no one is listening. I’ll be honest with you, this scene in The Walk reduced me to tears. The “no one is listening” refrain is one found all over An Apocalyptic Synthesis dating as far back as I can remember. I honestly don’t know what drives the Freemasons of the South at this point. I can tell you that I have written emails to the House of the Temple and most if not all of the Royal Arch lodges in the South. In so doing, I gave them my contact information because I wanted them to know who I am. What perplexes me is their intended audience. If they only want Freemasons to know what is about to happen, why make movies? It’s illogical. They have their own organization in which they can spread the message by word of mouth. That they have invested an untold amount of money and years of meticulous planning to erect the Georgia Guidestones and make all of these movies tells me they want to reach a broader audience. But as the corresponding scene from The Walk makes clear, they have failed. No one is listening. The Georgia Guidestones have suffered more graffiti than a New York subway car. What is left?

The people must be told in plain English what is happening.

This is what I am striving to do and the result of my own years of failure to reach a broader audience is this new homepage featuring what happened on September 11, 2001. This is the end of the road for me. These last sections of my new homepage equate to the “no one is listening” scene from The Walk in that I cannot do any better. I’ve gotten rid of the glitzy poetic stuff. I’ve done my very best to take the reader’s attention off of me. All that is left now are the hard facts, an honest and accurate interpretation of what the Freemasons of the South,—the people I more generally refer to as the Ћinkers,—have been trying to tell us for 42 years now, written in plain English. There is nothing more that I or anyone else can do. So watch this scene carefully, and listen to my explanation. People are trying to save your life and in the process are risking theirs. That is the tightrope we walk. The bankers are ruthless in their resolve to succeed. Get in their way and you will die. I make light of it by appealing to their magnanimity, but in exposing the connection of the following scene to the Virus (1980) movie, I am entering into unknown territory. An Apocalyptic Synthesis is my destiny, my calling if you will,—something genuinely worth dying for,—but I want to see the dawn of a new age. I cannot stop writing any more than I can stop breathing, so I must and do accept my fate. My only reason for saying anything along these lines is to appeal to the reader to listen to what the Freemasons of the South are saying. My interpretation of what they are saying is correct. Of that, I can assure you. 

The Pythagorean significance of 53
The AOUT scene

The corresponding scene from The Walk is what I call the AOUT scene. This is not by accident. AOUT is French for August and directly links this scene from The Walk to the OUTATIME scene from Back to the Future using an AA symbolism fully understood by only a handful of Shakespeare scholars. Peter Dawkins has written an excellent paper on this subject entitled The Secret Signature. Here you see the same AA device in the headpiece of the cover page for Shakespeare’s Sonnets:

First edition of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, 1609 – The British Library

Based on the work of Petter Amundsen, we now know beyond any shadow of a doubt that 53 is a number used to identify Sir Francis Bacon as the primary author of the First Folio. This is the same man who founded the Rosicrucians and by extension the Freemasons. The AOUT scene starts with the “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” reference to Macbeth mentioned above at 52:49. Wikipedia’s summary of Macbeth is apropos.

Macbeth (/məkˈbɛθ/; full title The Tragedy of Macbeth) is a tragedy by William Shakespeare; it is thought to have been first performed in 1606.[a] It dramatizes the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake.

This is of course a reference to the bankers. At 52:59, Philippe Petit says, “You’re not listening.” That sentence starts and stops in the same second. Then at precisely 53:00, he says, “Why is no one listening to me when I talk. Are you paying attention?” Here are the dots that are being connected:

  • OUTATIME: As seen in the above video clip, the emphasis that we are out of time from Back to the Future is unmistakable. This is reinforced by the AOUT scene emphasis on “les carrottes sont cuites” which translates literally as, “the carrots are cooked,” but the meaning is more at “the die is cast.”
  • AOUT: The writers are using the 53:00 runtime to self-identify as Freemasons of the South who were from the very beginning part of the overall plan of Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians even though they were not founded until a century later. Following the advice of Paracelsus, the Rosicrucians remained secret for 100 years after their founding. Only then were the more public Freemasons founded. Thus the question “Why is no one listening to me when I talk” is much broader than the apparent context. It applies to all of the end-time warnings discussed on this homepage and in much greater detail throughout An Apocalyptic Synthesis. Given my assertion that there exists a numeric signature (discussed above) that indicates Tomorrowland and The Walk are our last two end-time warnings, I regard the question “Why is no one listening to me when I talk” as a frank admission of failure. On that basis, I argue for the need to speak to people in plain English. There was a time not long ago when I maintained a “216 Club” page for large donors. That was the only page on which I discussed the year of the apocalypse. Now I discuss it everywhere and maintain page № 28. A date with destiny: The year of the apocalypse. Furthermore, there are hundreds of things discussed on An Apocalyptic Synthesis that you will find nowhere else. Presumably, that is because I tested out as one of the most abstract thinkers alive. My point is that the people cannot understand this symbolism. That is self-evident to me. So either we abandon them, or we speak in plain English. It took me a long time to realize the Rosicrucians and Freemasons, and in particular, Sir Francis Bacon, are serious Christians. That combined with my heartfelt belief that the Nazarene was tortured to death for speaking out on this subject, makes abandoning the people, not an option
  • 88 MILES PER HOUR AND MM-88: In the scene from Back to the Future, Doc says, “My calculations are correct. When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit.” There is no “if” in the first sentence. The 88 miles per hour and the MM on the Georgia Guidestones cube is the connection to Virus (1980). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Viruses are named based on their genetic structure to facilitate the development of diagnostic tests, vaccines and medicines. Virologists and the wider scientific community do this work, so viruses are named by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV).” I will discuss this further below, but the virus name MM-88 unmistakenly connects Virus (1980) to the Georgia Guidestones and Back to the Future

Putting it all together, COVID-19 is an indication that we are out of time. The Freemasons of the South are pleading with people to listen to them. The problem is that they are talking in a foreign language. That is why so much of An Apocalytoc Synthesis is dedicated to explaining how to interpret their use of sacred numbers, dates, runtimes, etc. I would prefer you learn the language for yourself, but I’m not taking any chances. I always interpret their meaning into plain English. Even then, no one is listening. The deck is stacked against the people. Without further ado, here is the corresponding AOUT scene from The Walk.

A normal French calendar for the month of August looks like this







If you doubt what I am saying about the OUTATIME and AOUT scenes connecting the Back to the Future and The Walk movies,—two movies separated by 30 years,—then you need to realize that AOUT is deliberately misspelled in the latter. In French, the name for the month of August is always spelled using a circumflex over the letter Û. In other words, the calendar you see in the above scene from The Walk was specially made for the movie. From the First Folio to The Walk,—for 400 years now,—deliberate mistakes are always used by the Ћinkers to grab your attention and indicate the presence of a hidden message. In this case, the deliberate misspelling of AOUT is what I characterize as an anti-cipher on this website. It is a way of assuring us that these two movies are connected. Of course, the missing circumflex has the same shape of the square in the Freemason Square and Compasses.

License plates

The time machine license plate comes back a couple of times in the trilogy.

10:04 AM and adoption of the Gregorian calendar in England

How did the adoption of the Gregorian calendar rise to the level of importance that it merited inclusion in Back to the Future? This is a very insightful question. The need for answering it indicates a proper level on interest in the subject at hand. The reason this is so important for the Ћinkers is the date June 24, their summer solstice before the calendar change. 

Do you know what happened March 15, 1973?

I don’t. This is a scene from in Back to the Future Part II. There is a very strong emphasis on this date. The dramatic music and thunderstorm, and the fact that the scene ends with a simple posing of the question, Do you know what happened March 15, 1973?, leaves me with the feeling that we are being challenged to discover the significance of this date.

The April 1 birth date must be meaningful. This length of day is very close to the total time of the fireworks finale of end-time warnings. Adding 12,767 days to December 21, 1979 (the release date for The Black Hole), yields a date of December 4, 2014, which is 277 days before the pivotal end date of September 7, 2015.

See also John’s stuff about this page in The 216 Club.

  • The first Medici Pope was Pope Leo X. He was ordained priest on 15 March 1513. 
  • A petition written and sent to the Grand Lodge of Scotland by James Grant, Esq., Governor of the Province of East Florida, Henry Cunningham, late Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and many other Brethren residing in the province. After the reading of the petition a charter was granted on March 15, 1768, for the formation of Saint Andrew Lodge No. 1. This lodge was chartered from “The Grand Lodge of the Southern District of North America,” from Scotland. Very little information has survived today that reveals to us the history of this Grand Lodge as it once existed …

Given that the death occurs in the context of George McFly unexpectedly dying in a dystopian alternate reality that is a living hell because one intellectual dullard—the character Biff Tannen—becomes rich, I am guessing this has something to do with a financial scandal.

at about 51:00 

clues: Oak Park Cemetery, an oil refinery in the background. scene runtime is 1:11

Blast from the Past in both Tomorrowland and The Walk


Here is the entire scene from Tomorrowland:

1.21 Gigawatts Back to the Future and the coffin scene in The Walk

This scene has a decidedly long lead in and happens at 53:00 minutes in Back to the Future. Something profoundly important is happening here. 

January 21, ????

THE END OF THE FIREWORKS FINALE OF END-TIME WARNINGS: The last numerical signature of the Ћinkers

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